Day 12/30

Unnit Metaliya Challenge - Day 12

And he came as promised..! 😀

But, for some reasons, Day 11 was just loving to be with me. He left me too late.

Here’s what happened at yesterday night…

So after shutting my laptop down, I went to ATM around 11:30 p.m. to deposit money which my father has given me. Now, whenever I am given this task, I prefer to go around late night by thinking that there would not be many people as it is already late. But, it seemed like yesterday many people thought same and there was long queue. After waiting for a while, I thought I should not waste my time and should come early morning when no one would be there. So I came back home.

After reaching home, I went to bed. Internet was already off in my mobile and I was in no particular mood to turn it on. But I don’t know what struck me and I thought that let’s read just couple of ShowerThoughts from reddit and then go to sleep. I turned the internet on and, “God Oh God!”, I received an offer letter from my dream university mentioning that I got accepted for Master’s program.

It was such a moment of joy. 🙂

I went literally on cloud 9. I was waiting for this from last 3 months and finally it came. I directly went to other room and told my mother about this. She felt proud! I felt amazing! I was much more reluctant about this letter but, deep down inside somewhere I knew this that I will get in.

This part of my life…. is called having hope.

I posted it on WhatsApp and it then got followed by flood of wishes and “Congos”!

After that, I tried to sleep but you are speculating it right. I couldn’t. 😀

I might have made it around 2:00 a.m. I knew it’s going to be tough but on the other hand, I also knew it that I will have to do many things tomorrow and made myself prudent that I will have to make it before 5:00 a.m tomorrow (today?).

And I made it.

My mother came to me and after talking for a while, she said one sentence that made both of us bit sentimental. “Unnit”, she began, “after few months when I will be coming back home at every evening from work, there will be no one at that desk doing some work”.

Man! I got goosebumps while writing above paragraph.

This part of my life…. is called being emotional.

The day began.

After getting refreshed, I went to ATM and I will tell you, there are few people as well who think that there won’t be many people as its early morning and strangely enough, those few themselves end up being many. It happens with everyone, I am not an exception. However, the queue was quarter of what it was at night.

After coming back to home, I wrapped up the work related things as quickly as I could.

Once I got done with the work, I went to visit my bank as there’s one redundant mistake in my name and I wanted to get it corrected if possible. Bank officer refused it because of their some shitty policy. I insisted. He now denied it rudely. I thought that let’s meet branch manager. But, I will tell you, rude was the bank staff and more rude the branch manager. Shitt service.

This part of my life…. is called getting pissed off

I then went to the premise where my best friends prepare for their abroad studies to help them with it and cherish my this event (not the bank fiasco one..but the university offer one!!) along with them. And we did. I love their company and they love mine as well. It was ultimate fun. It’s always ultimate fun. 😀

This part of my life…. is called sharing happiness

Then I went to meet few other friends from network who got selected for the same university. We talked a lot about whole process and stuff. It was amazing too.

Then I came back home at late evening and had some chat with mom and dad.

Got my hands on project for a while and at the end of the day wrote this post.

On the whole, this was awesomely superb day.

‘Night World 🙂

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  1. Yes, it should be memorable day for you bro as you got admit letter from your dream university.

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