My Personal Student Visa SOP Example – APPROVED LIKE A BOSS!

Standard and meaningful visa SOP example is hard to find these days. All you get is some copy pasted and repeated stuff in each SOP samples you find on the internet. I personally went through hundreds of visa sop samples but couldn’t find anything different in all of them.

With all that being said, I decided to share my personal SOP (Statement of Purpose) which I have prepared staying awake for days and nights for my Canada Student Visa application. I would suggest that you take only ideas and references from this SOP and do not copy paste the whole SOP as it is.

Visa SOP is the most crucial part of your student visa application and visa officers are highly interested in reading your honest statement of purpose. So, if you copy paste content from someone else’s visa SOP, then they will figure out it really well. I get this question asked a lot: how to write a statement of purpose?

In this post, I will explain it all.

What is SOP?

The full form of SOP is “Statement of Purpose”.

SOP simply means stating your genuine and convincing purpose for your student visa application to whatever country you are applying to.

Most countries like, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK require you to write statement of purpose and attach in your visa file. Out of all these, Canada tops the list as they are super curious behind knowing your intentions behind your visa application.

Visa SOP (Statement of Purpose) is all about sharing your experiences and giving a firm statement and/or a reason why you are eligible for any particular country where you want to study. So, my experiences and your experiences and reasons won’t be the same as yours and vice versa.

You will get to know more in a minute once you go through my sop example.

How to Write A Statement of Purpose?

It’s all about letting them know why do you want to go to their country to achieve your dreams.

Writing statement of purpose is all about proving your point about why you are perfect fit for their country and why their country is perfect fit for you.

Be honest and pour out all of your passion in writing that one paragraph. That one paragraph can change your life. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t take it for granted.

In order to write straight to the point SOP, first off, list down the things you want to write in one piece of paper. Then, start explaining those points in quite professional and convincing manner.

Try to make good use of your vocabulary. You can reference to some of the words I have used in this particular sop example.

Statement of Purpose Format

I have encountered numbers of people saying there’s no particular statement of purpose format.

I disagree with that. Totally.

I mean you are most probably planning for graduate school statement of purpose.

That’s not a small thing.

Visa officer would be more interested if you sound more professional in your SOP. And, in order to do that, your SOP needs to be formatted really well.

In this SOP example, I have followed really nice statement of purpose format targeting to make the beloved visa officer as engaged as possible.

Without wasting much of your time, let me show you my visa SOP sample. One can refer to this statement of purpose sample for Australian visa application, Canada visa application or USA visa application or any other countries for that matter.

Warning: I would like to iterate one more time. Do not risk getting your visa rejected by simply copy pasting this whole SOP and changing the variables, words and your program. Remember, it’s not your college assignment submission. It’s for visa application for your dream country. Visa officers are not stupid. It’s real big deal. You are just supposed to reference it. If you still find it hard to prepare a convincing SOP, you can take my professional help for small fees by contacting my very own study abroad visa consultancy through email (

I & my team have helped students with multiple rejections as well as first time applicants getting their visa approved by writing “one-hundred-percent unique” and meticulously strong convincing SOP.

Every SOP we make is stronger and helps significantly to the applicant in getting visa approval.

We follow systematic manner in drafting a perfect and strong SOP.

If you make use of our service, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.

Once we receive the Questionnaire form back, we start the process of writing an SOP perfectly articulated to your profile and ready to be used for your visa application. We have helped a lot of people ten-folding their visa approval rate and also helped large number of people to convert their “rejected” visa file into “approved” one. All with the help of one document only, Visa SOP.

My Personal SOP Example

Name: Unnit Metaliya
Address: 9051, Cameoriana Boulevard
Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia – 2254


Visa Officer,
High Commission of Canada

Subject: Statement of Purpose for Masters

(Note: Your subject might change like statement of purpose for mba, for grad school, for computer science etc.)

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to have this opportunity to introduce myself as a tech enthusiastic person whose life is basically all about computers and programming. Ever since my father bought me a computer, there were hardly some days in which I would not be on my computer learning something new, doing something interesting.

Slowly and gradually, the hobby became a passion and I made myself determinant about making a career in Computer Science. This passion and love for computers led me to pursue Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology from Gujarat Technological University.

