Day 27/30

Day 27 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

The day was superb!

Today, the first thing I did right after waking up was solving a math problem. Yes, I installed this app called Alarmy – Sleep If You Can using which the only way to turn the alarm off is to complete the math problem and get the correct answer. Nothing including pressing power button, home button, volume down button etc would work. Honestly speaking, I tried to use calculator to get the answer as the puzzle I got was like [(157*73)+49]. Seriously? Right after waking up? But, it blocked the calculator as well. (The developer of this app might have been the frustrated snoozer!!)

However, I did not need this app as I got habituated to wake up and not to snooze the alarm (I snooze sometimes but only before 4:45 a.m ones). But, I read about it yesterday so I wanted to try this just for fun. And it is. It is fun! I am going to do that tomorrow as well.

Coming to the day, as it is the season of Diwali, me and my buddies planned it yesterday night to meet and have some fun hanging out. Everybody’s on vacation and it seems like everybody wants to make most out of it. So can we be an exception? Certainly not! 😀

There was some work which I needed to complete so that I can feel free for whole day and hangout with my friends being worry-free. So I worked on that till lunch. After that, as always I went to that friend’s place from where we were supposed to go to other friend’s place and meet the rest.

Then we went to few places in town and had amazing moments. We couldn’t realize how day passed so quickly and it became evening. It got followed by bidding byes to each other and leaving for home.

Then I came back home and spent some good quality time with family after dinner.

Tomorrow’s going to be somewhat similar.

Ok, so let’s call it a night then.


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