Genuine Temporary Entrant Sample for Australia Student Visa

The best Genuine Temporary Entrant letter must meet all the criteria provided by the Department of Home Affairs Australia. The GTE statement is slightly different than sop document however, you are highly required to submit the GTE letter along with your Australia visa application.

In this GTE immigration sample for Australia visa, I helped my friend getting his Australian student visa approved by writing a strong Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement.

Unlike other websites on internet which just keeps giving you a set of bullet points on how to write a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement, I am here to provide you with the full and proper GTE statement sample written from scratch, brainstorming for multiple days and nights. It’s proven to be worked really well for not only my friend but many others whom I help on regular basis.

I searched for examples of GTE statement all over the internet. I totally remember the frustration of not finding a good genuine temporary entrant sample when I wanted to draft one for my friend. However, having been providing professional SOP writing service for over many years now and helping hundreds of people from around the globe, I know what works and what doesn’t in your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement. I know that secret sauce you are looking for. You will find everything in this Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample for Australia.

Hold tight till I share the fully written GTE Letter with you. Before that, I need to explain few important points which will be hugely beneficial in your student visa application for Australia as well as understand the importance of GTE in depth.

What are the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant is a set of requirements given by Department of Home Affairs Australia. It is there to establish trust on you with a motive that you don’t use your Australian student visa for any other purpose than studies. Many people get the student visa for Australia and they end up doing illegal work during their stay and don’t go back to their respective home countries after finishing their studies.

Now, you might be thinking, who wants to go back after studies? I want to settle there in Australia. Nobody goes back. Everybody stays and things like that.

You are right. Nobody wants to go back after studying in Australia. But, unfortunately, the Department of Home Affairs Australia doesn’t think the same way. They want you to stand by your original purpose of visiting Australia and stick to that.

Even if you don’t want to return back to your home country, at least for the sake of your Australia student visa, you are supposed to convince them otherwise. And, the reason for that is, you could have applied under some other category if your full motive is to stay in Australia permanently. However, while applying for Australian student visa, you are obliged to stay to the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement.

How to write a perfect Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter?

It’s hard but not impossible. You circle around the main thing of sticking to all the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements. You target on convincing the visa officer on your motivation being, only to study in Australia and come back to your home country.

You give them strong reasons about why you deserve a fair chance for Australian education system, how you will obey all the laws, rules and regulations. You convince the visa officer on why you chose Australia and not any other country. You prove strong ties to your home country and provide them with proper reasons why you would be coming back.

However, it all lies back to one question. Do I just put all these in simple paragraphs? How do I do that? That makes me write another section.

What is the difference between Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter (GTE) and Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

To be fairly honest, nothing much.

However, they are not entirely same either. Genuine Temporary Entrant is the Australian way of calling the document you write to explain visa officer about your dreams and aspirations. Statement of Purpose (or SOP) does the same thing. Also, both these documents mainly focus on convincing visa officer about the reasons for returning back to your home country in undoubtful way.

The only difference between GTE and SOP is the formatting and the way of writing. You need to keep in mind that while writing GTE, you need to set a tone for an Australian based person while in the case of SOP, it’s for a Canadian person.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample Format

You will find a lot of people arguing, there’s no proper format needed genuine temporary entrant letter. I don’t agree with that. I mean com’on. You are writing a letter to the visa officer who will be making the approval or rejection decision for your Australia visa application. You are supposed to give him some respect. Apart from yourself, he has got hundreds of other applications to review on daily basis. Keeping that in mind, you, my friend, would better be writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter in high-quality structured format.

It would be highly recommended if you make the visa SOP statement crystal clear with all the GTE requirements clearly being met.

Start with your personal information involving your full name as per passport, your address, email ID you are going to use for visa application. Then address the visa officer proceeding with the subject title. After that, I would recommend to mention the course name, duration and institute name. After all these, you may begin the process of writing a strong, powerful Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter.

I think that’s enough of important information. Now, let me directly share the full Genuine Statement Letter Sample with you.

