Day 13/30


It wasn’t hard even though I went to sleep bit late yesterday. I made it without much of a struggle.

Today morning was quite similar to yesterday. I needed to wrap up things quickly as I had to visit few people at different places for some work. Still, it became noon to wrap up work related things.

It seemed hard to manage time and prioritize stuff today because there was lot of it. After completing the work, I went with my father to meet CA for some property related matters and I also had a few questions to get sorted out.

Then I went to one bank (different than yesterday one) to inquire about opening new account as I am planning to close the account with current bank just because of their shit customer support.

I tell you, this large companies don’t realize but they loose millions of dollars just because of poor customer service. Customer service comes first than selling your product at less price or anything. As long as you are not polite with your customers, you are doomed! They got considerable options with themselves and switching to others isn’t a hard thing. The reason why Amazon is where it is today, is their amazingly awesome customer service.

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos (He wakes up too late by the way!! 😉 ) once said, “We treat our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job everyday to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better.”

The lady of this bank who disposed me the details was too polite and mannerly. Total opposite than the staff of bank I described yesterday. I know bank guys just be nice before you open your account with them, but I didn’t sense any problem there. The issues which are there with the current bank gets resolved here, that’s it.

Then I needed to go to my school (Damn! I was too excited! I was going to be there after almost 5 years 😀 ) as I had to get some documentation work done. But, when I called one of our teacher, he said, exam’s going on right now, so Saturday’s half. It was already 2:00 p.m. Plan got cancelled.

Then I thought to go to premise from where I am doing my university process. I called peon and confirmed that whether the person whom I want to meet is there or not. He replied affirmatively. Yes, I always call peon because he is my friend now and calling receptionist is tedious. Extension, blah blah and what not!

I went there and asked about further process and came back home. I was exhausted by travelling and wandering too much in the scorching heat. So, yeah, I took a nap in order to get rid off tiredness.

After that, worked for couple of hours and now ready to doze off.

Ok. So Bed’s calling.

See Ya People! 🙂

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