Day 20/30

Day 20 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

So, it seems like we are getting nearer to the completion of challenge. Aren’t we?

66.66% challenge completed!

Yes, as always morning was bit productive but I passed much of the morning time doing less important activities which could have done later in the daytime. And grabbed more important things later in evening which could have done in much efficient manner if done in morning.  I think I should prioritize things instead of doing what comes handy first.

Around after noon, my best friend called me. He said, it’s been a while and I am free today. I know he is struggling a lot these days to get his start-up on track. Family forces him for job and it’s out of his league. We both share entrepreneurial mindset and have higher goals.

He is having good job offers in his hand but he breathes for business. This scenario happens all the time, when we would be together and elder people would be explaining him numerous advantages of taking a job instead of doing business. At that time, I stay shut like statue and what I think is, “try your luck people”, only I know what he is going to do. Don’t waste your time. 😀

He came to my home and informed me that his father finally agreed with him and will help him with setting up his start-up after Diwali. I was like.. Yes!! Finally!! The father-son battle which was going on for last few months ended up in a peaceful way. Let’s wish him luck! By the way, he don’t need one. He works hard. Hard workers don’t need luck. They create it. 🙂

It’s not only him who fought and is fighting for his dream. There are many people whom I know who are fighting for their dreams with their parents. I won’t deny the fact that I have been extremely lucky in that case. My parents gave me full freedom and support for doing whatever I wish without central command of theirs.

If we start listing the obstacles for any person which might come in his/her way while accomplishing the dream then the permission and support from parents would be the first one. I know I am too young to come forward and suggest something like this, but you know what dear parents, there are some things which your child won’t be able to share with you, but only with his best friend. So there are some things which you don’t but your child’s friend know what he is actually going through. I am that friend of your child. 🙂

Care for your children but not too much. Don’t over-care that caring seems like control.

After that, we went to one of our other awesome friend’s office as he was inviting us badly since long time because we haven’t seen each other in last few months. We used to sit in same bench during school-time.

He is the other dreamer who did not listen to any damn person who came in his way while dreaming. A second-year college drop out. Realized early that study ain’t his thing and went for setting up businesses. Faced failures more than successes.  Every time we meet him, he would be up to doing something new. He is the owner/partner/investor of multiple business ventures. He is doing too good now when compared to whole batch of ours.

I feel proud that I got kick-ass hustlers as my close people.

Overall, this day was amazing. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Bonne Nuit! 🙂

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  1. Keep it up bro. Your writing skill is awesome.

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