Day 29/30

Day 29 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Happy New Year People! 😀

(Don’t roll your eyes after thinking that new year comes on 01/01! I am talking about new year of Hindu people—the people who believes in The God Rama 🙂 )

Not only me but my whole family woke up too early today as it was new year.

The day began with taking blessings from parents and wishing and greeting the new year to cousins and closed ones.

The overall day involved taking/making phone calls for new year wishes, replying to copy-pasted emotionless messages by our copy-pasted emotionless message, eating sweets, napping the whole afternoon off etc.

After taking the afternoon nap, I was sited in veranda and was thinking that how fast years come and go. Normal human has got around 70-80 years (yeah thanks to junk we eat and exercise we don’t do! 🙄 ) with himself/herself and it doesn’t take long for 1 year to pass by.

So, take a look back to the past year and think about what significant you have done in past year and make a look forward to this new year and think about what significant you are going to do in this year. And I wish you all the very best for that.

Around evening, I was getting so bored as I had nothing to do. Well, I have pending projects but I made myself take a break on this day. So to kill that boredom, I picked one book – Paper Money by Ken Follett from my collection and read half of it in one go. The book’s plot has took interesting turn and hopefully I will complete it in couple of days.

Here’s a glimpse of my collection by the way..

Book Collection of Unnit Metaliya

After that, I received best troll-come-call of the year from one of my friend’s aunt for wishing Happy New Year. Aunt is such an amazing person and her place is our by-default hangout place. We haven’t talked on phone ever so she might have thought to troll me by continuously asking about some Rekhaben and pretending that she had cold fight with her lately and wants the matter to get sorted out. I lost 5.3 kg of my weight explaining her that there’s no Rekhaben on this side and you have dialed wrong number.

Now, here I sensed that, there’s someone who knows me on the other side of the phone and just trying to troll me. The conversation lasted bit longer and then after getting few hints, I figured it out that it’s my friend’s aunt and it then got followed by laughter from both the side. Troll Successful! 😆

Life Lesson: Never be ignorant or arrogant freak with unknown numbers! There can be anyone respectable on the other side who just wants to pull your leg sometimes. Be Aware!

And around late evening before calling it a night, as usual, I spent some quality time with family and had some talks and laughs.

Overall, the day was amazing!

Tomorrow’s the grand finale!

See You There! 😎

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Day 28/30

Day 28 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Happy Diwali People!

I hope all of you are safe. 🙂

Well, yesterday I set a level of puzzle to “too hard” from “hard”. And the puzzle I got was this,

Puzzle Alarm to force you wake up

It took me around 20 minutes to get the correct answer. I tried and tried to calculate in my mind and get the correct answer but ended up getting wrong ones. Then I had to take a pen and calculate traditionally on my palm and get the answer.

This thing kills sleepiness totally. You just can’t go away from irritating sound of an alarm unless you solve the puzzle or go outside and throw or dump your mobile somewhere (which you wouldn’t). One can remove battery but those who got handsets with non-detachable battery have no way out. So. if you also got ‘snoozing problems’ then give this app a try. (Type “Sleep If You Can” in PlayStore)

Now, talking about the happenings in the day, the day was quite similar to yesterday. It’s unwanted vacation for me as because of this, many places stay closed and I can’t get the work done. So, what other can be a better option than chilling with buddies and having great time? 😀

In morning, I have passed much of my time reading my previous posts and took a glimpse of the whole challenge. I wanted to read all the posts again but wasn’t getting much time to do so.

After around 2 p.m, the same thing took place which happened yesterday. Gathering at one friend’s place, having good time talking interesting stuff, making memories, discussing future and so on.

Around evening, we went to one sports mall in town and played Table Tennis, done bit of hover-boarding (It ain’t easy! Be Careful! ) and cycling on Segway and had amazing time. It has been many days since I played some sport and what other day can be better than Diwali to play some sport? 😛

Then I came back home, had dinner, passed time here and there and started feeling sleepy. So, initially I thought that I would post tomorrow and went to bed. But, then preferred not to do so and got my hands on dashboard and started articulating the post.

Right now, I am getting annoyed by the noise of firecrackers and thinking that how others would have felt when we used to fire firecrackers like crazy in our childhood. Nonetheless, everyone has got their own way of celebrating and cracking fires is the standard way of doing so. I know it shouldn’t be but I don’t want to be hypocrite here as I used to fire firecrackers like crazy when I was kid. So, enjoy yourself.

To sum up, the day was amazing and memorable!

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Day 27/30

Day 27 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

The day was superb!

Today, the first thing I did right after waking up was solving a math problem. Yes, I installed this app called Alarmy – Sleep If You Can using which the only way to turn the alarm off is to complete the math problem and get the correct answer. Nothing including pressing power button, home button, volume down button etc would work. Honestly speaking, I tried to use calculator to get the answer as the puzzle I got was like [(157*73)+49]. Seriously? Right after waking up? But, it blocked the calculator as well. (The developer of this app might have been the frustrated snoozer!!)

