Day 03/30


I am here again. 🙂

This day was awesome. I went to sleep on time yesterday so no drowsiness in the morning while waking up. After getting refreshed, I took care of that ‘Most Important Thing First’ part of the challenge pretty seriously. I was positive and full of energy throughout the day. The pile of project is almost finished.

I am liking this change very much. Because I get to utilize the whole day much more efficiently. I don’t know how but if you are up when it’s still dawn, then you naturally feel like a responsible and disciplined person for the rest of the day.

I could not give AngularJS much time today as the pending project was my first and most important frog to eat today. Post completion the project I was as excited to get my hands dirty on AngularJS as a kid would be for playing video games right after school once he is done throwing the school bag at some corner. Yes, I was that kid. 😉

I took a nap…….just for 15 minutes. I swear!

This time, it was different than what I have described it yesterday. It was just 15 minutes still I felt like I woke up after sleeping for considerable hours. Power nap is the proper term for this case if you recover your cognitive consciousness back in its highest form. One should do this keeping in mind that those 15 minutes don’t end up being 100 minutes like yesterday. God! That’s horrible!

Bringing up the rear, it was amazingly productive day as it allowed me to get the pending work done. Total contradictory to yesterday!

I am signing off now.

Take Care 🙂

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Day 02/30

Day 2 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well, today it was tough!

I went to sleep around 12:45 a.m yesterday (today?) because I got indulged into some activity. Not so important, though. Only waking up earlier is not gonna help if you don’t get sufficient amount of sleep. And that is something which I experienced today.

I totally felt like what’s wrong with 30 more minutes?? No one will know! But, I would have felt guilty as I have challenged you guys to wake up exactly at 5:00 a.m or before that. I literally pushed myself up. After getting outside the bed I thought let’s go back again just for 10 minutes. Not more than that. But, then I thought about you people again!

I need to tell you that the idea of this challenge is helping me a lot. Because earlier, I used to say ‘Yes’ to this ‘Just 10 minutes’ thought without thinking twice and those 10 minutes used to turn out to be an hour or 2 hours or at worse sometimes even more than that. So, if you are also struggling with something for long time and procrastinating up on it all the time, then ‘publicly challenge’ it. 😀

I felt exhausted in the beginning itself and barely could control myself from falling asleep at some moments that I reluctantly had to take a small nap in between. Something I don’t want to do at all because personally, I find naps very much tactful. You think that you feel tired so let yourself take a nap and then you would feel energetic. But nothing happens as such. Still, you do it all the time. Strange! Damn you nap!

Besides, I could not get my hands on on the ‘Most Important Thing First’ part of my challenge. The project which currently is in pending stack needs to get completed as soon as possible and that is going to be my most important thing for tomorrow.

I don’t have much to say now but to wrap up I would say that this day could have been better.

I know no one’s reading yet since I did not share URL with anyone, but to my imaginary and future audience, I am gonna kill it tomorrow. 😎

‘Night world. 🙂


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Day 01/30

Day 1 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Yes, I made it!

It wasn’t too difficult as I went to sleep earlier yesterday. I woke up before the alarm rang and went to sleep after realizing it. I think I was excited for this challenge! 😉

Let the screenshot say 5:03 but I was out of the bed before 4:45. It’s just idea of taking screenshots chucked later on.

I got myself refreshed up and came back to desk only to realize that the internet was down. Yeah, due to the heavy rain yesterday, there’s some problem with my ISP. Hell, internet was down for the whole day! I gotta tell you it’s too frustrating! I don’t know I feel like I have nothing to do if the internet is off.

As a matter of fact, it’s a strange conscience! For example, sometimes even if you got nothing to do with the internet and if it’s down then you would feel like you have many things to do and you won’t be able to do any of them as internet is down. You feel void. I don’t know about you but I feel like that sometimes. Internet-zoned??

However, I was lucky enough as one of my cousin is having unlimited 4G data plan. So, I used his hotspot for half of the day.

Today, I learned some new things related to AngularJS and went through the short stories I have written in past when I felt like taking a break in the evening.

The day was long, energetic and amazing as compared to those discipline-less days. I did not even take any nap. I did not feel like taking one. It’s true that when you are engaged in things which you love and interest you most, you don’t feel drowsy or bored. Programming is that thing for me.

A little thing which made me happy for a while today was text message from bank mentioning one of my client clearing an invoice.

All and all, it was productive and awesome day for me. A much-needed change!

3.3% challenge completed.

Long way to go.

Cheers! 😎

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Day 00/30

Productivity is something which, if mastered, can change your life completely.

The only purpose of this site is to document my life and improve my productivity. Yes, over time I have been lazy lad and kept procrastinating many of my important things which did not let me realize that it was affecting my growth, but it was.

