Day 18/30

Day 18 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well, it was literally impossible to NOT MAKE IT before 5:00 a.m. Because I went to sleep way too earlier yesterday. Around 8 pm. That’s the rare thing which happened in history of my life. I seriously can’t recall last day when I went to sleep this early.

Coming to the day, at some point of time I asked myself a question. What are you doing man? Are you aware of what are you doing? At this point of time, all of a sudden I got many responsibilities to take care of so it involves lot of hassle this days.

I was commuting in my town for important work from A to B, B to C, C to, A to D, D to B, B to E, E to F, F to C and so on. A, B, C, D, E, F being considerable kilometers far from each other. I would like to say special thanks to my bike which bears me for whole day and helps me to travel and take care of things. She is with me since long time. She is awesome. We go on long drives daily. She is beautiful. She needs service by the way. 😆

The day began with preparing one friend for her IELTS exam in the early morning. We went to one of our common friend’s home from where the exam center was nearer. Once the exam got finished, I left for the afternoon to get my tasks done and for that, I had to visit and travel much. It took almost half of day.

After that, I went back again to that friend’s place from where I was supposed to visit my counselor. All of my squad also came with me because I needed some company and also we wanted to meet one of our faculty who taught us in our time. The coolest faculty I have ever encountered. It’s very rare to get cool teachers and you also need to be damn lucky to have a chance to learn from a person who is extremely cool and one would not feel bored while being taught in his class. We had one. 🙂

Then all of us went to meet the other friend of ours whose day it was. We went to him and celebrated his birthday by wishing him. It then got followed by going to that friend’s place, bade good bye to each other and left for home.

Came back home, had dinner, worked for couple of hours and it’s already midnight.

Now go and come back tomorrow. (Lol! As if someone’s refreshing his/her window since early evening just to read your stupid post. 🙄 )

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