Day 23/30

Day 23 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Welcome back people! It’s always good to see you here.

Well, I almost messed up this challenge today. No no, I woke up on time. That wasn’t an issue. But, to be honest, I wanted to go back again. I almost went back but did not sleep. Thanks Guys! Then I kicked myself outside the bed and went for getting refreshed.

In morning itself, I had to get involved into less important thing which made me feel like I am ruining the productive time of mine in useless thing. But, I had no other option than doing that thing.

From morning to noon, I worked and completed as much as I could because after noon, I had to go outside to complete that ForEx work. Yes, I already got the competitive price yesterday but there was still a room for negotiation if that friend would personally come with me and talk orally with officer instead of talking on phone. He informed me yesterday to come back and told me that we will go tomorrow. I did that and I got difference. A huge one.

Then I went to other ForEx agents as one of my friend had some work there and I also wanted to ask a thing or two for future purpose. It got followed by visiting the premise to meet my counselor to discuss about further process.

Then I met a friend of mine to kill the headache caused by travelling in heat and traffic and chilled at that canteen. Yes, due to the season of Diwali festival, there’s hell of traffic nowadays at anytime of the day and at any place in town. Especially, in downtown part.

Then, I came back home and tried to take a nap but couldn’t. I thought let me read my school visit post (my favorite 🙂 ) one more time. After reading that post, I took a nap of around 5 minutes. Had some crunch and came back to square one, the good ‘ol desk and worked on projects.

Today, I want to sleep bit earlier because tomorrow I want to wake up a lot earlier than the official time of this challenge. 😉

So that was it for today.

Only one week left for the completion of this challenge! 😀

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Day 22/30

Day 22 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

This thing happened again. It’s morning of Day 23 and I will be writing about Day 22 in this post.

Ehh..! You just can’t miss it just like that Unnit! What the hell?

Well, here’s the hell..

Yesterday started way too earlier in morning and it has involved lot of commuting in town between A,B,C,D,E,F places for various tasks. And around 10:30 p.m. my eye-lids were giving me signs to call it a night. I was half asleep. Now, the thing is if I feel sleepy and I catch up with some work at night and if the sleepiness goes away, I would not be able to sleep for whole night no matter how exhausted I am. I have problems….

Right after waking up and getting refreshed, I took care of on going projects in as quick manner as I could because I knew that the day was going to be total outing. I was just waiting for the opening of banks.

Around 10:00 a.m, I visited bank with my father to get some work done. Then I visited another bank to get my work done. Then I visited the main branch of this another bank because I was having work related to ForEx and it was supposed to be taken care of by their main branch and not the home branch.

When I went to the main branch of this bank, I realized how important your networking with people is. How it helps you in negotiation and bringing good profitable results. It matters a lot. The price of foreign currency which the bank officer told me at first when I went to him got marginally lowered down just because of one call which I made to one of my friend who was in good touch with this officer in discussion. He had informed me beforehand to call him once I go there.

I was there with only 3% battery in my mobile. It sucked. It happens with me all the time. When you got nothing important with your mobile and almost for whole day you would not be having any important use of mobile, then you would be having 100% battery with yourself. But, when you are having many important things to do with this ultra-life-changing invention, then you would be having almost no battery or no network or no talk-time balance etc. My luck has problems…

I asked that officer for a favor to provide me charger and he did. My battery percentage got pumped up all the way from 3% to 7% ( 😆 ). Asking solves problems!

After finishing the work, I came back outside the bank and guess what?? I got surprise of the day! My bike got toed! 😯

Seriously Universe? You wanted to get me a parking ticket on yesterday only? I mean there were many times in which I parked in No-Parking zone! You could have given me the ticket on those days when I had nothing to do with the rest of the day instead of this day!! Couldn’t you?

This also happens all the time! When you got nothing to do with the time you are having, then even if you park your vehicle literally on the road, no one would touch! But, if there’s day when you are running short on time, then even if you park at a place which doesn’t look like No-Parking zone from any corner, you will get a beautiful slip! My luck has some SERIOUS problems…

Then I had to walk for 15-20 minutes in scorching heat to get my bike back. It was kind of area in which there was no appearance of any sort of public transport.

Shit happens!

After handling the happening of that shit, I went to visit other third party ForEx agents to cross-compare the prices.

After that, I went to meet my counselor (my mobile was dead at that moment and I asked again to the receptionist for a favor and she helped. See! Asking solves problems! 😉 ) to get some doubts solved and met friends who prepares for their abroad studies there. As always, it involves same thing. Bit of fun, bit of seriously preparing them for their exam and bit of hanging out at our favorite canteen in the building, eating lots of pop rings, chilling, pulling legs, cherishing time and living in the moments. 🙂

Then I came back home, had dinner, chatted with mom and dad for a while and after spending 10-15 minutes here and there, I started feeling sleepy. I thought that I will be forgiven one more time for not posting at night and doing it in morning and went to sleep.

‘Nough of rant.

Thanks for reading!

See You Tonight……Hopefully 😉

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Day 21/30

Day 21 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

It’s 21st Day. 😀

Have you ever heard of that 21-Days Rule? No?

