Lynn Valley in North Vancouver – Local Travel Guide

I have been in Vancouver for good period of time and during my stay, I have visited Lynn Valley which I would highly recommend to visit if you are in Vancouver.

Let me walk you through the complete guide for visiting the Lynn Valley as a local’s perspective.

Is Lynn Valley in North Vancouver worth visiting?


I would not mind calling myself dumb if I had skipped this place while my whole stay in Vancouver.

Lynn Valley - A must visit place in Vancouver

Lynn Valley – A must visit place in Vancouver

On my very first day, my friend took us to this place called Lynn Valley which was around 20 minutes drive from Downtown, Vancouver.

Lynn Valley is also known as Lynn Canyon Park.

Lynn Valley is full of natural greenery. If you are looking for some place where you can feel the ultimate peace, then, Lynn Valley should be your choice.

How to reach the Lynn Valley?

As I mentioned, it will take around 20 minutes by car from Vancouver Downtown.

If you do not have access to car, you can go there by bus which will take around 40 minutes from Downtown.

Is parking at Lynn Valley free?

Yes. We did not need to pay anything for parking when we went there.

What is the best time to visit Lynn Valley?

We went there around 2 PM on Friday. The place was not crowded and we found the parking spot without any wait. It’s quite famous place and crowd of tourist might ruin mood.

The friend of mine is residence in Vancouver and he had been there for several times. So, he knew it very well how to spend the time at Lynn Valley while having the maximum fun.

What to do at Lynn Valley?

Once you proceed for Lynn Valley from parking, you’ll have the option to checkout the very famous Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge right away. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that as per my friend’s suggestion.

Don’t go straight and instead, take one of the trail down the hill to checkout the valley first. You can come back to the Suspension bridge after trailing around the Valley. Let the suspension bridge be your end goal after trailing as you will reach the bridge after enjoying and spending some time at the cliff and the rocks right beside the valley.

After going down, we all took nice spots and felt the ultimate peace the over all environment was providing. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts at this place.

Nice and clean green water at Lynn Valley

Nice and clean green water at Lynn Valley

What are some good places in Vancouver for cliff jumping?

Lynn Valley will be on top of the list.

You may find some people doing cliff jumping if you are there on perfect time. Otherwise, it’s usual to find people swimming in that nice and clean water. If you want, you may bring your swim wear as the swimming is permitted at Lynn Valley.

The water is not that deep and the flow wasn’t that speedy. However, it varies significantly from time to time. So, proceed with caution.

Hiking Guide for Lynn Valley

Uphill Hiking: 30 minutes

Downhill Hiking needed: 20 minutes

If you do not wanna cross the valley, then be ready for another 50 minutes of hiking on the well maintained trail to reach the suspension bridge. This involves significant uphill hiking for 30 minutes which is not that hard and another 20 minutes downhill hiking.

If you do not want to hike, cross this stream

If you do not want to hike, cross this stream

You will have to cross the pipeline bridge which you will find after 20 minutes uphill hiking.

Once you are down on the ground, you may cross the valley to reach the other side after removing your shoes. You may possibly make your clothes wet if you do this and there are negligible chances of falling if you misplace your foot on the rock inside the valley.

Once you reach the ground again, you will arrive to the spot where you may click some beautiful pictures and spend some time sitting at any rock near to valley.

Uphill Hiking Stairs at Lynn Valley

Uphill Hiking Stairs at Lynn Valley

After spending some time, you may continue for suspension bridge. After around 10 minutes of uphill hiking, you will arrive to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Is Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley free?

Yes. It’s free to walk on the suspension bridge at Lynn Valley in North Vancouver.

Free Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley in Vancouver

Free Suspension Bridge at Lynn Valley in Vancouver

For your information, this is the only free suspension bridge in Vancouver. There are few other suspension bridges in Vancouver which have paid entries.

Once you cross the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, you will arrive to the picnic area of Lynn Canyon Park which is just right beside where you might have parked your vehicle.

Without any doubt, the Lynn Valley is must see place in Vancouver.

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