Taste of India Food Festival in Toronto – Video

One of my friend sent me a text asking, are you coming to the Taste of India Festival being organized at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto? I asked, what’s that?

And, boom! It turned out to be the best event I have ever attended in Toronto!

So many people. Delicious food. Variety of options, Music. Dance. And, everything in between.

I brought my camera gear with me and shot some beautiful videos and combined them to make a wonderful film.

Got in touch with the organizers and they got flabbergasted by the film. Hugely appreciated it.

All my friends liked it. I loved it.

You can watch it on YouTube!

Don’t forget to let me know how was it!

Letter of Recommendation By Head of Department – Best LOR Sample

Just recently, I shared one of my sample recommendation letter for graduate school admission.

That gained a massive popularity on internet.

In this post, I would like to share the LOR written by the Head of Department.

You will get to know how to draft a perfect Letter of Recommendation in order to show it to your future graduate school admission committee.

LOR written by HOD surely makes somewhat good impact on your study abroad application. That being the reason, it is highly advised to get at least one of your LOR to be written by your Head of the Department.

You may get lots of LOR examples on internet, but, hardly few of them would be genuine. I had really tough time to get best letter of recommendation example to reference.

Anyway, I ended up creating my own LOR from scratch.

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However, just to let you know LORs are not meant to be copied as it is. The LOR examples should be used to get ideas to tell your professors and HOD so that they can include relevant things you have done during your time of study by referencing the sample LOR.

Letter of Recommendation Example

Practically speaking, your assistant professors know almost everyone in your class. But, HOD knows only few exceptional students because of his/her nature of job. The admission committee would also be aware about this fact. They will surely read the LOR with different prospective if it’s written by the Head of the Department.

What is LOR?

Full form of LOR is Letter of Recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation is a documented draft mentioning the qualities of particular person for their future reference. LOR may be used for applying to positions in companies, applying for admission in high ranked universities etc.

If you are planning to apply for foreign universities in countries like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, then, it is common practice to include two or more LORs along with your application.

LOR helps the admission committee to know about some qualities which are hard to determine by checking your results and resume.

How to write a good LOR?

Writing a good LOR is not hard if certain steps are followed. It’s all about flow of writing. Your LOR shouldn’t look fake to admission officer. That being the reason, spend quite a good amount of time while writing and editing your LOR before sending it.

You can follow the format of LOR shared below to get the genuine flow while mentioning your qualities.

How to send the LOR?

LOR is meant to be sent in enclosed envelope. It should be sealed and stamped before it reaches the university you are applying to. If you send the LOR without enveloping it, then, there are high chances of it being rejected. So, be mindful about how you send your LOR.

How to write a Recommendation Letter for a Student?

If you are a professor looking for a sample of writing

Referencing LOR is simple. You only look for the flow in any particular LOR sample you are trying to reference. Of course, your skills and quality would be different than mine. So, instead of plagiarizing the whole LOR as it is, try to come up with your own ideas for your LOR.

Let me share my letter of recommendation for student sample with you to give you a precise idea about how to draft yours.


To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to recommend Unnit Metaliya, an undergraduate of my department, who is keen to be a part of your institution for your graduate program. I have known Unnit for more than three years as a proficient student, who always pursues excellence through enthusiasm and attentiveness, which is evident in his academic results and vigor for other curricular and non curricular activities. Few students are gifted with the talent and intent to project a new vision and cherish their aura for knowledge and the particulars of their syllabus. Unnit is undoubtedly one such student and thus I cannot deny him a letter of recommendation.

Each year, very few students offer a unique standpoint and really embrace their angle of learning the subject matter. It is on the basis of above discussion, that I simply could not turn down this letter of recommendation. He truly is an intelligent student with results justifying hardworking efforts. His hunger for practical knowledge is reflected in the various counselling sessions he had with me. His views and aspirations during group and public discussions are solid of his scholarly ability and gentle principles.

