Day 21/30

Day 21 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

It’s 21st Day. 😀

Have you ever heard of that 21-Days Rule? No?

Well, if you want to form a new habit of something then if you do that thing consecutively for 21 days without missing a single day in between then it will become a habit. It also works other way around, which means, if you want to kill any bad habit which you are having an obsession with then if you stay away from it for consecutive 21 days then there are huge chances that it will be totally gone.

Technically, I can’t say that I successfully followed this rule and arrived on 21st day as there was one day in which I couldn’t make it.

However, I guess I got command on this habit pretty earlier in just initial few days. The day when I couldn’t wake up had its own circumstances with it. We all are humans and we all get circumstances in which we can’t do anything. Don’t we?

Coming to the day, it was normal day for me. It was Sunday but did not seem like one. It’s season of Diwali but it doesn’t feel like one. Where’s that time when we used to wait eagerly for Diwali and were counting days in reverse for the arrival of this delightful festival of lights? It’s long gone I guess.

As always, morning was productive and amazing. It would always be if you get good amount of sleep at night. If you don’t feel productive in morning then it would be because of lack of sleep at night. Plain and Simple.

Be that as it may, I got many distractions during day and that is something which is needed to be fixed. Distractions taste sweater and allures our mind to run away from work by providing absurd reasons. It sucks later on.

I found today’s evening superb as well. In fact, in evening I did more than morning. I don’t have much time to say anything now because it’s late and I think I should go to sleep.

As it’s a website (not a blog…! website sounds cooler..! 🙄 ) which I developed for improving the productivity and if I pass hours in writing posts then there’s no point in that. It would be completely ironic if I do that. All and all, the tasks which I wanted to accomplish got almost finished.

This thing’s helping!

So that was it.

See you around. 🙂

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  1. Great part is 1st paragraph which is impressive.
    And obviously good thinking in rest as usual ? 🙂

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