Warning: Do not completely copy paste this GTE statement letter and change the variable information as per your profile. Australia is very strict country when it comes to plagiarism. You will be taking a big risk just in case you end up doing that. No matter what you think it takes seconds for them to determine that you are showing them copy pasted GTE Statement Letter. If you get the temptation to copy paste fully or even some paragraphs, hold on for a second and remember the word “Genuine” from the GTE. There’s a reason why Department of Home Affairs Australia is calling it a Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter. 

If you still find it bit hard to prepare a GTE Statement Letter for your Australia student visa application, you can take our professional GTE Statement writing help. For a small charge, we help students on fairly regularly basis drafting a very strong, convincing and one-hundred-percent unique GTE statement letter perfectly tailored to their profile and background. From the testimonials we get once they get their visa approved, we firmly believe that we make their investment worth every single penny.

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With that said, you can read the full GTE Sample for Australia visa here.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Example

Name:  Unnit Metaliya
Address:  143A, Ellison Avenue,
Denver, Collorado
USA – 12031

Visa Officer,
High Commission of Australia

Subject: Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement for the Application of Student Visa

Institute Name: University of Melbourne, Australia
Course Name: Masters in Finance

Respected Sir/Madam,

To achieve all my dreams and aspirations in the field of finance here in USA, I am applying for student visa for Australia as I have already secured admission in the course of Masters in Finance at prestigious University of Melbourne. I believe it’s such a great career move to set myself on new heights by gaining super-powerful and top-notch finance knowledge from my chosen course.

The main thing I would like to put in front of you by this Genuine Temporary Entrant letter is, I am extremely passionate in my chosen field, Finance. I always look for the opportunity to rise up and be mindful in the finance field by exploring the research papers, reading the best-selling books in this sector, reading magazines and articles and also attending e-Meetings and webinars in this COVID-19 times.

It didn’t take longer for this interest to rapidly become passion for me and soon I became determinant about making a bright and rewarding career in the Finance field.

As I am honest and sincerely serious about accomplishing this career goal, I wish to leave no stone untouched and put 100% efforts in this Genuine Temporary Entrant document to convince and explain the visa granting committee about my dreams and aspirations. I am fully aware that Masters in Finance at University of Melbourne is super important for me to mark my spot in American organizations functioning in Finance sector.

And, I would like to be truthful for the fact that my intention behind getting this study permit approved is to only and only study in Australia and come back to USA peacefully where I live with my family. To be honest, it’s my long-term career goal and burning desire to get Australian degree in Finance before I officially start with my full-time career after coming back to USA.

Undoubtedly, the Australian education of Masters in Finance from University of Melbourne would heavily support me to work with best American industries.

Why I Chose Masters in Finance at University of Melbourne?

Lately, I have been exploring the fundamentals of domestic and international Finance sector during my past education and work experience, which sparkled a permanent interest in me to take over the Finance as my full-time career.

After exploring all the open options for me to pursue graduate level education from developed countries like Canada and Australia, I chose University of Melbourne as my final choice to invest my time and financial resources. I understand Australian education, especially in Finance sector is of top-notch quality and teaches so many basics to advanced things which no other country in the world is capable of. Sure, there are decent universities here in USA too, but to grow better as a person and be more productive, it’s much needed for me to get foreign education.

I am confident my course Masters in Finance would significantly help me in becoming expert in American financial companies like JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, Jane Street and Two Sigma.

Course Relevancy with Past Endeavors

I can resonate the Masters in Finance course with three things in my life: my past education, my passion and most noticeably my passion for the Finance field. As stated earlier in this GTE statement, when it came to considering the alternatives for further studies, the Masters in Finance at University of Melbourne seemed best and final choice for variety of reasons. After much more deliberations and expert advice from my parents, professors and seniors at the workplace, I finalized to pursue this course and achieve meaningful heights.

Not only the subjects and courses I will be taking are strongly relevant to what I studied in my past education and aim to become expert at in future, but also the overall design, courses involved and the motive of the program are particularly appealing to me. Understanding the globally popular demand of financial sector professionals, it would be a stepping stone moment for me to partake in a universal domain far away from my home country, and doing this from one of the reputed institutes in Australia, the University of Melbourne would absolutely give me a state-of-the-art advantage in my career pursuits.

