My Personal Student Visa SOP Example – APPROVED LIKE A BOSS!

Standard and meaningful visa SOP example is hard to find these days. All you get is some copy pasted and repeated stuff in each SOP sample you find on the internet. I personally went through hundreds of visa sop samples but couldn’t find anything different in all of them.

With all that being said, I decided to share my personal SOP (Statement of Purpose) which I have prepared staying awake for days and nights for my Canada Student Visa application. I would suggest that you take only ideas and references from this SOP and do not copy paste the whole SOP as it is.

Visa SOP is the most crucial part of your student visa application and visa officers are highly interested in reading your honest statement of purpose. So, if you copy paste content from someone else’s visa SOP, then they will figure it out really well. I get this question asked a lot: how to write a statement of purpose?

In this post, I will explain it all.

What is SOP?

The full form of SOP is “Statement of Purpose”.

SOP simply means stating your genuine and convincing purpose for your student visa application to whatever country you are applying to.

Most countries like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK require you to write a statement of purpose and attach it in your visa file. Out of all these, Canada tops the list as they are super curious behind knowing your intentions behind your visa application.

Visa SOP (Statement of Purpose) is all about sharing your experiences and giving a firm statement and/or a reason why you are eligible for any particular country where you want to study. So, my experiences and your experiences and reasons won’t be the same as yours and vice versa.

You will get to know more in a minute once you go through my sop example.

How to Write A Statement of Purpose?

It’s all about letting them know why you want to go to their country to achieve your dreams.

Writing a statement of purpose is all about proving your point about why you are a perfect fit for their country and why their country is a perfect fit for you.

Be honest and pour out all of your passion in writing that one paragraph. That one paragraph can change your life. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t take it for granted.

In order to write straight to the point SOP, first off, list down the things you want to write in one piece of paper. Then, start explaining those points in a quite professional and convincing manner.

Try to make good use of your vocabulary. You can reference some of the words I have used in this particular sop example.

Statement of Purpose Format

I have encountered numbers of people saying there’s no particular statement of purpose format.

I disagree with that. Totally.

I mean you are most probably planning for a graduate school statement of purpose.

That’s not a small thing.

Visa officers would be more interested if you sound more professional in your SOP. And, in order to do that, your SOP needs to be formatted really well.

In this SOP example, I have followed really nice statement of purpose format targeting to make the beloved visa officer as engaged as possible.

Without wasting much of your time, let me show you my visa SOP sample. One can refer to this statement of purpose sample for Australian visa application, Canada visa application or USA visa application or any other countries for that matter.

Warning: I would like to iterate one more time. Do not risk getting your visa rejected by simply copy pasting this whole SOP and changing the variables, words and your program. Remember, it’s not your college assignment submission. It’s for a visa application for your dream country. Visa officers are not stupid. It’s a real big deal. You are just supposed to reference it. If you still find it hard to prepare a convincing SOP, you can take my professional help for small fees by contacting my very own study abroad visa consultancy through email (

I & my team have helped students with multiple rejections as well as first time applicants getting their visa approved by writing “one-hundred-percent unique” and meticulously strong convincing SOP.

Every SOP we make is stronger and helps significantly to the applicant in getting visa approval.

We follow systematic manner in drafting a perfect and strong SOP.

If you make use of our service, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.

Once we receive the Questionnaire form back, we start the process of writing an SOP perfectly articulated to your profile and ready to be used for your visa application. We have helped a lot of people ten-folding their visa approval rate and also helped large number of people to convert their “rejected” visa file into “approved” one. All with the help of one document only, Visa SOP.

My Personal SOP Example

Name: Unnit Metaliya
Address: 9051, Cameoriana Boulevard
Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia – 2254


Visa Officer,
High Commission of Canada

Subject: Statement of Purpose for Masters

(Note: Your subject might change like statement of purpose for mba, for grad school, for computer science etc.)

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to have this opportunity to introduce myself as a tech enthusiastic person whose life is basically all about computers and programming. Ever since my father bought me a computer, there were hardly some days in which I would not be on my computer learning something new, doing something interesting.

Slowly and gradually, the hobby became a passion and I made myself determinant about making a career in Computer Science. This passion and love for computers led me to pursue Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology from Gujarat Technological University.

Why Masters of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor?

(Note: this heading will be different in your statement of purpose format. For example, mba, nursing, graduate program etc.)

As I considered my alternatives for post-graduate studies, the Masters of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor has emerged for various reasons. The interdisciplinary way of the program is particularly appealing to me, as this will give me a much more extensive, more down to earth comprehension of all major concepts of Applied Computing, including the advanced database concepts and also the network and security concepts.

With the innately worldwide nature of today’s computer programming industry, it is vital for me to contemplate in a universal domain far from my home country, and doing as such in one of the reputed university in Canada will absolutely give me a novel advantage in my career pursuits.

Having had the privilege to learn practical aspects of multiple programming languages and subjects such Data and File Structure, Operating System, Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Programming With C++, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Web Technology and Programming, Advanced Java Technology etcetera in my under graduation, I am confident of adding to the paradigm diversity of the applied computing world by joining the University of Windsor for my post-graduation.

