Day 01/30

Day 1 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Yes, I made it!

It wasn’t too difficult as I went to sleep earlier yesterday. I woke up before the alarm rang and went to sleep after realizing it. I think I was excited for this challenge! 😉

Let the screenshot say 5:03 but I was out of the bed before 4:45. It’s just idea of taking screenshots chucked later on.

I got myself refreshed up and came back to desk only to realize that the internet was down. Yeah, due to the heavy rain yesterday, there’s some problem with my ISP. Hell, internet was down for the whole day! I gotta tell you it’s too frustrating! I don’t know I feel like I have nothing to do if the internet is off.

As a matter of fact, it’s a strange conscience! For example, sometimes even if you got nothing to do with the internet and if it’s down then you would feel like you have many things to do and you won’t be able to do any of them as internet is down. You feel void. I don’t know about you but I feel like that sometimes. Internet-zoned??

However, I was lucky enough as one of my cousin is having unlimited 4G data plan. So, I used his hotspot for half of the day.

Today, I learned some new things related to AngularJS and went through the short stories I have written in past when I felt like taking a break in the evening.

The day was long, energetic and amazing as compared to those discipline-less days. I did not even take any nap. I did not feel like taking one. It’s true that when you are engaged in things which you love and interest you most, you don’t feel drowsy or bored. Programming is that thing for me.

A little thing which made me happy for a while today was text message from bank mentioning one of my client clearing an invoice.

All and all, it was productive and awesome day for me. A much-needed change!

3.3% challenge completed.

Long way to go.

Cheers! 😎

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  1. Its awsmm bro on ur way
    Its really thoughtful

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