Why Masters of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor?

(Note: this heading will be different in your statement of purpose format. For example, mba, nursing, graduate program etc.)

As I considered my alternatives for post-graduate studies, the Masters of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor has emerged for various reasons. The interdisciplinary way of the program is particularly appealing to me, as this will give me a much more extensive, more down to earth comprehension of all major concepts of Applied Computing, including the advanced database concepts and also the network and security concepts.

With the innately worldwide nature of today’s computer programming industry, it is vital for me to contemplate in a universal domain far from my home country, and doing as such in one of the reputed university in Canada will absolutely give me a novel advantage in my career pursuits.

Having had the privilege to learn practical aspects of multiple programming languages and subjects such Data and File Structure, Operating System, Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Programming With C++, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Web Technology and Programming, Advanced Java Technology etcetera in my under graduation, I am confident of adding to the paradigm diversity of the applied computing world by joining the University of Windsor for my post-graduation.

The Master of Applied Computing offered at the University of Windsor will surely substantiate me with the right acquaintance, dexterity, and practice to accomplish my professionalism. Advanced Computing Concepts, Network and Data Security and Advanced Systems Programming are among the few courses, which I wish to pursue there.

Working out with the highly experienced and skilled faculties along with the prominent facilities being provided will surely back me in my academic pursuit.

My profile is having all the pre-requisites for the admission and I have secured my admission there. I have secured 7.07 CGPA in my under-graduation and scored overall 7.0 bands in my IELTS test.


In addition to the courses that I have taken in my under-graduation, I have been exceptionally active outside of the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities and working on personal projects in order to inspire myself and broaden my perspectives. For instance, I have developed Personal Time Management Application, a project, despite the fact that being non-academic, at last, gave me an opportunity to learn and implement latest technologies for personal use.

I have developed a graphics based game which was solely focused on increasing typing efficiency of users. Moreover, I successfully delivered a presentation to my juniors teaching them PHP Programming and Importance of Programming. All of my past endeavors makes me feel highly motivated and energetic at adopting new attitudes and encountering new things. This is definitely why I have chosen to keep improving myself by considering for a graduate degree in the University of Windsor, Canada.

Why Masters in Canada?

Canada was the first and final choice for me when I was in a phase to choose a country for my post-graduation because of some straightforward reasons. The education system of Canada is brilliant in all sorts of ways and ranked as best among the whole world. In addition to that, Canada is a safe and peaceful nation with superb health care facilities.

All Canadian institutes provide a dynamic, innovative and challenging environment in which one can create and nurture their true potential. Canadian qualification will surely be a strong base for boosting my career and building my future.

Every year, talented students from all over the globe do come Canada to study so that they can make their dream come true. Studying with them will surely expose me to their cultures and ethics, as well as improvise my communication skills.

How to end a statement of Purpose?

Now comes how you should end your SOP part which is really important as this will be the last thing that will be sticking in visa officer’s mind before he proceeds with next steps. You need to make sure it’s appealing in your own SOP.

Future Goals

After completion of my masters in Canada I intend to come back to my home country with the outstanding skillset and join the IT industry, which continues to thrive in India, as a computer engineer.

In past decade, the world has shown tremendous growth in IT sector and there is and will be a huge demand for IT professionals in near future. So, I would like to come back as a high skilled techno-functional computer engineer and join some reputed organization to make a bright career.

Hence, after completing my course I am confident that I will easily get a suitable job in leading IT organizations in India. At the end, my only goal is to be a successful and dynamic professional in near future which can make me stand out among all. Also, I have paid 11,360 CAD in my tuition fees and 10,035 CAD in Scotia Bank’s Student GIC Program to cover my first year living expenses.

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope that you will find all my documents in proper order and I kindly request you to process my visa application as soon as possible. I am very much thankful to you for giving me your valuable time to process my student visa application.

Unnitkumar Metaliya

I hope you liked my visa SOP example and got to know something new from it. It will surely help you out in your visa application.

I wish you all the best for your further process.

If you have made this far, great!

Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this SOP)

These are the messages I get on my social media from people after finishing going through my shared statement of purpose. Please check if your question is listed here. If not, feel free to reach out. I’d love to help.