The Master of Applied Computing offered at the University of Windsor will surely substantiate me with the right acquaintance, dexterity, and practice to accomplish my professionalism. Advanced Computing Concepts, Network and Data Security and Advanced Systems Programming are among the few courses, which I wish to pursue there.

Working out with the highly experienced and skilled faculties along with the prominent facilities being provided will surely back me in my academic pursuit.

My profile is having all the pre-requisites for the admission and I have secured my admission there. I have secured 7.07 CGPA in my under-graduation and scored overall 7.0 bands in my IELTS test.


In addition to the courses that I have taken in my under-graduation, I have been exceptionally active outside of the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities and working on personal projects in order to inspire myself and broaden my perspectives. For instance, I have developed Personal Time Management Application, a project, despite the fact that being non-academic, at last, gave me an opportunity to learn and implement latest technologies for personal use.

I have developed a graphics based game which was solely focused on increasing typing efficiency of users. Moreover, I successfully delivered a presentation to my juniors teaching them PHP Programming and Importance of Programming. All of my past endeavors makes me feel highly motivated and energetic at adopting new attitudes and encountering new things. This is definitely why I have chosen to keep improving myself by considering for a graduate degree in the University of Windsor, Canada.

Why Masters in Canada?

Canada was the first and final choice for me when I was in a phase to choose a country for my post-graduation because of some straightforward reasons. The education system of Canada is brilliant in all sorts of ways and ranked as best among the whole world. In addition to that, Canada is a safe and peaceful nation with superb health care facilities.

All Canadian institutes provide a dynamic, innovative and challenging environment in which one can create and nurture their true potential. Canadian qualification will surely be a strong base for boosting my career and building my future.

Every year, talented students from all over the globe do come Canada to study so that they can make their dream come true. Studying with them will surely expose me to their cultures and ethics, as well as improvise my communication skills.

How to end a statement of Purpose?

Now comes how you should end your SOP part which is really important as this will be the last thing that will be sticking in visa officer’s mind before he proceeds with next steps. You need to make sure it’s appealing in your own SOP.

Future Goals

After completion of my masters in Canada I intend to come back to my home country with the outstanding skillset and join the IT industry, which continues to thrive in India, as a computer engineer.

In past decade, the world has shown tremendous growth in IT sector and there is and will be a huge demand for IT professionals in near future. So, I would like to come back as a high skilled techno-functional computer engineer and join some reputed organization to make a bright career.

Hence, after completing my course I am confident that I will easily get a suitable job in leading IT organizations in India. At the end, my only goal is to be a successful and dynamic professional in near future which can make me stand out among all. Also, I have paid 11,360 CAD in my tuition fees and 10,035 CAD in Scotia Bank’s Student GIC Program to cover my first year living expenses.

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope that you will find all my documents in proper order and I kindly request you to process my visa application as soon as possible. I am very much thankful to you for giving me your valuable time to process my student visa application.

Unnitkumar Metaliya

I hope you liked my visa SOP example and got to know something new from it. It will surely help you out in your visa application.

I wish you all the best for your further process.

If you have made this far, great!

Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this SOP)

These are the messages I get on my social media from people after finishing going through my shared statement of purpose. Please check if your question is listed here. If not, feel free to reach out. I’d love to help.

Can I help you in writing your SOP?

Yes. I can.

I am very transparent about my charges, so you don’t need to pay any hidden fees like those in-office consultants.

Update: In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we understand, a lot of students are experiencing financial trouble. Keeping that in mind, I am putting a huge discount on all sorts of orders. Making them “almost” free as compared to pre-COVID prices. Quality of the work would still be the same.

Normal Delivery: 10-15 days

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $89$29 
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $99$39

Express Delivery: 4 days

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $99 $35
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $109$45

Deluxe Express Delivery: Overnight (1 Day)

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $119$40
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $129$50

You can reach out to us by email –


To save time, you can place your order directly on our website. Note: I am the founder and CEO of AbroadHero International.

How does the process work?

It’s simple four step process.

  1. You contact us through email. Please mention if you are applying for the first time or after rejection. Also, if you want normal or express processing time.
  2. We will reply with the invoice for the payment. You can use debit or credit card make the payment.
  3. Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.
  4. And, that’s it. You receive the completed SOP in your next email.

🚀Contact >> Payment >> Basic Form >> Completed SOP 🚀

Testimonials from my past clients/students:

I would like to share few good words shared with me by the people who took my professional help for writing their SOP.


Testimonial #1:


Student with multiple rejection visa approval SOP

Student who had two past visa rejections got approval

Testimonial #2:


Client appreciation for visa SOP writing service

Student contacting through referral for writing her SOP.

