Why Canada is Beautiful? My Experiences After Traveling the Whole Country

If you are thinking to migrate to Canada, then, wait for nothing. Just pack your bags and move.


This Country. 

In just 18 months of time, the Canada has taught me the lessons for the lifetime.

I still remember those goosebumps I had when I saw the country covered in milky white snow for the first time from the flight on December 12th, 2016.

Experiences I had, people I met, things I explored, places I saw, adventures I did. Nothing would have been possible if the country wasn’t this friendly and welcoming.

It never failed to show its beauty whenever I desired.

On this very special (belated) occasion of Canada Day, allow me to share some beautiful experiences I had while traveling almost the entire Canada.

#Ontario – Yours to Discover

Ontario - Unnit Metaliya

Ontario – Yours to Discover

It’s huge yet every single part of this province is more beautiful than the other. Just head north and keep traveling until you can. You don’t need any recommendations to travel around in Ontario. The whole province is beautiful.

Best experience: to live in Toronto

#Manitoba – Friendly Manitoba

Manitoba - Friendly Manitoba

Manitoba – Friendly Manitoba

Small province. Beautiful people. Hay Farms as shown in Hollywood movies. Only 3 major cities. Die hard fans of their hockey team. Winnie-the-Pooh statues can be seen almost anywhere.

Best experience: to be part of Winning Whiteout. The street party of hockey match.

#Quebec – je me souviens (I remember)

Quebec - je me souviens (I remember.)

Quebec – je me souviens (I remember.)

If you are too poor to go to France, then, go to Quebec. Taking from stop signs to infrastructure. Everything. Was. French. French. French.

Best experience: to do Bungee Jumping in Quebec

#Saskatchewan – Land of Living Skies

Saskatchewan - Land of Living Skies

Saskatchewan – Land of Living Skies

The land of endless horizons and boring roads. Peak hours aren’t so peak hours. Not so many people in any city. Sky in Saskatchewan seemed bit different than the other places. High chances of seeing Northern Lights.

Best experience: watching endless horizons while road tripping and getting lost in thoughts

#Alberta – Wild Rose Country

Alberta - Wild Rose Country

Alberta – Wild Rose Country

The Rocky Mountains. Two biggest and the most famous national parks. Banff & Jasper. Two most bluest lakes. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Calgary seeming to be the replica of Toronto. World’s largest Hut. Saami’s Tepee. North America’s largest mall. West Edmonton Mall.

Best experience: driving across the beautiful Rocky Mountains

#BritishColumbia – Beautiful British Columbia

BritishColumbia - Beautiful British Columbia

BritishColumbia – Beautiful British Columbia

Beautiful enough to make you drive 5000 km in order to explore it. Vancouver topping the list, it has some beautiful places which may make the heaven feel shame if compared. Risky ZigZag roads on hill. Unlimited places to enjoy Sunset and Sunrise. Ultra rich people. Super exotic cars. Boats. Jet Skies. Helicopters. And stuff alike is very common in Vancouver.

Best experience: hiking on the Garibaldi Mountain to get the awesome view. Unforgettable experience.

I can write on and on for this wonderful country. But, let me conclude.

Canada is the place where…

– strangers get converted into families
– everyone is for everyone
– you learn the unlearnt
– everyone smiles without any reason
– people are trustworthy…. but not the weather
– beautiful places are countless
– togetherness matters
– talent is valued
– dreaming is free
– opportunities are endless

Happy Canada Day!