Can I help you in writing your SOP?

Yes. I can.

I am very transparent about my charges, so you don’t need to pay any hidden fees like those in-office consultants.

Update: In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we understand, a lot of students are experiencing financial trouble. Keeping that in mind, I am putting a huge discount on all sorts of orders. Making them “almost” free as compared to pre-COVID prices. Quality of the work would still be the same.

Normal Delivery: 10-15 days

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $89$59 
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $99$69

Express Delivery: 4 days

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $99 $69
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $109$79

Deluxe Express Delivery: Overnight (1 Day)

  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $169$129
  • SOP Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $179$139

You can reach out to us by email –


To save time, you can place your order directly on our website.

How does the process work?

It’s simple four step process.

  1. You contact us through email. Please mention if you are applying for the first time or after rejection. Also, if you want normal or express processing time.
  2. We will reply with the invoice for the payment. You can use debit or credit card make the payment.
  3. Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.
  4. And, that’s it. You receive the completed SOP in your next email.

🚀Contact >> Payment >> Basic Form >> Completed SOP 🚀

Testimonials from my past clients/students:

I would like to share few good words shared with me by the people who took my professional help for writing their SOP.


Testimonial #1:


Student with multiple rejection visa approval SOP

Student who had two past visa rejections got approval

Testimonial #2:


Client appreciation for visa SOP writing service

Student contacting through referral for writing her SOP.

Testimonial #3:


Work experience and gap concern while applying for student visa

39 year old client concerned about long study gap because of more than 16 years of work experience

Testimonial #4:


Professional visa SOP writing service

First time application student with critical profile

Testimonial #5:


student visa sop writing service

First time application student..

Testimonial #6:


Best SOP Writing Help

A Student going right after 12th grade

Testimonial #7:


Best Visa SOP Writing Service

Testimonial #8: Client contacted us with a doubt. We solved it in reply. Client contacts us back with visa approval update. One of the many happy moments for us.

professional sop writing help for visa application

Professional Visa sop writing for Canada student visa application

And, many more.

If you want to know more about the process, feel free to reach out to me at


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Traveling from India to Canada – Documenting the Whole Journey

I am here to document my whole journey of travelling from India to Canada. I will be sharing the experiences I had on board, my initial days in Canada, the last days in India and things alike.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted. So, how are you? All Good?

Folks! I seriously didn’t know that people are these crazy to read my posts here on my site. Yes, it’s been a while since I posted my last post and you will not believe that I have received 17 calls, 33 text messages, 64 WhatsApp messages, 98 Facebook ones, 23 eMails and 7 postcards, asking about when’s my next post coming?

Ok. Yeah I know I should stop here. Apparently, nothing like that has happened! But, I wish it would have, though. 🙂

However, I did receive few messages from my good friends who are regular(or only?) readers of this site asking why did I stop? Well, I haven’t. It’s just I wasn’t getting proper time to open the dashboard and draft as awesome post as the previous ones.

Most Popular Post on this site: SOP Example

First of all, I apologize for not writing lately. It’s tough, and life becomes busy when you migrate from one country to another. Well, at least for the first few months. So my reason for not posting is quite straightforward. I was just like that. Super Busy! Adjusting myself to this new world. A new world 12,526 km far from my home. Far from family, friends, favorite food, my bike, my dog and countless other things.

So how did it go?

Well, it all started with getting the farewell from best friends at my home and bidding byes to them. Sharing emotions and mesmerizing the memories which have been made and getting lost in thoughts when will be the next time to meet like this. Or to say, whether we will even meet like this or not! You know what? We will. For sure.

After that, I, my Brother, Mom, and Dad left for Bombay for flight in a car. We have decided to go to our temple before we leave Surat. My best buddies came there with me. They stayed with me as long as they could and for as much time as they could. I really appreciate that. Shital, Zeal, Akshay, Sohil, Rishi! Love you guys! ♥

We left way too earlier because we wanted to reach airport safely and calmly. Chilled at Dhabas and stalls on the highway and enjoyed the scenery and routes. After having fantastic dinner in airport’s garden cafeteria, it was time to say a final bye.