Testimonial #3:


Work experience and gap concern while applying for student visa

39 year old client concerned about long study gap because of more than 16 years of work experience

Testimonial #4:


Professional visa SOP writing service

First time application student with critical profile

Testimonial #5:


student visa sop writing service

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Best SOP Writing Help

A Student going right after 12th grade

Testimonial #7:


Best Visa SOP Writing Service

Testimonial #8: Client contacted us with a doubt. We solved it in reply. Client contacts us back with visa approval update. One of the many happy moments for us.

professional sop writing help for visa application

Professional Visa sop writing for Canada student visa application

And, many more.

Hope this SOP sample for Canada student visa was useful to you. We wish you all the best for your process.

If you want to know more about the process, feel free to reach out to me at


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    • Thanks Ansil for the kind words! Much appreciated!

      • Hi Unnit, I’m Wiz from Philippines. I graduated 2009, Registered Nurse. 2012 when I decided to go abroad to earn money for my studies in Canada. I’m currently working as a food and beverage server in a hotel and casino here in Macau. Planning to take Practical Nursing fall 2021 intake because I really want to back and continue my profession. Can you help me with my SOP? Is it possible?

        • It is certainly possible, however since your work experience and chosen field is irrelevant, you will need to have strong explanation in your SOP and that’s where we can help. Good thing is your educational experience is related to your chosen field, so you might not face serious trouble as some of our other clients faced with 80% irrelevancy. However, drop us an email on for help with SOP writing.

  4. why you are telling you will come back to india ? does it goes negative if i say i want to settle in canada so to increase my score i am going to study there

    • Hello Suresh,

      I would feel happy to answer your question.

      Perhaps, this is the most common thing many people face resulting in visa rejection.

      Mentioning or not mentioning about coming back to country is the most complicated thing to determine. It takes lot of brainstorming and logical outcome to finalize how you should articulate it in your SOP.

      There is no perfect answer to your “why” question?

      Long story short: If you don’t have idea on what you are doing in your SOP, take our professional help.

      Hope it helps. 🙂

      • What if I have change of field? Like I have degree in Engineering but after working 5 years in banking want to study finance What are the chances?

      • thanks for the sample what other reasons could i give for making them believe that am coming back

      • My visa application got rejected just because they are unclear about my future goals ( after the completion of my program) But I clearly mentioned that I will definitely come back to my country. Can you help me in this case?

        • Do not ONLY mention that u will return to ur home country, also, tell the visa officer how ur home country and locality will benefit from ur study upon ur return

  5. Perfect example of SOP.

  6. Really, Helpful. By, the way I got admit for fall 18 in same course of university of windsor. Have you completed study over there?

    • Hello Vasu,

      Thanks a lot!

      And, Congratulations!

      MAC at Uwindsor is such an amazing program. You are going to love it.

      You can contact me through Facebook if you have any doubts.

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      You can send me a message on Facebook if you wanna know about something.

      I would love to help.

    • Thank you for a well explained post. Please, is a visa approval possible for an applicant with 10 years educational gap applying for an undergraduate in Canada ?
      P.S: I have been given an admission of study in one of Canada’s DLI.

  8. Pls I studied intelligence and security studies and I got admission for an advanced diploma in Human Resources management would my visa be granted

    • Hello Lizzy,

      It’s nice to see you here on my site.

      I would suggest you to attach strong SOP by mentioning important points and explaining why you wanna do the HR management course.

      SOP is all about convincing the visa officer for your chosen program or area of further studies.

      If you are unsure about how to do it, take our SOP Writing help.

      Hope it helps!

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    will this sop work as a reference for Australia study visa???

  12. Hi, i got accepted in University of Ottawa for Masters in Economics for winter term 2019. I have done BSC in economics too. I am currently in Canada on a visitors visa as my sister lives here and during my stay i got the acceptance letter. I have only one sibling. I am applying for study visa now by sending my application to my home country. Do you think there will be any chance of rejecting my visa on the basis of me not leaving Canada after my masters?

    • This is gonna be complicated for you!

      I would suggest you to take our SOP Writing service.

    • Hi NB, I am in a similar situation, both my parents are Canadian PR and I am worried if my study permit will be rejected because of family ties in Canada. I have got LOA for Jan 2019. Have you got your study permit ? If so, pls share a copy of your SOP for refer nice.

    • Hi Nb!!
      Congratulations first of all, at the amazing course and university!! Even I have been looking at U of Ottawa for Masters in Economics. Currently, I’m doing Economics Majors. I would be highly obliged if you could help me with a few doubts:
      1. Do they (U of Ottawa) accept a 3 year degree?
      2. What marks do they need?
      3. I’ve seen that they give scholarships, is that true?
      Warmest regards

  13. Hello ,I found your Sop of great value . I forgot to attach mine while applying for my study permit . Do you think this will affect my visa? Do you know how I can attach it again since I have already reapplied .

    • Hello Tashi,

      If everything in your visa application is in right manner and nothing, absolutely nothing needs some explanation of some sort, then, there should not be any problem. SOP is not mandatory document. This is what their site says I guess. Let us know how it goes.

    a great sop i ever saw:), actually i have also done with one but i wanna ask one thing from you like should family backround info needs to be given in sop and if yes then can u help me out in describing that in brief way as my father is business man ,my mother is housewife and my brother is doctor. Thanku for your time.

