Day 25/30

Day 25 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Super Worse Disclaimer : This post involves the mention of ‘Bank’. Go ahead.

So, the day began with me and my brother roaming around in town in early morning to get our important work done but all we got is nothing but disappointment from all the places. Then we went to our uncle’s home to get our dad’s work done.

(my eyes are literally getting closed while writing this post….still I will complete this…tonight’s sleep’s going to be amazing!)

We came back home and waited for a bank to open. As soon as bank opened, we went there and completed the work which was supposed to get completed there. There was long queue! Government banks suck!

This day was probably the first day in this challenge in which I was looking at watch from time to time just to check whether I will be able to make it to the next place on time or not. I was talking with watch and tried to bribe her if she agrees on stopping herself for a while at some points. I think she is deaf!

(It ain’t going to take long to fall asleep today. That level of exhaustion! )

A to B, B to C, C to A, A to F, F to D D to A and so on places.

Right after dealing the work with bank, I went to that ForEx agent to get the other work done. He is a kind of guy who responds well, understands people and don’t get irritated no matter how silly questions you ask. If the total time for which you be there and sit in front of his desk is 100% then for 80% of time, he would be on phone and rest 20% dealing with your stuff. I wonder how he manages such things at once, that too without getting irritated and maintaining smile on face! Amazing Professionalism!

The ForEx office where I went was quite nearer to one of my good friend’s home so I went to her place. Had two amazing Bread-Jams at her home as it was late after noon and she knew that there was no way I would be able to make it to my home for lunch. To say, it was just a Bread-Jam but it satisfied my hunger to such an extent which even a meal of five-star hotel couldn’t have! Only few people know that I am hustling too much nowadays and she is one of them. Thanks for caring! 🙂

After that, I left as I was supposed to catch the branch manager before he runs away at sharp 3:00 p.m to get some clearance done. The irritating Branch Manager! He keeps forgetting all the things! It’s a long run to the bank from that friend’s place and as I said yesterday there’s hell lot of traffic in town these days due to Diwali. That looking into watch part was taking place at every 15 minutes!

I managed to catch him on time! Don’t tell anyone but I will tell you, this branch manger has got some pretty strange mood-swinging hormones with himself. At one moment, he would be furious and in the next moment, you might find him laughing like a baby. He is funny anyway!

After finishing the clearance thing, I came back home and took a nap for a while. After that, had coffee and worked on projects for a while and took care of other tasks which are not related to work but are important.

It got followed by having dinner, spending quality time with family and again working on projects for a while.

I love this time! I love these people! I love this challenge! I love these days! I love this hustle!

Good Night!
All The Best for Tomorrow!

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  1. Well, nice day!

    While reading this post (actually 2nd time?) I have a philosophical and curious question for you that made me hungry to know the answer.

    If you consider your life as one single challenge (you can take it as long term goal) that you are on the way to accomplish it, then to whom you will point that is helping you to push (or boost) this challenge besides your effort?

    Because I heard that you are kind of person who always gets sweet apple after accepting too many lemons.

    • That’s a great (and long!) question!

      Well, I will point to ‘Myself’. Now, there are two ‘My-Selves’. First is ‘Rational Myself’ and second one is ‘Thinker Myself’. I will point to the ‘Rational Myself’. This challenge was the decision from ‘Rational Myself’ after being ‘Thinker Myself’ for quite a long time.

      When it comes to lemons and apples, it is nothing like that. For lemons, you just get it. For apples, you gotta strive for it. Then after still you get lemons, be hungry again and strive for apples again.

  2. Nice answer bro

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