Our group was huge who was going to come to Canada, and most of us were having same flight. So it wasn’t a hurdle for us, and none of us felt alone or scared as all of us were excited about our journey. After all, we have worked our ass off to get that red stamp in our passports. We met each other at the airport and went for checking-in together. Pretty much excited! No one was emotional. Nothing. God! People cry like babies at airports, and it can happen to anyone who is traveling solo and leaving their own emotional world for whole new life. Luckily for us, it wasn’t a case! It went buttery smooth!

And perhaps, I was the only one whose seat wasn’t confirmed as I booked my flight bit late than my other friends. So, I asked for a window seat to the desk manager, but he denied. However, if you haven’t read my Business Class Story, then you should read it.

Read: Travelling in Business Class from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Toronto, Canada

There were total three flights to change. Mumbai to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Toronto and Toronto to Windsor.

I was given an aisle seat in the mid-section of a plane. Getting on a plane was an experience on its own. You enter into the plane and you see people from different parts of the world. I went to my seat and took a look here and there. I wished it would have been good if I had a window seat. However, it would have been of no use as the first flight had night time till Amsterdam. From Amsterdam to Toronto it was going to be the full day. I was worried about that.

The food in the flight was total junk. It tastes like….nothing! Seriously nothing! After trying one wrap, I kept drinking soft drinks. That’s it! Played with monitor we get in front of our seat. Then I was deadly bored. I went to the washroom. There was a short waiting queue. I met two awesome people who were also feeling bored like me. We started some casual chit chat. It started getting better. Topics we were talking were interesting and business related. One guy was a student who was coming here in Canada for fashion designing, and the other elder person was a citizen of US. He was from Michigan, USA. Our talk continued for an hour, and after a while, that fashion designing guy started feeling sleepy and went back to his seat. However, the other guy and I stayed for little more. He was a successful businessman and was sharing his stories of setting up businesses and buying properties here and there. His purpose of visiting India was to purchase a property in Banglore. Listening to his stories was interesting. We exchanged numbers and still are in touch with each other at this moment.

I went back to my seat and slept for few hours. I woke up and captain announced that Amsterdam is going to come in a while. Once we departed, the Amsterdam felt like heaven. It was beautiful. Our group got gathered again at the airport and went for check-in. One interesting thing I noticed at Amsterdam airport was that it has got some signboards in the Hindi language. Amazing, eh?

It was 4 hours layover in Amsterdam. We wandered perhaps every single corner of Amsterdam airport. We sat in the lounge and ate the snack, we brought with us. Biscuits, Thepla, Mamra, Chakri! 😆 . Thanks to junk given in first flight!

To say, it was my first international flying experience but, I have heard and read many airport hacks on the internet. A thought struck in my mind that I should go to Jet Airways desk and ask whether any Window seat is available or not. And guess what? She replied affirmatively and told me that yes, there’s one seat which got canceled and gave me new boarding pass which had a window seat.

We boarded the flight and then……. for this part, you should read this: How Luck Plays With You (tl;dr – I got upgraded to Business Class 😉 )

I did not sleep even for a second in my Amsterdam to Toronto flight. Stayed busy experiencing the business class in my first ever international flight! 😉

It did not take too much for Toronto to come. Watching the snowy cities from the top was amazingly wonderful and entrancing. It gives you goosebumps and thought that, now it is it, finally the land we dreamed of since long long time has come. You just can’t hold yourself to come out and see the other awesome part of the country.

At Toronto, we were supposed to re-checking in our bags as the airline company was going to change for Toronto to Windsor flight. While checking out we were supposed to take our bags from the ramp and take it to the other department in a trolly. We have clicked many pictures at the airport with luggage as all of us were pretty much excited about our arrival.

That was it! The whole journey! I was writing these post and was trying to complete it since many days. Almost, a month! Now, I think I should hit publish so that I can write more posts later.

It would be hard to write what happened in first few days here in Canada. That being the reason, I will post few pictures which I have clicked in my last days in India, during my journey and initial days in Canada. You can have a look.