With the mind sowed with consistent inquisition, practical knowledge and passionate attitude, Unnit has constantly validated his finesse. His task involved activities along with genuine questionnaires during the debate, Seminars and group discussions activities truly indicates his oral eloquence. He depicts good leadership skills which one can evaluate from his project inclusion. He leads his team very well during the project presentations. He is aware of strengths and weaknesses of his team members and assigns task accordingly. He positioned his team third at our annual Project Exposure. Unnit is very well adored and respected by both his classmates and professors.

Unnit amazes me with his certain determination for continued improvement in his overall stature. I am confident that his talent will revere your highly reputed institution. I hope you will consider this request and admit Unnit into your esteemed university with full possible financial assistance. I will be highly grateful to you for your consideration.


Mrs. Nice Name,
Head of Information Technology Department,
Email : Best-LOR-Sample@bvmengineering.ac.in

Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this LOR Sample)

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If you checkout this LOR written by my professor, you will be able to see the difference in tone of writing. What your HOD knows about you would be different than what your professor does. Hence, it is highly recommended that you get at least one LOR written by your HOD.

Apart from LOR, you’ll also need something called SOP Example.

You can find my personal SOP example here: My Personal Student Visa SOP Example

I wish you all the best for your further process.

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Can I validate your profile?

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I will try my best to assess your profile and guide you in right direction.

Sample Recommendation Letter from Professor for Graduate School Admission

Decent quality Letter of Recommendation samples are highly advised to read through before you start preparing yours. A good LOR may convince the admission committee to grant you an admission for any University. I would be happy to share my personal LOR example here on this site. I hope this may help you in positive regards.

Whom to contact for writing an LOR for yourself?

It should be someone who knows you very well. Someone who can write positive things about yourself and create a good impact on your overall profile. Straightforwardly, if some professor is having grudges with you and if you contact that person to write an LOR for yourself, then it won’t turn out to be a good one.

What to include in a good LOR?

A good LOR should contain qualities and skills which are relevant to your field of study. Things like your projects, achievements, skills, industrial visits, positive experiences are worth mentioning in your Letter of Recommendation.

Apart from these, the subjects in which you scored good and seminars you have attended also make a good impact in your LOR.

How important is the LOR?

Speaking out of experience, countries like Canada, USA and Australia highly focus on references and recommendations to evaluate your ability and skills. That being the reason, LOR samples are worth checking out in order to get the idea about drafting yours.

Can you show me some sample of LOR?

Yes. Sure. I would love to share my personal Letter of Recommendation example.

Here goes the first LOR sample (Letter of Recommendation) being written by one of my assistant professor at my under-graduation college. I would suggest you to get your LOR written from the faculty who knows you personally and write only positive things about yourself. You can remind them to include in your LOR about what you have done in past in case they have forgotten.


To whom it may concern,

It is with the sincere enthusiasm that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Unnit Metaliya, who wants to be the part of your institution as a post graduate student. I have known Unnit for the past 4 years and during this period, I was his teacher for Object Oriented Programming in C++, Data Compression and Computer Networks. His thorough dedication in his academics and vital practical knowledge snare me to write this letter of recommendation on his behalf.

Unnit has been a passionate scholar and his credentials are a collection of continual efforts and his natural ability to understand and analyze the subject matter. I’ve had enough opportunities to work with him on few live projects and he has always delivered up to my expectations.

In these four years, I had ample opportunity to assess his personal and professional aptitudes and I must say Unnit has shown excellent interest in all the latest technologies. He is a person with very good grasping and analyzing power. He has secured good grades throughout his academics. He is quite skillful in the programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, AngularJS.

Other than his academics, he is also one of the best student in the extra-curricular activities like group discussion, debate, etc. As a student, he was devoted to his tasks allocated to him and always finished them on time.

I am pleased that Unnit is planning to enroll in University of Windsor starting this winter. I have no doubt that he has the practical skills, motivation and determination to successfully complete a master’s degree in a timely fashion. I believe that he is determined, visionary and compulsive when it comes to achieving goals. He is well-trained, ambitious, and enthusiastic about his career. I believe that he will be successful whenever he ends up attending graduate school. He is dedicated student and a skilled young man. I highly recommend him for your graduate program.