    • It’s not mandatory to include very brief information about family members. Just one or two lines should be enough. Just like you mentioned here in this comment.

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  18. Hi! As I observed with other SOP formats, they provided a summary. Why you did not include? So, it is okay not to give summary? Thank you. 😀

    • They are looking for some specific things they want to hear from you. Like the relevance of your current field and the filed you are going to be in Canada. Your intent. Your purpose. Your Statement. “Summary” is not in that list. You can literally write three paragraphs explaining your real purpose and real intent. Explaining them that you don’t plan to settle in Canada and your intent is just to study for now (….even if it’s not 😉 )

  19. Unnit you have been really helpful. I applied for a study permit earlier this year and was rejected even though i had a lot of money in my account to show for it. I believe that my SOP was what was missing, i didn’t submit any. I have taken some ideas on how to draft mine from yours. Thanks a lot, you’re really helpful. I want to reapply.

    • Hello,

      I am glad my SOP is helping thousands of people from all over the world. At first, I thought let me just put it on my website. But, turned out, it is helping people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Brazil, Somalia. Seeing that thing in my Google Analytics definitely makes me smile. I even get messages on my Instagram and comments on my YouTube channel ( It feels so good. I hope your application gets through and you get to enjoy the beauty of Canada.

  20. Could you please give a sample of the reference letter from parent required for student visa?

  21. Can i get a sop for bba for study visa Canada?

    • Hello Jaskit,

      SOPs are generic. There’s no different format for different fields of study.

      You can apply this format to any SOP for any program.

      Just describe your “statement” of “purpose”.

  22. Is it necessary to give the headings? can i write it in a flow, paragraph form?

  23. Nice sop indeed, Thank you for helping thousands of people. Please my study permit was refused on 12 October, 2018. Based on the purpose of visit and travel history. Thought I believe sop could be the solution for the purpose of visit because did not add it when I applied then. Please how can I over come the problem of travel history? Have not travel to any country before. However, my first degree was in banking and finance, but I got admission to study 4years bachelors of business administration major SECOND DEGREE PROGRAM in Brandon university Canada.

  24. With immense pleasure I sincerely appreciate your efforts for helping many students who are trying hard to persuade their visa officers. Your sop helped me a lot to draft my own sop for Post Graduate Diploma in Law in Waikato University, Newzealand. Be constant in your efforts.
    Thank You & Regards!

    • Thank you Rahi for your kind words. Let me know if you want any other help regarding studying abroad.

    • I graduated with bsc microbiology.. I applied for a masters in project management does it align with my background of study ?

      • Hello Okelakan,

        That’s a field change and in our opinion, it doesn’t align with your chosen course, Project Management. You will have to prove in your SOP why you want to pursue Project Management even though you have education in Microbiology.

        We can help you in drafting SOP. Reach out to us at

  25. Thank you so much. I really appreciate, kind regard.

  26. Bro, im applying for PG in mobile application development . How much can i plagiarize and will the commission find out?

    • Hello,

      You cannot plagiarize a bit. Yes. Commission will easily find it out as they have impeccable, unbeatable plagiarism checking computer programs.

      Remember, you are investing huge sum of money, efforts, time and basically your whole life. Don’t let plagiarism destroy everything in a bit.

      In fact, even after coming here in Canada, the main reason why you “might” get failed in any subject would be plagiarism. “Canada” takes plagiarism as a “criminal offence”. Other than that, they hardly fail any students in any subject. But, they have 0 tolerance with anyone who plagiarizes even a single sentence.

      I’m glad you asked as I got to answer and share some insights about the same. I guess I should make whole new post on same topic mentioning “What should you never do after coming to Canada?”.

  27. Brother Unnit,
    My name is karthik and iam applying for new zealand college for PG Diploma in Information Technology. The SOP which u provided is almost related to my course and career. but since u suggested not to plagiarize, can u please suggest me how to get through. i understand ur complete SOP, the problem is that i couldnt get a better one after reading your SOP. Now its hard for me to draft an alternative. Can u please help me out..?
    Thank you in advance and Good luck to your future brother..

    • You should reference my SOP, start writing your one based on events and projects happened in your life. Spread your passion like I did. You do not necessarily need to use fancy words like I did. Being normal is fine as well. They need you to be truthful and honest.

  28. Thanks a lot for posting this sop it really gave a lot of idea to start writing my sop. I am applying for bachelors program and a question knocked me that is should I include the fact that I will engage in university’s coop program, and will travel to different country for my master after completion of the course there in Canada.
    Thank You

    • Yes. You can mention that. Further extend it to after my co-op, I will be returning back to my home country.

      From what I heard, sometimes they don’t read your whole SOP, but search for the mention of returning back to home country. I am not sure about this and I have no sources to mention here as well. But, this sounds logical to me. They might be doing this thing because of the sheer volume of application they receive. Just saying.

  29. Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing. I have few questions my SOP is 4 page long do u think its gonna be a problem because I’m really confused some website mention of keeping it short while others say the length is not an issue.
    Also I have applied General study visa would you like to give me some inputs..

