Day 17/30

Day 17 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

This is the post for Day 17 and I am writing it on the early morning of Day 18. Yes, yesterday I got no time to write this post.

So, I was in really complex place to wake up early. Not only it was awkward but also I had to think about people’s discomfort just because of my waking up early thing. That being the reason, I put my alarm ring volume at the level so that only I can hear and not anyone. I had to make it at 4:30 or turn the alarm in split second because I was afraid of people getting disturbed. And I made it.

Now, I had to think again whether I should go for taking a bath or not. But the thing was, the bathroom was so close to the bed of my friend’s roommate and I did not want to ruin his┬ásleep by noise of shower and get curses for making him part of my challenge. So, I passed on that.

Strangely the thing with me is if I don’t get refreshed right after waking up, I can’t kill the drowsiness. So, after answering and clearing few e-mails, I took a nap again of half an hour. Then I woke up and got refreshed.

Then after taking breakfast my friend dropped me to the bus station from where I was supposed to catch the bus for Surat. I then traveled 284 km for 6 hours all the way from Gandhinagar to Surat.

After coming back to Surat, I have spent some time with my family for a while.

Around evening I was so exhausted that I couldn’t resist myself from falling asleep. In fact, I should have not, because there was lack of sleep in past few days and I needed to give my body rest to avoid prospective illness or sickness. Who likes fever and headache?


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