In my initial days, I was just crazy about clicking photos. I was mainly clicking photos so that I can send it to my family and friends. And well, post here on my site. 😆

The last family photo before leaving…..Emotions! 🙂

Miss you all guys….very much. 🙂

Shopping – Packing – A headache! 😳

Surprise Farewell Gift from an awesome friend of mine. Follow him if you love Cricket. (Facebook – Umang Pabari)

At Bombay Airport. Trying to swag up in front of the plane I was about to catch!

At Amsterdam Airport..

Top view of Amsterdam.

When you get treated like a Chairman in business class. “Apple Juice” & Nuts. 😀

Again, trying to swag up in Business Class :-P

I am not sure, but, it’s Greenland I guess!

The arrival of Toronto. Snow was fallen exactly a day before we landed. Lucky enough to see this scene. 😀

Checking-out at Toronto Airport.

Waiting for next flight and roaming around at Toronto Airport.

Night View of Toronto. (Thinking in mind about coming back here very soon.)

Finally, at Windsor Airport. It was cold as f-%k! Too Cold! Freezing Cold!

First ever meal in Canada. “THE” Maggie!

Exploring my University. The University of Windsor. 🙂


The Giant Pizza! 

In front of our house.

First Grocery Shopping.

Night View of Ambassador Bridge (A Bridge to USA).

Night View of Detroit City, Michigan, USA

Heading towards Toronto to have fun on Christmas and New Year. 😀

Dundas Square – Toronto (a mini Times Square – New York)

Nathan Phillips Square – T.O.R.O.N.T.O

It was cold as Pluck (*f) on that day. I will never forget that night. Wind & Cold! Oh! God!!

C N Tower Toronto. Take a careful look. I am there. 😀

Went to Mississauga for shopping at Square One Mall – The Biggest Mall in Ontario.

Giant Christmas Tree at Square One Shopping Center

Some Shopping on Boxing Day 😀

Visiting Niagara Falls with friends.

Siting in Tesla Model S.

Experiencing Subway Trains in Toronto (Left: Jaydeep. Right: Chirag) 🙂

Ice Skating at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

C.N Tower again. Cold on that day will not be forgotten for a lifetime. 🙄

Visiting the largest Casino in Canada. Fallsview Casino, Niagara


Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square

 >> Toronto Trip ends here. We came back to Windsor. <<

First ever self-prepared lunch box for work. 🙂

Team Cooking at house! It’s fun everyday. 😀

My Room 🙄

Men in Black Winter Jackets 😛


My Department 🙂

Random Wandering in the City, Windsor

All of we roommates are photography lovers. We would do anything to get a perfect click. 🙄

(Model (Vishal) – Bending down to adjust height.
Chirag: Shading lights on the face.
Kunal: Clicking.
Me: Shooting behind the scenes. 😛 )

Playing Pool at University

Playing Table Tennis at University

Library of University of Windsor


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I feel a great sense of relief after finally completing this post. It was in my draft for almost two months. I wasn’t getting proper time to write it up. I finally did it after 130 days of landing here.

There were many people without whom, I couldn’t be here in Canada. I feel great to express my gratitude for the people who helped me directly or indirectly.

My last days in India were the days which I will never forget in all of my births. They were simply wonderful. The love and support I got from my friends and family were superbly amazing. I can write on and on about those days, but I would like to stop here.

In case, you are planning to study in Canada and need any sort of help. Don’t hesitate to hit me up. I will try my best to help you out.

Winter Jacket

I just landed safely in Windsor and it’s beautiful. It’s freezing cold here. It’s fun as winter is my favorite season but also sometimes it becomes unbearable.

However, if you wear lots of things then you will at least be able to bear the things and keep yourself alive.

Be that as it may, I am here to share my another story.

So, Yesterday, I went to registrar’s office to get my enrollment letter.

A lady named Rachel processed my enrollment letter. She is Indian. After giving me my letter. One small conversation took place as she noticed Surat, India in my address.

She: So when did you arrive?

Me: Yesterday night.

She: (Seeing me wearing lots of winter gear) Oh! You must be feeling cold. Eh?

Me: Yes. I do. Even after wearing 5 layers. I am still feeling too cold.

She: Yes. Just keep yourself warm. I know it would be a bit tough to adjust in this weather. But keep yourself as warm as possible. And don’t catch fever or something. Otherwise, it would be really bad for you.