    • In my opinion, anything more than two pages is too much. In fact, one page is also enough. They only want to check relevance between currently what you are doing + what you have done in past and what you are planning to do in Canada.

      For example, completing mechanical engineering and coming here for computer science would be a problem for them.

      Other than that, they are also interested in you saying you will returning back to home country.

      And, these two things should and would not take 4 pages I guess.

  30. Is is necessary to have such headings in the SOP ? Great SOP btw !

  31. is it important that the sop should be in formal letter format or it can also be in essay format?… I have already filed for Canadian student visa application ..can I send the SOP via mail now?

  32. Hi,
    Your SOP is amazing.
    I have never seen like this.

    I need your help in writing SOP for Re-Application for Study visa Canada.

    I got refused with reason stated,”
    Given your proposed course of study and considering your previous education, level of establishment, ties to your home country and future prospect and plans, I am not satisfied you would be a bonafide student and a temporary resident”

    My qualification is MBA (HR & Marketing)
    I applied for Transportation and logistics program at Lasalle college, Montreal.
    My application was refused within 3 days with above reason.

    I want to understand that ,” Level of establishment” what does this line means in my refusal case and “Ties to your home country” what does it mean?

    Now I have offer letter of “Digital marketing and Marketing analytics” program of Confedration college.

    I want to know that this program is reliable to my previous education?

    Moreover how can I justify my previous plans vs new plans with new program?
    It looks like visa officer will think how my future plans changed now.Infact It was also written that we invite you to reapply if you fulfill above mentioned concerns.

    Please guide me what to write in SOP for Re-application?

    • Many people get rejected by the same reason you got. I know a little bit about why it happens and I guess people who wanna come here don’t. I am thinking to write a whole new post about it. It should come out in a week or two. Please stay tuned.

      I will announce it here > FB Page: Unnit Metaliya – Facebook & YouTube: YouTube

  33. Hi. Could you help me out in preparing my SOP for Canada.

  34. Nice sop there, gained some points there,hoping to here from the embassy as soon as possible

  35. That’s so nice of you Klefer. I appreciate of you sharing my site. Thank you very much.

  36. When do i upload my Statement Of Purpose? Do i combine it with my Proof Of Means Of Financial Support documents and put it as the first document?

  37. Hi Unnit,

    Firstly, great SOP. Loved every bit!

    I need your insights on how to write a convincing explanation in Student Visa SOP on field change from Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication to Computer Science (I have got admission to a College Graduate Certificate in Toronto). After my engineering, I have been working in Software development for 2 years (Currently, I am a Stack Developer – Angular,.Net,SQL,MongoDb). I think I might have fallen prey to the scam of consultancy and a reply as soon as possible from you would mean a lot.


    • Your profile doesn’t deserve college diploma graduate certificate or whatever. You, my friend, surely seem like a consultant’s target. Do you have any backlogs or FFs?

      • Thanks for such a quick reply.

        My profile –
        10th : 93%
        Diploma : 72% (1 backlog)
        Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication : 57%* 🙁
        (I had no backlogs. Engineering-Pune University. So I applied for a college instead of a University. Plus I was a bit tight on budget due to some reasons).

        Anyhow, can you please help me with my current situation to make the best out of it? I specifically need help with Visa SOP and visa applications. Please email me on my registered email so that I would be able to send you my draft SOP.

        • Hi Rohan,

          57% and 1 backlog is surely not a college-suitable profile. There are a couple universities you can try your luck. And, even if it’s going to be colleges, it shouldn’t be the choice of consultants. It should be your choice. For colleges as well, there are some good and some bad ones.

          How about you also take advantage of my cheap consultancy service like many do to figure out better list and try something worthy:

          Here’s the link to my form in case you are interested: Email-based consultation

          I am definitely not a hard seller as I’ve been at same place once. I don’t wanna make money out of desperate people. That’s bad. It’s just my life here is busy and I want my time spent to help somebody a little worth while and rewarding.

  38. I need a help for sop to have diploma in early childhood education

  39. Is Letter of Recommendation mandatory? I am applying for a student visa through an agent and I am told that LOR is not needed.

  40. Very enlightening comments and answers i hv seen here today. Pls i hv my first degree and masters in law degree from nigeria and hv been offered admission at a college in canada to study international in the process of applying for visa.

  41. Hello

    I need your help pls…

  42. Any limit on word count or number of pages. Ideally, how many pages SOP should be

  43. Hi, I am looking for your help

  44. Please give me some information regarding to write sop for diploma course in abroad after completed diploma in india for the same course.

  45. My visa application was refused. And they stated 1. I’m not sure you’ll leave Canada at the end of your study due to your Purpose of visit.
    2. I’m not sure you’ll leave Canada at the end if your study due to your family ties in canada/country of residence.
    3. I’m not sure you’ll leave canada at the end of your study due to your financial assets.
    I’m planning on reapplying but I want to make sure everything is done well, I can’t afford to get refused again. Please what documents do I need to get?

