Day 19/30

Day 19 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

So… since when were you refreshing the window? 😆

My first alarm rings at 4:30 a.m daily. But, today I got my eyes opened at sharp 4:00. I don’t know why. Perhaps, it was because yesterday I went to sleep doing overthinking. Then I tried to utilize left time in sleeping but couldn’t.

I woke up and got refreshed. Took breakfast and handled urgent project work which literally is eating my head for last two days.

Then I was just waiting for opening of bank as I had to go there and get some work done which I was procrastinating (sorry! 😕 You hate this word right? Well, me too.) upon for last couple of days. But, now it’s done.

It took some time as I had many silly doubts to get sorted out. It took around 1.5 hour and then I came back home.

Apart from that bank work and working on projects, there weren’t any colorful or hectic tasks involved in this day. Don’t be so surprised! Sometimes I get to live normal days as well….  sometimes I said! 🙄

Why is it always like that? Why?

Whenever, you get load, you get a hell lot of it and sometimes there won’t be anything which one would prefer to consider even as load. Sweet Load & Bitter Load. Today’s one was kinda sweet.

By the way, it’s 21/10 and it’s my brother’s day! Wish him! Happy Birthday Big Brother! 😎

‘Night World.

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