Day 18/30

Day 18 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well, it was literally impossible to NOT MAKE IT before 5:00 a.m. Because I went to sleep way too earlier yesterday. Around 8 pm. That’s the rare thing which happened in history of my life. I seriously can’t recall last day when I went to sleep this early.

Coming to the day, at some point of time I asked myself a question. What are you doing man? Are you aware of what are you doing? At this point of time, all of a sudden I got many responsibilities to take care of so it involves lot of hassle this days.

I was commuting in my town for important work from A to B, B to C, C to, A to D, D to B, B to E, E to F, F to C and so on. A, B, C, D, E, F being considerable kilometers far from each other. I would like to say special thanks to my bike which bears me for whole day and helps me to travel and take care of things. She is with me since long time. She is awesome. We go on long drives daily. She is beautiful. She needs service by the way. 😆

The day began with preparing one friend for her IELTS exam in the early morning. We went to one of our common friend’s home from where the exam center was nearer. Once the exam got finished, I left for the afternoon to get my tasks done and for that, I had to visit and travel much. It took almost half of day.

After that, I went back again to that friend’s place from where I was supposed to visit my counselor. All of my squad also came with me because I needed some company and also we wanted to meet one of our faculty who taught us in our time. The coolest faculty I have ever encountered. It’s very rare to get cool teachers and you also need to be damn lucky to have a chance to learn from a person who is extremely cool and one would not feel bored while being taught in his class. We had one. 🙂

Then all of us went to meet the other friend of ours whose day it was. We went to him and celebrated his birthday by wishing him. It then got followed by going to that friend’s place, bade good bye to each other and left for home.

Came back home, had dinner, worked for couple of hours and it’s already midnight.

Now go and come back tomorrow. (Lol! As if someone’s refreshing his/her window since early evening just to read your stupid post. 🙄 )

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Day 17/30

Day 17 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

This is the post for Day 17 and I am writing it on the early morning of Day 18. Yes, yesterday I got no time to write this post.

So, I was in really complex place to wake up early. Not only it was awkward but also I had to think about people’s discomfort just because of my waking up early thing. That being the reason, I put my alarm ring volume at the level so that only I can hear and not anyone. I had to make it at 4:30 or turn the alarm in split second because I was afraid of people getting disturbed. And I made it.

Now, I had to think again whether I should go for taking a bath or not. But the thing was, the bathroom was so close to the bed of my friend’s roommate and I did not want to ruin his sleep by noise of shower and get curses for making him part of my challenge. So, I passed on that.

Strangely the thing with me is if I don’t get refreshed right after waking up, I can’t kill the drowsiness. So, after answering and clearing few e-mails, I took a nap again of half an hour. Then I woke up and got refreshed.

Then after taking breakfast my friend dropped me to the bus station from where I was supposed to catch the bus for Surat. I then traveled 284 km for 6 hours all the way from Gandhinagar to Surat.

After coming back to Surat, I have spent some time with my family for a while.

Around evening I was so exhausted that I couldn’t resist myself from falling asleep. In fact, I should have not, because there was lack of sleep in past few days and I needed to give my body rest to avoid prospective illness or sickness. Who likes fever and headache?


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Day 16/30

Day 16 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Well. I will wrap this post up as quick as I can because it is already 2:00 am and I don’t want any hindrances while waking up and making it at 5:00 a.m tomorrow, because yesterday I went to sleep late and it was too difficult to make it at 5:00 a.m for several reasons.

I was afraid that I will ruin the sleep of my friend’s roommates by letting my alarm ring at 4:30 a.m. I did not want to cause any kind of inconvenience to any one just because of my this challenge. So, I have put alarm of 5:30 a.m, but I opened my eyes around 4:45 a.m without an alarm! I was thinking that it’s better if I get up before 5:30 a.m as I will turn the alarm off before it rings and don’t ruin anyone’s sleep who ain’t on stupid challenge like mine!! Fortunately, I got it covered.

The day was amazing!

Right after getting refreshed, my friend dropped me to the place from where I was supposed to take public transport to the hospital for immigration medical check up. Many of my friends who did medical checkup warned me on reaching early in the morning as there would be rush around evening. Hence, I followed their advice and did the same.

It was around 4 hours process which makes yourself go through certain medical tests. Had I been there around afternoon, it would have been longer. Around 6 hours because of the rush.

After finishing that, I came back to my friend’s place and I was so exhausted that I slept for two hours. It was so deep sleep which I used to get right after external exams in which I used to sleep only for couple of hours at night before exam. The D-Night before the D-Day! 😆

Around evening, I was supposed to meet one good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. We met each other and spent good time together. With in no time, it became midnight. Yes, when you got company of similar thoughts and similar kind of experiences to share with each other, time flows like water. It’s just like that. Then I dropped her at her place.

After dropping her, I went to meet those same two college friends, best friends, close friends, IDIOTS whom I described yesterday to have some fun and bade them “bye” as I will be leaving Gandhinagar tomorrow for Surat.

Then I came back to my friend’s place and took care of projects for a while. It’s already 2:00 am.

Let’s see tomorrow whether I can make it or not.