  46. Quiet a nice SOP.
    I hold a bachelor’s degree in English been working in lots of projects (health and social sciences) in my country. I love doing projects and writing recommendations/ reports about studies done, doing presentations on the findings and verifying datas,i really love this. Now i am accepted for Research Analyst program at Georgian college, do you think this is a nice match, will i be able to convince visa officer?

  47. Is it okay to write about the intention of coming back to india in the conclusion paragraph ?

  48. Tauhedul Emam Real

    I have sent you a message on Facebook and waiting for your reply.

  49. I have taken out time to read all the comments, thanks for this great job your doing.

    I have a degree in accounting and an ACCA diploma in accounting, and I have been admitted into Toronto school of management for the September intake to pursue an advance acca diploma.
    Still wandering how to start my SOP application perhaps what to include and if my visa will be approved.

  50. This is too big. How to keep it in one page.

    • In word document, this is little over one page. There’s no hardcore compulsory rule to let it be one page only. However, if you are too focused to do so, you can adjust things accordingly.

  51. Your SOP is Very Nice .I want to apply in Germany for master admission .I have done in 2008.MBA in 2012 .MS IN 2018. Could i get admission and visa through this profile of mine.?

  52. Hi dear, great breakdown and write up of the sop. I got an admission for fall in one of the colleges with a postgraduate diploma. I was giving letter of introduction by the school to the embassy along side with LOA.
    Please do i still need the SOP for my application?
    2: since i am a graduate going for a diploma,will it affect my study permit?
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes. Put it. It costs nothing but helps in some way or another. Imagine this, you did all the things. Multiple round-trips to banks, forex, your university or college to get those certificates and documents, printing shops and what not!

      If you did all those things then why to slack off for writing one simple document? Right?

      I would put SOP even if all aspects of my profile are roses and rainbows. Means there’s nothing bad and there are 100% chances of being approved, I would still write SOP and put it anyway.

      Just my thoughts. Let me know what do you think about this approach.

  53. Hi Unnitmetaliya,

    Thanks for sharing your SOP tips. Truly great content and perfect resource for inernational student applicants.



  54. can you help me.. for making my SOP after refusal

    • Hello Sangeeta,

      Yes. I can surely help you with your SOP after refusal.

      You can fill out this (Form Link) form in order to get your spot reserved in queue.

  55. deependra p chaudhary

    i already send you detail waiting from your side…

  56. Subek Singh Bijral

    Can you please help me with SOP i have submit the form as well.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for taking interest in my services.

      I’ve sent you an email with details. Please confirm.

  57. Himanshu patel

    I am a mechanical engineer and i applied in sait for welding engineering which is ug cource. Can you help me out .

  58. I order SOP from his Google Form. My SOP is amazing write by Unnit. And ,he deliver in two days. Worth the 79$ investment for my visa process.

    • Hi Keshav,

      I’m glad you liked my service. All the best for your process. And, thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  59. Hey , i have done my Bachelor’s in management and i have my admit for 3D Animation & Visual effects.
    Will my visa be rejected due to this?
    just to let you know i have also done 1 year certificate course from arena animation(3D Animation & visual effects) and also have work experience as a senior graphic designer for about 2 years.
    Thanks much for the SOP btw 🙂

    • This sounds almost relevant course. Your visa should get approved if you don’t do mistakes in your SOP.

      • I need my SOP to be proofread by you, I’ve filled your form but need to receive response from you

        • Hello,

          I’ve sent you an email after you submitted Google Form.

          If you did not receive it, please feel free to email on

          I would love to help you with your SOP. Let’s get started with your process as soon as possible.

  60. That is the best SOP I have seen. But can you help me in writing an SOP for my bachelors in USA?? By the way my field is computer science. Please let me know if you can help me.

    • Hi Kakshil,

      Yes. I can help with SOP for any country.

      After all, it’s “statement” of “purpose”.

      If you want to take advantage of my service, fill out this Google Form: Study Abroad Help

  61. Osemudiamen Emafo

    I need u to write an SOP for me.I have filled ur form.yet to receive any response from u.

  62. Hello
    My student visa got rejected for the following reasons:
    1) They think i might not come back from canada.
    2) Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of your: past qualifications, academic record, past studies, financial ability, language ability, missing mark sheets and/or your future prospects/plans.

    I applied through an agent and he told there is no need to submit SOP, now i am thinking to apply again but needed to know how to go forward with my SOP.

    IELTS- 7.5 overall
    Got admission in Algoma university, brampton in post graduate certificate in Business. Also have gap of around 1.5-2 years. Graduated in 2017(BBA) scoring 7 cgpa

  63. If I am writing the SOP for my admission in the University Of Toronto for as graduate program, then whom should I address my SOP to? Kindly help. Thanks.

  64. I paid for Unnit’s services to write my SOP. If you are not sure about approval on your visa application, I would recommend ordering SOP by emailing him. He is very professional and followed smooth process. My SOP written by him played a major role in my VISA approval. Thanks for everything man. You’re the best!

