Day 14/30

Day 14 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Good to see you here 🙂

Coming to this day, the first half of the day was hectic and the other half was super cool.

Hectic part of the day was too hectic I would say. I was like jack’s multitasking superman for the half of the day. And it’s not a small deal at all. You get baffled sometimes that you just can’t decide what to do. However, some work and tasks are like something in which just outcome matters and not the efficiency. I was having more of that today, so it was sorted.

Then the super cool part came…

Around afternoon, I was supposed to meet my squad after long time. Now, how many times do I need to say it was ultimate fun? 😀

As it was Sunday, it was possible to gather all of my buddies at once . So, I was ready to reschedule my work at night and meet them to have some fun during day time. Not a big compromise! In fact, a perfect way of living life! Ain’t it? Hell yeah, it is! Be serious about your work and duty but not too much that you forget the real essence of this beautiful world and turn into reckless zombie! 😀

I went to one friend and from there, it was going to be bit long ride in his car to meet others. His car has got lot of memories for our group. We all simply love it. It’s a bliss for us. 🙂

He is also planning for abroad studies so our discussion was mainly on this topic. In fact, all of us are planning the same thing and I hope that we all make it to the destination.

After reaching to the other friend’s place, I helped two of them for preparation related to the examination for their university process ( In case you are wondering which exam? It’s IELTS). And after that, we utterly enjoyed the gathering and had amazing time till evening.

Then, I came back to home and worked on projects for couple of hours.

All and all, this day was a blast!!

See You Soon. 🙂

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