Day 24/30

Day 24 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

What a hectic day it was!

As I told you yesterday that I was going to wake up way too early to complete the work which I was not able to complete lately because of some other responsibilities. Yes, during day time, there’s lot of hassle these days which I can’t describe in mere 300-400 words. It would take posts and posts to articulate all the happenings in day time. However, I try my best in each post to describe major events which happens during the whole day.

Well, in early morning, I had to go outside for some urgent work and I sensed the beginning of this lovely season. The charming Winter. Today was the first day when I wore the sweat-shirt for this winter. Winter’s on!

After completing the work, I came back home and waited for… (Oh Unnit!! Please bring something new this time and not banks again please! Something like you went to discotheques or party or whatever but not banks please!! 🙄 )… the opening of bank! (Sorry People! 🙁 ). Those things are the dream at this moment!

I took my cousin with me and without him it would have been hard to manage and take care of all the things all by myself. Then we came back home and had lunch.

After that, I arranged document folder file of mine which was having mess of documents and some surplus photocopies. It was also something on which  I was *cough* pro.. *cough* ..crastinating *cough* since long time. But, now it’s done.

Then I took a short nap. And around evening, I went with my brother to get the other important work done. And from there, we had to pay a visit to clinic as I’ve caught up a cold yesterday and I don’t want it to turn into fever.

Then we came back to home and I took care of projects for a while.

Tomorrow’s going to be massively busy!

My sub-challenge for tomorrow is, I don’t want to open WhatsApp till 10 a.m, not even Facebook even if there’s important work. I just want to complete the pile of the projects which is in pending stack with deadlines already being long gone. It’s the matter of business ethics and I think I should not compromise with that.

Yeah, at some moments, it becomes kinda hard to manage all the things together. But, I am enjoying it. 😉

Sleep Comfortably People!


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  1. Hey man
    Good management of daily schedule..?
    And today 3.35 am!!!! ?
    By the way pleasure that you are going away from some irritating words may be for you like
    Procrastinating ….?

    Commending your abilities I would like to recommend you to expand your nap time making it enough for good health
    Don’t mind

    • Ha Ha!Thanks.

      No banks are fine but procrastinating? Trust me! It sucks!

      Yeah man your recommendation is right, I know I have to and in fact I want to. But….

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