Day 30/30

Day 30 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Done! šŸ˜€

What an amazing journey it was!

I truly wonder how fast one month can pass! Or should we say 8.33% of year?

Trust me, I have tried and madeĀ many resolutions and challenges and gave up at halfway.Ā I really feel glad about this challenge as it did not end up just like that.

If you have read all the posts from Day #0 then you might have sensed that this challenge was a roller coaster ride for me. Yes, the challenge had a rough terrain at some point and sometimesĀ it seemed hard to make it at 5:00 a.m. On the other side, there were some days when it was total cakewalk to wake up.

The easiest part of this challenge was decision. Do you wonder what was the hardest part? It was EXECUTION! Because, hey, decisions don’t take any effort, execution do! A lot of it!

I would say these 30 days were most amazing 30 days of this year for me. IĀ did many things in past 30 days. IĀ visited many places and met many people. I learnt and accomplished many things. Only becauseĀ all the days were having discipline and productivity.

You don’t realize but in just 30 days, many things can happen.

Meeting some friends after such a long time, visiting school after such a long time, doing work, establishing new business relationships, visiting banks, hanging out with buddies,Ā visiting hospital, getting parking ticket, receiving offer letter, helping friends, getting trolled and countless other things happened in these thirty days.

There were some days in which I was lacking time and there were some days as well in which I was feeling deadly bored. There were some days in which I felt like I want to go outside when I was working and there were some days in whichĀ I felt like I want to go back home and get my hands on PC to complete the work when I was chilling outside. But, I did according to priorities and circumstances.

Now, let’s talk about the four things which I wanted to achieve with this challenge.

Is Self-Discipline There Now?

Yes, 100%.

Gone are the days when I would go to sleep too late and wake up like king at any time I wish. Stretch the whole nights and literally waste the day because of laziness. There is system in my daytime now. And I feel pleasure to follow that.

A couple of people (critics!) came and suggested not to force myself to do something like this and I should live in moment and enjoy the present and blah blah jibber jabber! Well, I have two words for you which I won’t write here. Take care by the way.

I have encounteredĀ both kinds of people: Night Owls & Early Risers. To best of my observation, those whoĀ wake up too late have almost no purpose and no meaning for their life. It’s like they sleep, eat, chill and repeat. Early risers on the other hand have discipline, determination, higher goalsĀ and motivation to achieve more in their life. Mornings are magical!

Do You Procrastinate Now?

Amm… Will it be okay if I answer that question tomorrow!? ( That was a PJ! šŸ˜† )

To be honest, yes I do.

Killing procrastination totally from ground zero is not a small deal at all. It’s a serious disease.

However, I would say that the scenario is a lot better than before. Earlier, I used to procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, pro… and do or don’t do as I would reach the peak where there would not be anyĀ need of doing anything. Now, it’s like procrastinate, procrastinate and do. Isn’t that better than before? No, it’s not. It should be like “Do It Now”. I am working on it.

What About Most Important Thing First?

Yeah, there were some days in which IĀ had to get indulged into some activities right after waking up which weren’t that important for day. But, again circumstances and priorities as I said earlier.

And Self-Satisfaction?

Again 100%.

Now, I naturally feel drowsiness in my eyes before I go to sleep unlike the days before this challenge in which I had to struggle with bed to get a sleep just for the sake of it.Ā That ain’t case anymore. So yeah, self-satisfaction can beĀ ticked off totally.

What makes me feel more pleased is few people getting motivation from this challenge and starting their own. Some of them quitted at halfway and some are on their way. It’s awesome!

So, that was the last post for the series of this 30 Days challenge.

From tomorrow onward, there will be no posts related to this challenge. However, I will try and come up with some awesome stuff for you in near future for sure. I ain’t going anywhere. Just keep looking this space.

It was such an amazing ride with you world and thank you very much for your support.

Dream Big! Work Hard! Stay Humble! Listen Everyone! Follow Instinct!

Good Bye.

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  1. Congratulation bro for considerable accomplishment of your challenge .

    Actually you deserved to this.

    And glad to think and say loudly to world that I have a good friend who has essential achievement (interesting and unusual) among all your sacrifices.

    Congrats again for constructing your 30 days qualitatively.

    Thanks for being a part of my inspiration.

  2. Ohh great job !

  3. Got some great motivation today ! Thank you.

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