Well, if you want to form a new habit of something then if you do that thing consecutively for 21 days without missing a single day in between then it will become a habit. It also works other way around, which means, if you want to kill any bad habit which you are having an obsession with then if you stay away from it for consecutive 21 days then there are huge chances that it will be totally gone.

Technically, I can’t say that I successfully followed this rule and arrived on 21st day as there was one day in which I couldn’t make it.

However, I guess I got command on this habit pretty earlier in just initial few days. The day when I couldn’t wake up had its own circumstances with it. We all are humans and we all get circumstances in which we can’t do anything. Don’t we?

Coming to the day, it was normal day for me. It was Sunday but did not seem like one. It’s season of Diwali but it doesn’t feel like one. Where’s that time when we used to wait eagerly for Diwali and were counting days in reverse for the arrival of this delightful festival of lights? It’s long gone I guess.

As always, morning was productive and amazing. It would always be if you get good amount of sleep at night. If you don’t feel productive in morning then it would be because of lack of sleep at night. Plain and Simple.

Be that as it may, I got many distractions during day and that is something which is needed to be fixed. Distractions taste sweater and allures our mind to run away from work by providing absurd reasons. It sucks later on.

I found today’s evening superb as well. In fact, in evening I did more than morning. I don’t have much time to say anything now because it’s late and I think I should go to sleep.

As it’s a website (not a blog…! website sounds cooler..! 🙄 ) which I developed for improving the productivity and if I pass hours in writing posts then there’s no point in that. It would be completely ironic if I do that. All and all, the tasks which I wanted to accomplish got almost finished.

This thing’s helping!

So that was it.

See you around. 🙂

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Day 20/30

Day 20 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

So, it seems like we are getting nearer to the completion of challenge. Aren’t we?

66.66% challenge completed!

Yes, as always morning was bit productive but I passed much of the morning time doing less important activities which could have done later in the daytime. And grabbed more important things later in evening which could have done in much efficient manner if done in morning.  I think I should prioritize things instead of doing what comes handy first.

Around after noon, my best friend called me. He said, it’s been a while and I am free today. I know he is struggling a lot these days to get his start-up on track. Family forces him for job and it’s out of his league. We both share entrepreneurial mindset and have higher goals.

He is having good job offers in his hand but he breathes for business. This scenario happens all the time, when we would be together and elder people would be explaining him numerous advantages of taking a job instead of doing business. At that time, I stay shut like statue and what I think is, “try your luck people”, only I know what he is going to do. Don’t waste your time. 😀

He came to my home and informed me that his father finally agreed with him and will help him with setting up his start-up after Diwali. I was like.. Yes!! Finally!! The father-son battle which was going on for last few months ended up in a peaceful way. Let’s wish him luck! By the way, he don’t need one. He works hard. Hard workers don’t need luck. They create it. 🙂

It’s not only him who fought and is fighting for his dream. There are many people whom I know who are fighting for their dreams with their parents. I won’t deny the fact that I have been extremely lucky in that case. My parents gave me full freedom and support for doing whatever I wish without central command of theirs.

If we start listing the obstacles for any person which might come in his/her way while accomplishing the dream then the permission and support from parents would be the first one. I know I am too young to come forward and suggest something like this, but you know what dear parents, there are some things which your child won’t be able to share with you, but only with his best friend. So there are some things which you don’t but your child’s friend know what he is actually going through. I am that friend of your child. 🙂

Care for your children but not too much. Don’t over-care that caring seems like control.

After that, we went to one of our other awesome friend’s office as he was inviting us badly since long time because we haven’t seen each other in last few months. We used to sit in same bench during school-time.

He is the other dreamer who did not listen to any damn person who came in his way while dreaming. A second-year college drop out. Realized early that study ain’t his thing and went for setting up businesses. Faced failures more than successes.  Every time we meet him, he would be up to doing something new. He is the owner/partner/investor of multiple business ventures. He is doing too good now when compared to whole batch of ours.

I feel proud that I got kick-ass hustlers as my close people.

Overall, this day was amazing. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Bonne Nuit! 🙂

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Day 19/30

Day 19 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

So… since when were you refreshing the window? 😆

My first alarm rings at 4:30 a.m daily. But, today I got my eyes opened at sharp 4:00. I don’t know why. Perhaps, it was because yesterday I went to sleep doing overthinking. Then I tried to utilize left time in sleeping but couldn’t.

I woke up and got refreshed. Took breakfast and handled urgent project work which literally is eating my head for last two days.

Then I was just waiting for opening of bank as I had to go there and get some work done which I was procrastinating (sorry! 😕 You hate this word right? Well, me too.) upon for last couple of days. But, now it’s done.

It took some time as I had many silly doubts to get sorted out. It took around 1.5 hour and then I came back home.

Apart from that bank work and working on projects, there weren’t any colorful or hectic tasks involved in this day. Don’t be so surprised! Sometimes I get to live normal days as well….  sometimes I said! 🙄

Why is it always like that? Why?

Whenever, you get load, you get a hell lot of it and sometimes there won’t be anything which one would prefer to consider even as load. Sweet Load & Bitter Load. Today’s one was kinda sweet.

By the way, it’s 21/10 and it’s my brother’s day! Wish him! Happy Birthday Big Brother! 😎

‘Night World.

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