Day 10/30

Day 10 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Not at all difficult.

Morning was amazingly productive and the overall day was bit hectic with having bit of fun in between. It all started with grabbing the most important thing first without getting distracted and then moving on with other less important things.

I had to go outside around noon and I was mindful of this yesterday. So, I knew it that I will have to wrap up things quickly as it wasn’t decided that after how much time would I come back from outside.

After getting the things done, I met two of my friends who are preparing for their test to encourage them about the test and help them with sharing techniques and tips as I was well aware with this particular exam and aced it with good colors. I passed considerable time with them as I seriously want them to tackle this test by scoring good as well.

Then I came back to home and got my hands on with on-going projects.

Then I have read short stories I have written in past. God! I am obsessed with my writings. I have read them like 100s of times. I always do this. I love it. Writing helps in reducing anxiety. It’s true!

After that, it continued with ‘Reading-Reading-Reading’ random posts from my favorite sites.

No! Buzzfeed, ScoopWhoop and all rookie wacky click-baity sites aren’t my favorite ones! In fact, I rarely click their ‘uncontrollable-to-click’ links.

The list of my favorite sites include…

& many others…

Couldn’t find Facebook? Well, I use it but for totally different purpose than what we used to when we were teenagers. Totally!

So, that was enough of ramble for today.

More tomorrow!

Let’s thoroughly stretch sleep this Night! 😉

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