Day 15/30

Day 15 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Now that’s a milestone! I am halfway through my challenge! 😀

To be frank, today it was too tough to wake up as I went to sleep bit late yesterday. However, I am determinant for my goal and I try hard to make it happen before 5:00 a.m. And I did.

The day was wonderful. A special day for me.

I was going to travel from Surat to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup. But, before that I needed to visit my school to get some documentation work done. I was too excited to visit my school. After all, I was going to be there after many years. It has been 1673 days since we left the school.

As soon as I entered the gate, I sighed being emotional. Sentimental hormones started getting formed and developed flashes of the memories which happened in this beautiful wonderland. I almost wept.

It was time when there were no responsibilities and boundaries about anything. The time when we were doing what our innocence allowed to do without thinking about any serious factors.

I met the teachers who used to teach us various subjects during school time. Even after 5 years, they welcome you with same behavior and they recognize you as a scholar student (I was one! No Claps Please! 😀 ), that’s impressive! I felt glad actually after meeting all of my teachers. I heartily realize that they had and still have a part in my life to mold me in a better person.

After getting the work done in the office, I was eager to visit all the places where we had memories and fun during school-time. I had time so I thought let’s roam around and take a glance.

The cricket ground where we played cricket…

PP Savani Abrama Cricket Ground

Yellow Ladies. I tried to find No. 12 and 49 (My buses during my time) but couldn’t…



Swimming pool where I swam…


The Auditorium where we prayed, got motivated, learnt things, got bored sometimes and so on… 😉

PP Savani Abrama Auditorium

The Gateway to our department. Same love for Narmad Bhavan. 😀

Narmad Bhavan - PP Savani Abrama

One thing which all students love with full of their heart is the sound of this little equipment. The same old bell…

School Bell PP Savani Abrama

From the corridor of our floor…

PP Savani Abrama Narmad Bhavan Science

A ground where we played random things…

PP Savani International school Playground

A ground where we played football…


A kid giving evil smile to me by thinking that, look at our life! No responsibilities and no worries. Just kicking football! And look at yours! Hunhh! 😈

PP Savani Football Ground

A court where we played basketball…

Basketball ground - PP Savani Abrama

A ground where we played Rugby..

PP Savani Ground and Gardens

The Dining Hall where we ate lots of cuisines. Sometimes awesome (e.g Idli-Sambhaar. No one hated it. Did anyone?). Sometimes bitter (e.g Masala Chickpeas & Rose Milk-Biscuit. Who liked it?). 😆

Dinning Hall of PP Savani Abrama

The elegant view from corridor (especially in winter when morning breeze makes it look like heaven) 

Tapi River from PP Savani

(I will add more photos tomorrow. I am being late for sleep….)

After that, I came back home and packed stuff and left for Gandhinagar. Yes, whenever I have some work in Ahmedabad, I prefer to be at Gandhinagar, because one of my good friend lives there and Gandhinagar is kinda awesome place to be at! Heavenly Peace!

At the end of the day, I met two of my college best buddies as they got job here and had ultimate fun. It has been 136 days since we left the college and it was amazing to see them after such a long time.

Well, now, whenever I am in Gandhinagar, nightout is kind of fixed. Because this is the perfect place for that. We had great time hanging out and came back home around midnight. I took care of the work for a while and it became 2:00 a.m. in no time. This would be the first time when I am writing a post for the supposed day on next day.

I will have to wake up early tomorrow anyhow even if I don’t wish because the appointment is at early morning.

I will update and edit the post tomorrow.. it’s too late now. The day was full of travelling, I am exhausted. And it’s already 2:00 a.m.

Good Night.

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  1. After reading this post, I memorized my school and college time. Seriously man those days were just awesome!

    And yeah I was also a topper in school & my teachers also recognize me as topper to this day as well.

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