Winter Jacket

I just landed safely in Windsor and it’s beautiful. It’s freezing cold here. It’s fun as winter is my favorite season but also sometimes it becomes unbearable.

However, if you wear lots of things then you will at least be able to bear the things and keep yourself alive.

Be that as it may, I am here to share my another story.

So, Yesterday, I went to registrar’s office to get my enrollment letter.

A lady named Rachel processed my enrollment letter. She is Indian. After giving me my letter. One small conversation took place as she noticed Surat, India in my address.

She: So when did you arrive?

Me: Yesterday night.

She: (Seeing me wearing lots of winter gear) Oh! You must be feeling cold. Eh?

Me: Yes. I do. Even after wearing 5 layers. I am still feeling too cold.

She: Yes. Just keep yourself warm. I know it would be a bit tough to adjust in this weather. But keep yourself as warm as possible. And don’t catch fever or something. Otherwise, it would be really bad for you.

Me: Yes ma’am. I will. Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

She: Ok. Here you go. This is your enrollment letter. I have updated your address to your local address as well which wasn’t updated before. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks. You too.

I went back to home.

During the night, I received one email with subject being ‘Winter Jacket’. Something like this…

Hello Unnit,

This is Rachel from the Registrar’s Office. I processed your enrollment letter. If you like I have a brand new jacket at home that I can bring it for your use if you need it. Please let me know.

Seeing this email, I thought about how polite and kind people of this country are.

I replied…

Hello Rachel Ma’am,

Yes, with the help of that letter, I got the SIN Number and your help is appreciated.

And for that Jacket, Yes, definitely it would be a great help if you can land it till I get the new one. It’s literally freezing here.

Unnit Metaliya

Got a reply….

Good morning Unnit,

I have the jacket with me. Either you can collect it from my office or I can bring it over sometime today. Not sure about the time.

Rachel Philipose

I went to her office around evening…

After seeing me…

She: Oh Good to see you.

Me: You too ma’am.

She: Please come with me.

(She took me inside her office from the desk.)

She: Wear it.

I did.

She: Perfect. You can keep it with yourself. No need to return it. No need to buy a new one.

The jacket is very warm and perfect for Winter. Canadian Winter.

Me: Thank You very much, ma’am. I really appreciate this. Which part of India are you from?

She: South

Me: That’s great.

Me: Okay. So I am going to bring some sweets for you tomorrow which my mom packed for me. Please don’t deny that.

She: Smiled. Sure. ?

Just a second day in Canada and I already started seeing humanity everywhevery timetime.

I have heard many good things about Canada. And I am glad to tell you that, I am seeing and experiencing more than that.

Too polite and kind people.

Just a beginning. More to experience.

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