Prof. John Doe
Assistant Professor
Information Technology Department
Email: Sample_LOR@bvmengineering.ac.in

You can see my professor has mentioned my name quite a few times in the LOR. This helps a lot in creating a good impression in admission officer’s mind. They want to know your capabilities and skills from different person’s prospective. That is why they ask for one or two LORs in your student admission application.

Apart from LOR, you’ll also need something called SOP (Statement of Purpose).

You can find my personal SOP example here: My Personal Student Visa SOP Example

I wish you all the best for your further process.

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My percentage/CGPA: 80% or 7.0/10 or 3.5/4 etc.
No. of Backlogs/Fails: 0 or some.
IELTS Score: 7.0 Bands with individuals in LWRS
Work Experience: No / 2 years etc.
Chosen Field/Program: Master of Computers Science / Business Management etc
Chosen University/College: University of British Columbia / Humber College etc.

Why Canada is Beautiful? My Experiences After Traveling the Whole Country

If you are thinking to migrate to Canada, then, wait for nothing. Just pack your bags and move.


This Country. 

In just 18 months of time, the Canada has taught me the lessons for the lifetime.

I still remember those goosebumps I had when I saw the country covered in milky white snow for the first time from the flight on December 12th, 2016.

Experiences I had, people I met, things I explored, places I saw, adventures I did. Nothing would have been possible if the country wasn’t this friendly and welcoming.

It never failed to show its beauty whenever I desired.

On this very special (belated) occasion of Canada Day, allow me to share some beautiful experiences I had while traveling almost the entire Canada.

#Ontario – Yours to Discover

Ontario - Unnit Metaliya

Ontario – Yours to Discover

It’s huge yet every single part of this province is more beautiful than the other. Just head north and keep traveling until you can. You don’t need any recommendations to travel around in Ontario. The whole province is beautiful.

Best experience: to live in Toronto

#Manitoba – Friendly Manitoba

Manitoba - Friendly Manitoba

Manitoba – Friendly Manitoba

Small province. Beautiful people. Hay Farms as shown in Hollywood movies. Only 3 major cities. Die hard fans of their hockey team. Winnie-the-Pooh statues can be seen almost anywhere.

Best experience: to be part of Winning Whiteout. The street party of hockey match.

#Quebec – je me souviens (I remember)

Quebec - je me souviens (I remember.)

Quebec – je me souviens (I remember.)

If you are too poor to go to France, then, go to Quebec. Taking from stop signs to infrastructure. Everything. Was. French. French. French.

Best experience: to do Bungee Jumping in Quebec

#Saskatchewan – Land of Living Skies

Saskatchewan - Land of Living Skies

Saskatchewan – Land of Living Skies

The land of endless horizons and boring roads. Peak hours aren’t so peak hours. Not so many people in any city. Sky in Saskatchewan seemed bit different than the other places. High chances of seeing Northern Lights.

Best experience: watching endless horizons while road tripping and getting lost in thoughts

#Alberta – Wild Rose Country

Alberta - Wild Rose Country

Alberta – Wild Rose Country

The Rocky Mountains. Two biggest and the most famous national parks. Banff & Jasper. Two most bluest lakes. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Calgary seeming to be the replica of Toronto. World’s largest Hut. Saami’s Tepee. North America’s largest mall. West Edmonton Mall.

Best experience: driving across the beautiful Rocky Mountains

#BritishColumbia – Beautiful British Columbia

BritishColumbia - Beautiful British Columbia

BritishColumbia – Beautiful British Columbia

Beautiful enough to make you drive 5000 km in order to explore it. Vancouver topping the list, it has some beautiful places which may make the heaven feel shame if compared. Risky ZigZag roads on hill. Unlimited places to enjoy Sunset and Sunrise. Ultra rich people. Super exotic cars. Boats. Jet Skies. Helicopters. And stuff alike is very common in Vancouver.

Best experience: hiking on the Garibaldi Mountain to get the awesome view. Unforgettable experience.

I can write on and on for this wonderful country. But, let me conclude.

Canada is the place where…

– strangers get converted into families
– everyone is for everyone
– you learn the unlearnt
– everyone smiles without any reason
– people are trustworthy…. but not the weather
– beautiful places are countless
– togetherness matters
– talent is valued
– dreaming is free
– opportunities are endless

Happy Canada Day!