  65. Pls what’s your username on Facebook or your email address


  67. Commendable knowledge to Make SOP is given by you. Replies for every comment deserve to fold fingers for you.

    Would you make a SOP for Canadian high commission from my side. Bro I need your help

  68. Hi,
    Is it necessary to take IELTS for Canada? TOEFL score wont be eligible?

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  70. Hi,

    My only sibling moved to Australia after getting married few months ago. He is on work visa and currently working as a software engineer and the spouse is on student visa. Hence will there be an issue for my student visa? Anyways I won’t be living with them as my university is in a different state. Therefore will this be an issue since anyway i have to mention about them in my visa application as they are my immediate relations?

  71. Hello, I want to know my chances of getting my student visa. I have a bachelor’s degree in French language but I am going for an advanced diploma in fashion in a Canadian college. I already attended a vocational fashion school in my home country and I wish to advance my knowledge in fashion. How do I convince the high commission in my SOP. I honestly don’t intend on staying back in Canada as I want to come back and establish a fashion business in my home country. I want to have the international experience in fashion and come back and have positive impact in my home. This would even make me a good candidate in various fashion shows in my country. Fashion is everything I want and I want to know what are my chances. Thank you

  72. Christalyn Serafica Alibangbang

    Hi! I’m currently applying for my student visa in Canada particularly in Vancouver Island University. Can you help me check my SOP once I finished writing?

    • Should we need to add our financial sources in sop ,while applying to Canadian embassy for study permit.

      Waiting for your kind reply……

    I am actually about to reapply. But the basis on which my first application was denied are:-
    1) Based on the purpose of your visit.
    2) Based on the limited employment prospect in your country of residence.
    3) Based on your current employment status.

    Firstly, i am a HND graduate in Business Administration with cgpa of 3.33 and presently working in a private firm for over 2years.
    Secondly, i already got an acceptance letter( deferred the admission twice now) from Niagara college for a post graduate studies in International Business and i made my first semester tuition down payment.
    Doc submitted:-
    *Data page.
    *Police character report.
    *letter of self intro(sponsor).
    *Personal statement.
    *Birth certificate.
    *HND result.
    *NYSC cert.
    *Letter of recommendation from my ppa
    *Letter of employment(past & present).
    *Acceptance letter.
    *School fees receipt.
    *NIMC Id.
    *Sponsor(my dad) staff id, appointment letter, confirmation letter, national driver id, deed & personal account statement(10M).
    *My l.g.a cert.
    *White passport.
    *My personal account statement(1.2M).

    Please, help me make my story a success.. Thanks a lot.

  74. Hi, I would like to ask you about an issue that I am facing. I’ve done my UG in Engineering and want to pursue a MIM in Canada. I am hearing a lot of people and counselors telling me that I might not get Student visa due to change in Stream.
    It would be really kind of you to advice me on the same from your experience.

    Thank you!

  75. Jaydeepsinh THAKOR

    I need to get SOP for my work permit in Canada. The designation is “Room Attendant”.
    I also want “Self Declaration” for my foreign study I did in London, UK. Actually I did “Diploma in Business Administration” for 1 year successful. Then I got visa extension by getting admission in “Advance Diploma in Business Administration” in same college. But after getting extension the college was closed due to some reason. So I couldn’t continue my study further with this college and couldn’t get certificate of the Advance Diploma in Business Administration. So I want self declaration to make visa officer understand the whole situation.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Jaydepsinh,

      I would recommend you to contact us by email ( for help with writing an SOP. We handle all the requests through email.

      Note: It’s not free though. You need to pay a small amount which is mentioned in post. The value you get in terms of strong and convincing visa SOP is a lot more than what you pay.

  76. Waiting for your response

  77. Dear Unnit,
    Today I have shared an email for my SOP requirement. Request you or your team member to revert me. Will be waiting for your reply.

  78. This is the best sop I have seen. They will understand all your requirements and fulfill ur sop in no time with reasonable payment
    Thanks team

  79. I contacted this team last week and they have provided me with the best SOP ever. Their payment is reasonable and they deliver on time as well. Truly grateful
    Thumbs up to the team..

  80. I sent an email to you requesting for your services.

    • Thanks sir provide the best s.o.p and fullfil my requirements each and every detail and reasonable payment.

  81. Hello Jagmohan,

    Unfortunately, at this moment, we are not able to provide support through phone call.

    Whatever queries, concerns, doubts you have, please describe them to us in email.

    You can email us at any time.

    Thank you.

  82. Hello Utsav,

    Your order kinda stuck in middle as you might have forgotten to download the Questionnaire Form you get to download right after placing order.

    But, don’t worry, I have already sent you that email. Please revert back with Completed Questionnaire Form and we will handle your request on supreme priority basis.

  83. hello, i have just filled the google form and also sent an email. I need help with SOP for Canadian student visa. Initial visa application was rejected. I’d appreciate your response. Thanks!

  84. Does lack of travel history leads to student visa refusal

  85. Can you write sop for me?

  86. Hi Unnit ,
    I had written a mail to you about the update about my SOP ,please can you let me know

  87. Can I get your email? I need to write an urgent SOP to back of my study permit visa,
    I need your assistance. please reply urgently.

