Day 11/30


The day seemed short.

Yes, around evening, I felt that I am lacking time.

I felt somewhat similar when we feel in the last 10-15 minutes of exam when 3 long answers are yet to get written. I will tell you that, this thing has happened with me many times and hell yeah! I always managed to write draw the answers (I tried to write but it used to end up as drawing 😕) in those 10 minutes. My only goal used to be to attempt all the questions. That’s it! (On a side note, my drawing is super worse as well! If I try to draw a tree, I will end up drawing a bush!!)

Today, I woke up without an alarm and I did not feel like to go back and slumber off for a while. And yeah one more thing, I did not write about this in any of my post but right after waking up, I drink lots of water. Nearly 4-5 glasses. This thing is suggested by many doctors to follow every day. It has got so many medical benefits with it and you will experience its effect naturally if you try it.

It then got followed by getting refreshed and then?? Yes, that’s right. 😉 . “Most Important Thing First” part of the challenge.

Morning became Noon and Noon became Evening without much of realization.

One nap of around 20 minutes. Positive effects.

Tomorrow’s going to be bit of outing after noon for some work.

That was it for Day 11.

Dear Day 12, where are you and when are you coming?

Day 12: I am on my way, I can’t be sure, but I will come before 5:00 am for sure!

Have an awesome night world! 🙂

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