Lynn Valley in North Vancouver – Local Travel Guide

I have been in Vancouver for good period of time and during my stay, I have visited Lynn Valley which I would highly recommend to visit if you are in Vancouver.

Let me walk you through the complete guide for visiting the Lynn Valley as a local’s perspective.

Is Lynn Valley in North Vancouver worth visiting?


I would not mind calling myself dumb if I had skipped this place while my whole stay in Vancouver.

Lynn Valley - A must visit place in Vancouver

Lynn Valley – A must visit place in Vancouver

On my very first day, my friend took us to this place called Lynn Valley which was around 20 minutes drive from Downtown, Vancouver.

Lynn Valley is also known as Lynn Canyon Park.

Lynn Valley is full of natural greenery. If you are looking for some place where you can feel the ultimate peace, then, Lynn Valley should be your choice.

How to reach the Lynn Valley?

As I mentioned, it will take around 20 minutes by car from Vancouver Downtown.

If you do not have access to car, you can go there by bus which will take around 40 minutes from Downtown.

Is parking at Lynn Valley free?

Yes. We did not need to pay anything for parking when we went there.

What is the best time to visit Lynn Valley?

We went there around 2 PM on Friday. The place was not crowded and we found the parking spot without any wait. It’s quite famous place and crowd of tourist might ruin mood.

The friend of mine is residence in Vancouver and he had been there for several times. So, he knew it very well how to spend the time at Lynn Valley while having the maximum fun.

What to do at Lynn Valley?

Once you proceed for Lynn Valley from parking, you’ll have the option to checkout the very famous Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge right away. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that as per my friend’s suggestion.

Don’t go straight and instead, take one of the trail down the hill to checkout the valley first. You can come back to the Suspension bridge after trailing around the Valley. Let the suspension bridge be your end goal after trailing as you will reach the bridge after enjoying and spending some time at the cliff and the rocks right beside the valley.

After going down, we all took nice spots and felt the ultimate peace the over all environment was providing. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts at this place.

Nice and clean green water at Lynn Valley

Nice and clean green water at Lynn Valley

What are some good places in Vancouver for cliff jumping?

Lynn Valley will be on top of the list.

You may find some people doing cliff jumping if you are there on perfect time. Otherwise, it’s usual to find people swimming in that nice and clean water. If you want, you may bring your swim wear as the swimming is permitted at Lynn Valley.

The water is not that deep and the flow wasn’t that speedy. However, it varies significantly from time to time. So, proceed with caution.

Hiking Guide for Lynn Valley

Uphill Hiking: 30 minutes

Downhill Hiking needed: 20 minutes

If you do not wanna cross the valley, then be ready for another 50 minutes of hiking on the well maintained trail to reach the suspension bridge. This involves significant uphill hiking for 30 minutes which is not that hard and another 20 minutes downhill hiking.

If you do not want to hike, cross this stream

If you do not want to hike, cross this stream

You will have to cross the pipeline bridge which you will find after 20 minutes uphill hiking.

Once you are down on the ground, you may cross the valley to reach the other side after removing your shoes. You may possibly make your clothes wet if you do this and there are negligible chances of falling if you misplace your foot on the rock inside the valley.

Once you reach the ground again, you will arrive to the spot where you may click some beautiful pictures and spend some time sitting at any rock near to valley.

Uphill Hiking Stairs at Lynn Valley

Uphill Hiking Stairs at Lynn Valley

After spending some time, you may continue for suspension bridge. After around 10 minutes of uphill hiking, you will arrive to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Is Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley free?

Yes. It’s free to walk on the suspension bridge at Lynn Valley in North Vancouver.

Free Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley in Vancouver

Free Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley in Vancouver

For your information, this is the only free suspension bridge in Vancouver. There are few other suspension bridges in Vancouver which have paid entries.

Once you cross the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, you will arrive to the picnic area of Lynn Canyon Park which is just right beside where you might have parked your vehicle.

Without any doubt, the Lynn Valley is must see place in Vancouver.