Lately, my personal life have been discipline-less (see.! lame content with lame vocabulary.!). It isn’t fixed when I would wake up or when I would work. Sometimes I would wake up at 7 a.m in the morning and sometimes I go to sleep at the same time and my lunch becomes my breakfast. Most of the time later one which is something I want to change.

I have tried this in the past as well and was regular too. Sleeping early at night and rising early for the day. And if you haven’t tried this ever then I gotta tell you, it’s simply amazing! You accomplish a lot of things and you would be having insane amount of energy and excitement throughout the whole day.

In fact, world’s most successful people rise early every day…

  • Ferrari’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, wakes up at 3:30 a.m..!
  • Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, wakes up at 4:30 a.m.
  • Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, wakes up at 4:30 a.m.
  • Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Scultz, wakes up at 4:30 a.m
  • Cisco’s CTO, Padmasree Warrior, wakes up at 4:30 a.m.
  • AOL’s CEO, Tim Armstrong, wakes up at 5:00 a.m.
  • General Motor’s CEO, Dan Akerson, wakes up at 5:00 a.m.
  • Chairman of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, wakes up at 5:45 a.m.

This is the proof that there is something to do with waking up early. In fact, if you try this thing then you won’t need any proof. You will experience it by yourself. I can say this because I have experienced it in the past.

However, at this moment, it would be completely ironic if I suggest this as for last couple of days, I rarely went to sleep before 3-4 a.m. I would get involved in some work or develop some useless thoughts without having proper statement of purpose. Watching stand-ups on YouTube and killing my time by scrolling through Quora or Reddit.

There were some nights as well in which I worked till dawn and completed projects. I would make strong black coffee which would not let my eyes blink and provide great deal of concentration, open editor and start working. No disturbance or distractions at all. Ticking of clock sounds like louder bangs! Key-strokes sound crazy! I love it. Totally. It is something to which I am habited since long time. But, it is needed to be changed!

Hence, I am taking a plunge to 30 Days Challenge of waking up daily at 5:00 a.m.

Tomorrow, I embark upon this 30-Days Challenge. The main things which I want to achieve with this challenge are:

  • Self-Discipline: No matter how hard you work but if you don’t follow system and there is no discipline then the outcome would be different for sure. Sometimes the work you do for 5 hours and still could not complete can be achieved in just 2 hours if discipline is followed.
  • 0 Procrastination: This sucks! It really do. Just 10 minutes and then I will start, let me take a little nap and then I will start, today I will do this and this I will do tomorrow. I wanna kill that ‘will’.
    0 Procrastination! That’s what I want.
  • Most Important Thing First: In his book, “Eat That Frog!” (Don’t take the name literally. It’s self-development book!), author Biran Tracy says, the greatest thing you can do right after waking up is, get your hands on on the most important thing first. Eat the most important frog first and then go for other frogs. I am having this bad habit of checking WhatsApp right after breakfast and that is not important at all. In fact, sometimes it totally ruined my day. No Quora for 2 minutes, No Facebook for 1 minute, nothing else even for 5 seconds. Just the most important thing!
  • Self-Satisfaction: When I go to sleep, if I haven’t done anything important in a whole day, I don’t feel satisfied. I don’t want to feel the same. I wish this challenge will give me the energy to accomplish the things which make me satisfied when I go to sleep.

From tomorrow onward, I will write one post per day for the series of 30 days. I will highlight how difficult it was, what I did during the day, how I felt and few other things in each post.

I want to see whether these 30 days are going to bring any better results in my life or not. If it won’t, then I would continue with my normal discipline-less life but as far as I think, most probably, it won’t be the case.

I am a programmer and instead of 1, our numbers start with 0. So this was the Day #0 and tomorrow is going to be my Day #1 for this challenge. Let’s see what happens!

Check out the mentioned book on Amazon from here: “Eat That Frog”


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Welcome to The Mess..!

Warning: This site involves total crap. Nothing else. So if you are expecting New York Times, Huffington Post or Times Of India type of content, feel free to press that little cross over there because I don’t wanna disappoint you.

Lame, pointless crap is something you might get here. But, it might be inspiring or motivating to you and I can assure you that passing your time here won’t be a complete waste. You will learn something for sure.

The only objective behind building this site is to document my life. I wanted to create the site with my name for very long time. Now, I am glad I did it. What an accomplishment!

Welcome to the mess and enjoy your time here!

P.S : This site is more for me than for anyone else. I created this site with a view to motivate myself and tackle the habit of procrastination. Additionally, from time to time, I will also publish posts which might be helpful to the prospective readers. I read a lot and gather a lot. And knowledge is not meant to be caged. I needed some medium to share it with the whole world. Hence, I made one.

Now, you may like to go through the series of posts on my 30 Days Challenge to Wake-Up at 5:00 a.m Daily.