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Day 15/30

Day 15 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Now that’s a milestone! I am halfway through my challenge! 😀

To be frank, today it was too tough to wake up as I went to sleep bit late yesterday. However, I am determinant for my goal and I try hard to make it happen before 5:00 a.m. And I did.

The day was wonderful. A special day for me.

I was going to travel from Surat to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup. But, before that I needed to visit my school to get some documentation work done. I was too excited to visit my school. After all, I was going to be there after many years. It has been 1673 days since we left the school.

As soon as I entered the gate, I sighed being emotional. Sentimental hormones started getting formed and developed flashes of the memories which happened in this beautiful wonderland. I almost wept.

It was time when there were no responsibilities and boundaries about anything. The time when we were doing what our innocence allowed to do without thinking about any serious factors.

I met the teachers who used to teach us various subjects during school time. Even after 5 years, they welcome you with same behavior and they recognize you as a scholar student (I was one! No Claps Please! 😀 ), that’s impressive! I felt glad actually after meeting all of my teachers. I heartily realize that they had and still have a part in my life to mold me in a better person.

After getting the work done in the office, I was eager to visit all the places where we had memories and fun during school-time. I had time so I thought let’s roam around and take a glance.

The cricket ground where we played cricket…

PP Savani Abrama Cricket Ground

Yellow Ladies. I tried to find No. 12 and 49 (My buses during my time) but couldn’t…



Swimming pool where I swam…


The Auditorium where we prayed, got motivated, learnt things, got bored sometimes and so on… 😉

PP Savani Abrama Auditorium

The Gateway to our department. Same love for Narmad Bhavan. 😀

Narmad Bhavan - PP Savani Abrama

One thing which all students love with full of their heart is the sound of this little equipment. The same old bell…

School Bell PP Savani Abrama

From the corridor of our floor…

PP Savani Abrama Narmad Bhavan Science

A ground where we played random things…

PP Savani International school Playground

A ground where we played football…


A kid giving evil smile to me by thinking that, look at our life! No responsibilities and no worries. Just kicking football! And look at yours! Hunhh! 😈

PP Savani Football Ground

A court where we played basketball…

Basketball ground - PP Savani Abrama

A ground where we played Rugby..

PP Savani Ground and Gardens

The Dining Hall where we ate lots of cuisines. Sometimes awesome (e.g Idli-Sambhaar. No one hated it. Did anyone?). Sometimes bitter (e.g Masala Chickpeas & Rose Milk-Biscuit. Who liked it?). 😆

Dinning Hall of PP Savani Abrama

The elegant view from corridor (especially in winter when morning breeze makes it look like heaven) 

Tapi River from PP Savani

(I will add more photos tomorrow. I am being late for sleep….)

After that, I came back home and packed stuff and left for Gandhinagar. Yes, whenever I have some work in Ahmedabad, I prefer to be at Gandhinagar, because one of my good friend lives there and Gandhinagar is kinda awesome place to be at! Heavenly Peace!

At the end of the day, I met two of my college best buddies as they got job here and had ultimate fun. It has been 136 days since we left the college and it was amazing to see them after such a long time.

Well, now, whenever I am in Gandhinagar, nightout is kind of fixed. Because this is the perfect place for that. We had great time hanging out and came back home around midnight. I took care of the work for a while and it became 2:00 a.m. in no time. This would be the first time when I am writing a post for the supposed day on next day.

I will have to wake up early tomorrow anyhow even if I don’t wish because the appointment is at early morning.

I will update and edit the post tomorrow.. it’s too late now. The day was full of travelling, I am exhausted. And it’s already 2:00 a.m.

Good Night.

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Day 14/30

Day 14 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Good to see you here 🙂

Coming to this day, the first half of the day was hectic and the other half was super cool.

Hectic part of the day was too hectic I would say. I was like jack’s multitasking superman for the half of the day. And it’s not a small deal at all. You get baffled sometimes that you just can’t decide what to do. However, some work and tasks are like something in which just outcome matters and not the efficiency. I was having more of that today, so it was sorted.

Then the super cool part came…

Around afternoon, I was supposed to meet my squad after long time. Now, how many times do I need to say it was ultimate fun? 😀

As it was Sunday, it was possible to gather all of my buddies at once . So, I was ready to reschedule my work at night and meet them to have some fun during day time. Not a big compromise! In fact, a perfect way of living life! Ain’t it? Hell yeah, it is! Be serious about your work and duty but not too much that you forget the real essence of this beautiful world and turn into reckless zombie! 😀

I went to one friend and from there, it was going to be bit long ride in his car to meet others. His car has got lot of memories for our group. We all simply love it. It’s a bliss for us. 🙂

He is also planning for abroad studies so our discussion was mainly on this topic. In fact, all of us are planning the same thing and I hope that we all make it to the destination.

After reaching to the other friend’s place, I helped two of them for preparation related to the examination for their university process ( In case you are wondering which exam? It’s IELTS). And after that, we utterly enjoyed the gathering and had amazing time till evening.

Then, I came back to home and worked on projects for couple of hours.

All and all, this day was a blast!!

See You Soon. 🙂

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