Me: Yes ma’am. I will. Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

She: Ok. Here you go. This is your enrollment letter. I have updated your address to your local address as well which wasn’t updated before. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks. You too.

I went back to home.

During the night, I received one email with subject being ‘Winter Jacket’. Something like this…

Hello Unnit,

This is Rachel from the Registrar’s Office. I processed your enrollment letter. If you like I have a brand new jacket at home that I can bring it for your use if you need it. Please let me know.

Seeing this email, I thought about how polite and kind people of this country are.

I replied…

Hello Rachel Ma’am,

Yes, with the help of that letter, I got the SIN Number and your help is appreciated.

And for that Jacket, Yes, definitely it would be a great help if you can land it till I get the new one. It’s literally freezing here.

Unnit Metaliya

Got a reply….

Good morning Unnit,

I have the jacket with me. Either you can collect it from my office or I can bring it over sometime today. Not sure about the time.

Rachel Philipose

I went to her office around evening…

After seeing me…

She: Oh Good to see you.

Me: You too ma’am.

She: Please come with me.

(She took me inside her office from the desk.)

She: Wear it.

I did.

She: Perfect. You can keep it with yourself. No need to return it. No need to buy a new one.

The jacket is very warm and perfect for Winter. Canadian Winter.

Me: Thank You very much, ma’am. I really appreciate this. Which part of India are you from?

She: South

Me: That’s great.

Me: Okay. So I am going to bring some sweets for you tomorrow which my mom packed for me. Please don’t deny that.

She: Smiled. Sure. ?

Just a second day in Canada and I already started seeing humanity everywhevery timetime.

I have heard many good things about Canada. And I am glad to tell you that, I am seeing and experiencing more than that.

Too polite and kind people.

Just a beginning. More to experience.

Read: Statment of Purpose Format

Travelling in Business Class from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Toronto, Canada

After lots of searching and planning, I decided to go with Jet Airways as many of my friends had booked flight with Jet Airways. I was advised that there’s no need to book the Window seat as they give it away on request while checking in at airport.

I went to Bombay Airport 4 hours prior to my flight time just to get a Window seat. While checking in they denied and said that it’s not available! Gave me an aisle one. I became sad! 

After reaching Amsterdam where the flight had a layover, I went to Jet Airways desk and asked for a favor to update my boarding pass to Window seat if it’s available! She gave me 18K seat number as it showed available in their system or whatever!

She took my old boarding pass and gave me new updated one!

I was like…. Yessss! Finally got the window seat and now I will enjoy the scenery and will be able to see the snow in Greenland!

I became happy! I was on cloud 9.

Boarded the flight and sat on my seat. After a while, one couple arrived. Lady told me that you are seating on our seat. I was like what!!! She asked me to check my boarding pass and same did I.

Both of us were having 18K seat number. I experienced the ultimate level of sadness thinking that it’s gone again! Back to ground from cloud 9.

We told our issue to the Air Hostess and she took both of ours boarding passes and went to crew manager.

She came back running and informed me that, Congratulations, Sir!! YOU GOT UPGRADED TO THE BUSINESS CLASS…!! Sorry for the inconvenience as there were some seat duplication issues!

I was like OH MY HEAVENS!

Is there anything above than the cloud 9?

I literally shouted out of excitement, ‘Oh Really!! That’s like a dream come true!!’ and all the other passengers busted into laughter. 😀

And, if you are traveling into business class they won’t even let you transfer your luggage. They do it for you even if you insist them not to do so. But still, I was human enough to help her and carried one bag.

Here are some insights of the Business Class in Jet Airways.

Dessert in Jet Airways Business Class

Dessert in Jet Airways Business Class

Hot Chocolate in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Hot Chocolate in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Salad in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Salad in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Apple Juice and Nuts in Business Class - Jet Airways

Apple Juice and Nuts in Business Class – Jet Airways

Indian Pav Bhaji in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Indian Pav Bhaji in Jet Airways Business Class Flight

Lunch in Business Class Flight - Jet Airways

Lunch in Business Class Flight – Jet Airways

Room or a Seat- Jet Airways Business Class

Room or a Seat?

Window Seat - Business Class - Jet Airways Flight

… and the Window Seat. Finally got it!

