Sample Recommendation Letter from Professor for Graduate School Admission

Decent quality Letter of Recommendation samples are highly advised to read through before you start preparing yours. A good LOR may convince the admission committee to grant you an admission for any University. I would be happy to share my personal LOR example here on this site. I hope this may help you in positive regards.

Whom to contact for writing an LOR for yourself?

It should be someone who knows you very well. Someone who can write positive things about yourself and create a good impact on your overall profile. Straightforwardly, if some professor is having grudges with you and if you contact that person to write an LOR for yourself, then it won’t turn out to be a good one.

What to include in a good LOR?

A good LOR should contain qualities and skills which are relevant to your field of study. Things like your projects, achievements, skills, industrial visits, positive experiences are worth mentioning in your Letter of Recommendation.

Apart from these, the subjects in which you scored good and seminars you have attended also make a good impact in your LOR.

How important is the LOR?

Speaking out of experience, countries like Canada, USA and Australia highly focus on references and recommendations to evaluate your ability and skills. That being the reason, LOR samples are worth checking out in order to get the idea about drafting yours.

Can you show me some sample of LOR?

Yes. Sure. I would love to share my personal Letter of Recommendation example.

Here goes the first LOR sample (Letter of Recommendation) being written by one of my assistant professor at my under-graduation college. I would suggest you to get your LOR written from the faculty who knows you personally and write only positive things about yourself. You can remind them to include in your LOR about what you have done in past in case they have forgotten.


To whom it may concern,

It is with the sincere enthusiasm that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Unnit Metaliya, who wants to be the part of your institution as a post graduate student. I have known Unnit for the past 4 years and during this period, I was his teacher for Object Oriented Programming in C++, Data Compression and Computer Networks. His thorough dedication in his academics and vital practical knowledge snare me to write this letter of recommendation on his behalf.

Unnit has been a passionate scholar and his credentials are a collection of continual efforts and his natural ability to understand and analyze the subject matter. I’ve had enough opportunities to work with him on few live projects and he has always delivered up to my expectations.

In these four years, I had ample opportunity to assess his personal and professional aptitudes and I must say Unnit has shown excellent interest in all the latest technologies. He is a person with very good grasping and analyzing power. He has secured good grades throughout his academics. He is quite skillful in the programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, AngularJS.

Other than his academics, he is also one of the best student in the extra-curricular activities like group discussion, debate, etc. As a student, he was devoted to his tasks allocated to him and always finished them on time.

I am pleased that Unnit is planning to enroll in University of Windsor starting this winter. I have no doubt that he has the practical skills, motivation and determination to successfully complete a master’s degree in a timely fashion. I believe that he is determined, visionary and compulsive when it comes to achieving goals. He is well-trained, ambitious, and enthusiastic about his career. I believe that he will be successful whenever he ends up attending graduate school. He is dedicated student and a skilled young man. I highly recommend him for your graduate program.


Prof. John Doe
Assistant Professor
Information Technology Department

You can see my professor has mentioned my name quite a few times in the LOR. This helps a lot in creating a good impression in admission officer’s mind. They want to know your capabilities and skills from different person’s prospective. That is why they ask for one or two LORs in your student admission application.

Apart from LOR, you’ll also need something called SOP (Statement of Purpose).

You can find my personal SOP example here: My Personal Student Visa SOP Example

I wish you all the best for your further process.

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