Day 03/30


I am here again. 🙂

This day was awesome. I went to sleep on time yesterday so no drowsiness in the morning while waking up. After getting refreshed, I took care of that ‘Most Important Thing First’ part of the challenge pretty seriously. I was positive and full of energy throughout the day. The pile of project is almost finished.

I am liking this change very much. Because I get to utilize the whole day much more efficiently. I don’t know how but if you are up when it’s still dawn, then you naturally feel like a responsible and disciplined person for the rest of the day.

I could not give AngularJS much time today as the pending project was my first and most important frog to eat today. Post completion the project I was as excited to get my hands dirty on AngularJS as a kid would be for playing video games right after school once he is done throwing the school bag at some corner. Yes, I was that kid. 😉

I took a nap…….just for 15 minutes. I swear!

This time, it was different than what I have described it yesterday. It was just 15 minutes still I felt like I woke up after sleeping for considerable hours. Power nap is the proper term for this case if you recover your cognitive consciousness back in its highest form. One should do this keeping in mind that those 15 minutes don’t end up being 100 minutes like yesterday. God! That’s horrible!

Bringing up the rear, it was amazingly productive day as it allowed me to get the pending work done. Total contradictory to yesterday!

I am signing off now.

Take Care 🙂

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