Got treated like a chairman in Business Class of Jet Airways! 🙂

So, that was my story of a combination of Sad Luck, Bad Luck, and Awesome Luck!

Memorable Experience!

What a welcome to Canada!

Note: If you want to see the pictures of me enjoying and making most out of Business Class, then, you should check-out my journey post here: Been a while, How are you? Documenting my journey from India to Canada

Day 30/30

Day 30 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Done! 😀

What an amazing journey it was!

I truly wonder how fast one month can pass! Or should we say 8.33% of year?

Trust me, I have tried and made many resolutions and challenges and gave up at halfway. I really feel glad about this challenge as it did not end up just like that.

If you have read all the posts from Day #0 then you might have sensed that this challenge was a roller coaster ride for me. Yes, the challenge had a rough terrain at some point and sometimes it seemed hard to make it at 5:00 a.m. On the other side, there were some days when it was total cakewalk to wake up.

The easiest part of this challenge was decision. Do you wonder what was the hardest part? It was EXECUTION! Because, hey, decisions don’t take any effort, execution do! A lot of it!

I would say these 30 days were most amazing 30 days of this year for me. I did many things in past 30 days. I visited many places and met many people. I learnt and accomplished many things. Only because all the days were having discipline and productivity.

You don’t realize but in just 30 days, many things can happen.

Meeting some friends after such a long time, visiting school after such a long time, doing work, establishing new business relationships, visiting banks, hanging out with buddies, visiting hospital, getting parking ticket, receiving offer letter, helping friends, getting trolled and countless other things happened in these thirty days.

There were some days in which I was lacking time and there were some days as well in which I was feeling deadly bored. There were some days in which I felt like I want to go outside when I was working and there were some days in which I felt like I want to go back home and get my hands on PC to complete the work when I was chilling outside. But, I did according to priorities and circumstances.

Now, let’s talk about the four things which I wanted to achieve with this challenge.

Is Self-Discipline There Now?

Yes, 100%.

Gone are the days when I would go to sleep too late and wake up like king at any time I wish. Stretch the whole nights and literally waste the day because of laziness. There is system in my daytime now. And I feel pleasure to follow that.

A couple of people (critics!) came and suggested not to force myself to do something like this and I should live in moment and enjoy the present and blah blah jibber jabber! Well, I have two words for you which I won’t write here. Take care by the way.

I have encountered both kinds of people: Night Owls & Early Risers. To best of my observation, those who wake up too late have almost no purpose and no meaning for their life. It’s like they sleep, eat, chill and repeat. Early risers on the other hand have discipline, determination, higher goals and motivation to achieve more in their life. Mornings are magical!

Do You Procrastinate Now?

Amm… Will it be okay if I answer that question tomorrow!? ( That was a PJ! 😆 )

To be honest, yes I do.

Killing procrastination totally from ground zero is not a small deal at all. It’s a serious disease.

However, I would say that the scenario is a lot better than before. Earlier, I used to procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, pro… and do or don’t do as I would reach the peak where there would not be any need of doing anything. Now, it’s like procrastinate, procrastinate and do. Isn’t that better than before? No, it’s not. It should be like “Do It Now”. I am working on it.

What About Most Important Thing First?

Yeah, there were some days in which I had to get indulged into some activities right after waking up which weren’t that important for day. But, again circumstances and priorities as I said earlier.

And Self-Satisfaction?

Again 100%.

Now, I naturally feel drowsiness in my eyes before I go to sleep unlike the days before this challenge in which I had to struggle with bed to get a sleep just for the sake of it. That ain’t case anymore. So yeah, self-satisfaction can be ticked off totally.

What makes me feel more pleased is few people getting motivation from this challenge and starting their own. Some of them quitted at halfway and some are on their way. It’s awesome!

So, that was the last post for the series of this 30 Days challenge.

From tomorrow onward, there will be no posts related to this challenge. However, I will try and come up with some awesome stuff for you in near future for sure. I ain’t going anywhere. Just keep looking this space.

It was such an amazing ride with you world and thank you very much for your support.

Dream Big! Work Hard! Stay Humble! Listen Everyone! Follow Instinct!

Good Bye.