Day 02/30

Day 2 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well, today it was tough!

I went to sleep around 12:45 a.m yesterday (today?) because I got indulged into some activity. Not so important, though. Only waking up earlier is not gonna help if you don’t get sufficient amount of sleep. And that is something which I experienced today.

I totally felt like what’s wrong with 30 more minutes?? No one will know! But, I would have felt guilty as I have challenged you guys to wake up exactly at 5:00 a.m or before that. I literally pushed myself up. After getting outside the bed I thought let’s go back again just for 10 minutes. Not more than that. But, then I thought about you people again!

I need to tell you that the idea of this challenge is helping me a lot. Because earlier, I used to say ‘Yes’ to this ‘Just 10 minutes’ thought without thinking twice and those 10 minutes used to turn out to be an hour or 2 hours or at worse sometimes even more than that. So, if you are also struggling with something for long time and procrastinating up on it all the time, then ‘publicly challenge’ it. 😀

I felt exhausted in the beginning itself and barely could control myself from falling asleep at some moments that I reluctantly had to take a small nap in between. Something I don’t want to do at all because personally, I find naps very much tactful. You think that you feel tired so let yourself take a nap and then you would feel energetic. But nothing happens as such. Still, you do it all the time. Strange! Damn you nap!

Besides, I could not get my hands on on the ‘Most Important Thing First’ part of my challenge. The project which currently is in pending stack needs to get completed as soon as possible and that is going to be my most important thing for tomorrow.

I don’t have much to say now but to wrap up I would say that this day could have been better.

I know no one’s reading yet since I did not share URL with anyone, but to my imaginary and future audience, I am gonna kill it tomorrow. 😎

‘Night world. 🙂


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  1. “I totally felt like what’s wrong with 30 more minutes?? No one will know! But, I would have felt guilty as I have challenged you guys to wake up exactly at 5:00 a.m or before that.”

    @ Unnit Metaliya
    I really appreciate these above lines. It needs courage to face the truth and you mentioned it very clearly here. 🙂

  2. I appreciate ur challenge
    Really man its tough to wake up early bcz u slept only for 4 hours
    Let’s see what tomorrow brings for you.

  3. I need ur help with an issue I’m having regarding email accounts. Please respond. It also might be affecting my bank account. Person hacking. Idk but I’m very upset. Thank you. KmH

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