Day 28/30

Day 28 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Happy Diwali People!

I hope all of you are safe. šŸ™‚

Well, yesterday I set a level of puzzle to “too hard” from “hard”. And the puzzle I got was this,

Puzzle Alarm to force you wake up

It took me around 20 minutes to get the correct answer. I tried and tried to calculate in my mind and get the correct answer but ended up getting wrong ones. Then I had to take a pen andĀ calculate traditionally on my palm and get the answer.

This thing kills sleepinessĀ totally. You just can’t go away fromĀ irritating sound of an alarm unless you solve the puzzle or go outside and throw or dump your mobile somewhere (which you wouldn’t).Ā One can remove battery but those who got handsets with non-detachable battery have no way out. So. if you also got ‘snoozing problems’ then give this app a try. (Type “Sleep If You Can” in PlayStore)

Now, talking about the happenings in the day, the day was quite similar to yesterday. It’s unwanted vacation for me as because of this, many places stay closed and I can’t get the work done. So,Ā what other can be a better option than chilling with buddies and having great time? šŸ˜€

In morning, I have passed much of my time reading my previous posts and took a glimpse of the whole challenge. I wanted to read all the posts again but wasn’t getting much time to do so.

After around 2 p.m, the same thing took place which happened yesterday. Gathering at one friend’s place, having good time talkingĀ interesting stuff, making memories, discussing future and so on.

Around evening, we went to one sports mall in town and played Table Tennis, done bit of hover-boarding (It ain’t easy! Be Careful! ) and cycling on Segway and had amazing time. It has been many days since I played some sport and what other day can be better than Diwali to play some sport? šŸ˜›

Then I came back home, had dinner, passed time here and there and started feeling sleepy. So, initially I thought that I would post tomorrow and went to bed. But, then preferred not to do so and got my hands on dashboard and started articulating the post.

Right now, I am getting annoyed by the noise of firecrackers and thinking that how others would have felt when we used to fireĀ firecrackers like crazy in our childhood. Nonetheless, everyone has got their own way of celebrating and cracking fires is the standard way of doing so. I know it shouldn’t be but I don’t want to be hypocrite here as I used to fire firecrackers like crazy when I was kid. So, enjoy yourself.

To sum up, the day was amazing and memorable!

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