However, I did not need this app as I got habituated to wake up and not to snooze the alarm (I snooze sometimes but only before 4:45 a.m ones). But, I read about it yesterday so I wanted to try this just for fun. And it is. It is fun! I am going to do that tomorrow as well.

Coming to the day, as it is the season of Diwali, me and my buddies planned it yesterday night to meet and have some fun hanging out. Everybody’s on vacation and it seems like everybody wants to make most out of it. So can we be an exception? Certainly not! 😀

There was some work which I needed to complete so that I can feel free for whole day and hangout with my friends being worry-free. So I worked on that till lunch. After that, as always I went to that friend’s place from where we were supposed to go to other friend’s place and meet the rest.

Then we went to few places in town and had amazing moments. We couldn’t realize how day passed so quickly and it became evening. It got followed by bidding byes to each other and leaving for home.

Then I came back home and spent some good quality time with family after dinner.

Tomorrow’s going to be somewhat similar.

Ok, so let’s call it a night then.


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Day 26/30

Day 26 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well, it was tough! But who cares?

Our only goal is to wake up at 5:00 a.m or before that. That’s it! Period.

Yesterday’s sleep was truly amazing and deep. I like it now. That self-satisfaction part of this challenge is taking place in a way I wanted it to take place. This change’s amazing. Morning really is the most productive part of the day. It truly helps you to produce more. So, if you miss it then you are compromising a lot here. You shouldn’t.

Coming to the day, it was amazing. I had almost no work which could have involved lot of travelling in town like last couple of days. So, the day was peaceful. This was the day I needed very badly from last few days as I wanted to push the pending work forward and complete it as early as possible. I am almost to the finish line and hopefully it will be done in tomorrow morning.

I wonder how I reached this far in my challenge. Trust me it wasn’t something which was cakewalk for a night-owl kind of person like me. Undoubtedly, I used to love that peace of night and work till dawn or pass my time doing pointless things. In fact, I miss that at this moment as well. But, it was bad habit and I needed to change it. And I am glad I did it.

I wanted to tell you world that there are few people who got inspired from this challenge of mine and started their own 30 days challenge of waking up early. Some started with something interesting which might be beneficial to them instead of waking up early. Yes, I love this fact that there are people who want to become bit serious about their life and they got motivation from this challenge. It’s great. Isn’t it? 😀

Just four days more to go.

Take Care. 🙂

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Day 25/30

Day 25 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Super Worse Disclaimer : This post involves the mention of ‘Bank’. Go ahead.

So, the day began with me and my brother roaming around in town in early morning to get our important work done but all we got is nothing but disappointment from all the places. Then we went to our uncle’s home to get our dad’s work done.

(my eyes are literally getting closed while writing this post….still I will complete this…tonight’s sleep’s going to be amazing!)

We came back home and waited for a bank to open. As soon as bank opened, we went there and completed the work which was supposed to get completed there. There was long queue! Government banks suck!

This day was probably the first day in this challenge in which I was looking at watch from time to time just to check whether I will be able to make it to the next place on time or not. I was talking with watch and tried to bribe her if she agrees on stopping herself for a while at some points. I think she is deaf!

(It ain’t going to take long to fall asleep today. That level of exhaustion! )

A to B, B to C, C to A, A to F, F to D D to A and so on places.

Right after dealing the work with bank, I went to that ForEx agent to get the other work done. He is a kind of guy who responds well, understands people and don’t get irritated no matter how silly questions you ask. If the total time for which you be there and sit in front of his desk is 100% then for 80% of time, he would be on phone and rest 20% dealing with your stuff. I wonder how he manages such things at once, that too without getting irritated and maintaining smile on face! Amazing Professionalism!

The ForEx office where I went was quite nearer to one of my good friend’s home so I went to her place. Had two amazing Bread-Jams at her home as it was late after noon and she knew that there was no way I would be able to make it to my home for lunch. To say, it was just a Bread-Jam but it satisfied my hunger to such an extent which even a meal of five-star hotel couldn’t have! Only few people know that I am hustling too much nowadays and she is one of them. Thanks for caring! 🙂

After that, I left as I was supposed to catch the branch manager before he runs away at sharp 3:00 p.m to get some clearance done. The irritating Branch Manager! He keeps forgetting all the things! It’s a long run to the bank from that friend’s place and as I said yesterday there’s hell lot of traffic in town these days due to Diwali. That looking into watch part was taking place at every 15 minutes!

I managed to catch him on time! Don’t tell anyone but I will tell you, this branch manger has got some pretty strange mood-swinging hormones with himself. At one moment, he would be furious and in the next moment, you might find him laughing like a baby. He is funny anyway!

After finishing the clearance thing, I came back home and took a nap for a while. After that, had coffee and worked on projects for a while and took care of other tasks which are not related to work but are important.

It got followed by having dinner, spending quality time with family and again working on projects for a while.

I love this time! I love these people! I love this challenge! I love these days! I love this hustle!

Good Night!
All The Best for Tomorrow!

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