Welcome to The Mess..!

Warning: This site involves total crap. Nothing else. So if you are expecting New York Times, Huffington Post or Times Of India type of content, feel free to press that little cross over there because I don’t wanna disappoint you.

Lame, pointless crap is something you might get here. But, it might be inspiring or motivating to you and I can assure you that passing your time here won’t be a complete waste. You will learn something for sure.

The only objective behind building this site is to document my life. I wanted to create the site with my name for very long time. Now, I am glad I did it. What an accomplishment!

Welcome to the mess and enjoy your time here!

P.S : This site is more for me than for anyone else. I created this site with a view to motivate myself and tackle the habit of procrastination. Additionally, from time to time, I will also publish posts which might be helpful to the prospective readers. I read a lot and gather a lot. And knowledge is not meant to be caged. I needed some medium to share it with the whole world. Hence, I made one.

Now, you may like to go through the series of posts on my 30 Days Challenge to Wake-Up at 5:00 a.m Daily.

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