Having had the privilege to learn practical aspects of further career during my Masters and working in the financial field for 6 years, I am confident of adding to the highly versatile field of the Masters in Finance by joining the University of Melbourne for my further studies. This program has the ability to surely provide me with the right skillset, personality, and knowledge to become best in my professional career after coming back to USA. Studying and learning from the experienced and skilled professors along with the extra-ordinary facilities being provided will surely back me in my academic pursuit and setup bright future in best American financial institutes after coming back to USA.

Alignment of Current Qualifications with the Chosen Program

The Masters in Finance at University of Melbourne has all the power to provide me with perfect and all-embracing comprehension of required concepts and ideologies being used in American financial sector. To compliment my preference, my chosen courses teaches pretty interesting subjects like Financial Resource Management, High Capital Growth Markets, Fundamentals of Finance, Finance in Marketing and many others. The mentioned subjects are essential for me to mark my place in American financial sector. Also, I remember completely that I used to live and breathe the Finance related subjects in my past education and working in the Finance field for 6 years.

Speaking about my profile, it meets all the pre-requisites and I have successfully secured my admission at University of Melbourne without any hiccups. I have secured 87% during my Bachelors in Commerce field. Also, I’ve secured overall 8.5 bands in IELTS with no less than 7 bands in any module which successfully meets the qualification criteria the University of Melbourne provided for the admission.

Future Goals & Ambition

Right after graduating from the program, I am determinant to come back to my home country with professional skillset and join any reputed organization for the roles in financial sector, which continues to boom in USA, as a Finance field expert. In recent times, the world has shown incredible growth in this sector and there is and will be very huge demand of financial sector professionals in near future. So, I would like to come back as a super-skilled techno-functional financial expert and join some reputed institute to make a bright and prosperous career.

With that said, after graduating with Masters in Finance, I am confident it would be easier for me to get suitable job in leading reputed financial institute in USA. After all, my only goal is to be a successful and key person in near future which can make me stand out amongst all people involved in American financial sector.

What are my genuine reasons to come back to USA?

I have plethora of reasons to return back to USA after my studies and have no intentions or whatsoever to settle down in Australia.

The first and foremost reason is my family. I am so dearly and deeply close to all my family members, relatives and friends here in USA. It’s a safe to say that I am doing a huge sacrifice to live away from them for 2 years to study Masters in Australia. After graduation, I would again like to join them in USA and be close to them for rest of my life.

The only reason for me to come to Australia is the way how Australian Masters programs are structured. I have seen many people coming to Australia for studies and come back to USA with outstanding skills which sets them for higher positions in reputed American organizations.

Due to all these reasons, I would be surely coming back to USA as soon as I finish my studies in Australia.

Availability of Financial Resources

To support my academic as well as living expenses, I have great financial support from my family. I have paid first term fees of AUD $19870 for my tuition fees. And, I have secured around AUD $24,000 from bank loan for which I will be putting a bank-loan sanction letter in my application.

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope that my visa application reaches out to you in proper order. I kindly request you to give attention to my visa application as quick as possible and permit me to study Masters in Finance at University of Melbourne so I can accomplish all my dreams and ambitions after coming back to USA.

Thank you very much for your time.


Unnit Metaliya

We hope you have liked this Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) sample for Australia visa. Again, please do not copy paste this fully and just change the variables to prepare your own GTE Statement. Australia is very strict when it comes to plagiarism and copying written content. They have highly efficient software programs to detect the plagiarism and lots of students get failed in universities for slightest copied content. The same happens with visa application too. With that said, by copying this GTE statement example, you are doing nothing but increasing your chances of rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions – after reading this Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement

Since we run our own study abroad agency, we get decent amount of requests by email ( from people after reading this shared Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) document. Kindly check if your question is listed here. If not, feel free to reach out. We are always ready to help.

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  3. Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong GTE Statement for Australian visa. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.
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