  88. I am looking for your assistance to write a SOP. I have already sent you an email to you.Please respond it.

  89. Ho do i know if I can get the SOP after I paid and if I get it on time?what is your email address?

    • Hello Fara,

      You can be assured like more than 400+ people to whom we delivered perfect SOP on time and got their visa approved.

      This is purely legitimate and there’s nothing to worry about.

      You can contact our team by email at

      We will be waiting for your email.


  90. Hello i’m currently in Jamaica and i’m at the stage of applying for my student visa, i had review numerous SOP and i would like assistance to draft my own SOP to avoid refusal. Could you help me out please???

  91. Hello
    I am about to apply my study permit. and would need assistance to draft my own SOP to avoid refusal. Could you help me out please???

  92. Hi Unnit,

    Happy Diwali to you and your loved ones!

    I have sent you an email with a request to work on my SOP. Could you please check and respond.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Imran Shaikh

  93. Hi unnit

    Many of my friends have ordered SOP from your agency and they got their visa approved. I sent you an email on to place an order.

  94. Hello my wife has applied for study permit canada and got refused today I need a strong sop that describes family ties , purpose of visit and immigration status and current employment status

  95. Hi, can yu write SOP for me, actually, i have refusal, i want to apply for canada study visa????

  96. Hey i want you to write sop for study visa for canada but i will provide you the my experience and idea about the course and you have to make proper sop of that.

  97. Can you kindly contat me via email as here is no option of direct contact so that i can discuss it in detail

  98. Hi, can you help me in writing my GTE for Australia?

  99. Okechukwu Chiedozie Njoku

    Hello, i have seen all the testimonials and i am convinced that i have found someone to write my SOP.My name is Okechukwu and i live in Nigeria. i also have an admission in th University Of Regina for a Diploma programme but i am yet to apply for my Visa because i have not written my SOP, please assist

  100. Hello unnit and I hope you’re feeling good today!
    I’ve sent you an email and Didn’t get any response from you, thank you.

  101. Hi, i have seen you amazing SOP, i am about to apply for study visa and i also want to bring my family along, how do i write a convincing SOP to let the visa officer know i’ll be coming back.

  102. This is awesome

  103. I think i have seen the right place to write SOP

  104. i studied agricultural and bio-systems engineering for bachelors degree but i currently applied in diploma civil engineering technology and got an admission into the college in canada will this be a problem for my visa approval

    also i have no travel history

  105. Good day i don’t have Ielts but with a good SOP can my visa be approve?

  106. Marjorie aggabao

    Hello! I want to ask for your help to write for my SOP..i already sent a message to your email..hoping for you reply.thanks

  107. I am really impressed about your hard work helping so many people.
    I have a question for you: how should I mention in my SOP that my parents immigrated in Canada in 2016. When they applied in 2011, at the moment I was included in their file and I got a CSQ , I was approved for immigrations. But I didn’t want to leave the country with them, I am still living in Romania, I got married here.. as a proof to intend to return in my country after studying period, should I mention this in my SOP? Btw, my SOP was made after yours, an immense help. Thank you!! Whar are my chances if my parents are living in Canada?

    • Your mother reached out to us and we have sent the completed SOP on her email already. Your case is indeed unique. Good luck and all the very best!

  108. I just sent an email, hoping for your reply! Much appreciated

  109. Check your email, urgent..

  110. Ibrahim Banaga

    Hi Unnit, i have submitted my information and paid the full amount for the 4 day LOE but the email that i typed had a typo and im wondering how are you guys going to get the information about me.

  111. Hope this email will fine you well. I am Julieta Acabo from Philippines, I have already 3 refusal this year. I want to seek help on my SOP. I want to avail your SOP for student visa applying again after refusal -$79.

    Hope you can help me, waiting for your quick response. Thank you and God bless

  112. Hi Unnit, I require a strong LOE for my previous rejected Canada study permit. I just need to confirm after the LOE is made, will there be any revisions provided, if it’s required from my end? Also kindly please explain me in detail the process after paying for the service. Is there any way to assure, I will receive my LOE after paying.I would appreciate it if you can clarify these doubts for me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

  113. Hi Unnit

    I have tried to contact you over email. Can you please respond to my email?

    • Hi! I have sent you three emails and still haven’t gotten a reply. Can you please check on it as soon as possible? Thank you.

  114. I have sent you a direct email and still haven’t gotten a reply, pls do reply as I would be needing our urgent assistance, Thank you.

  115. pls can u pls me with my sop pls? I do know how to structure it

  116. Hello Unnit,
    I have ordered SOP in 4 days. March 31 st I have submitted my SOP not yet been delivered kindly look into this

  117. Novie KC Brioso Agustines

    Hello Unnit,

    I’m seeing a lot of comments that you haven’t responded to their emails. Are you still there?

  118. Hi unnit,
    are you still offering the services for writing SOP?

  119. Hey,

    Did you get any for your SOP?

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