Day 29/30

Day 29 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Happy New Year People! šŸ˜€

(Don’t roll your eyes afterĀ thinking that new year comes on 01/01! I am talking about new year of Hindu people—the people who believes in The God Rama šŸ™‚ )

Not only me but my whole family woke up too early today as it was new year.

The day began with taking blessings from parents and wishing and greeting the new year to cousins and closed ones.

The overall day involved taking/making phone calls for new year wishes, replying to copy-pasted emotionless messages by our copy-pasted emotionless message, eating sweets, nappingĀ the whole afternoon off etc.

After taking the afternoon nap, I was sited in veranda and was thinking that how fast years come and go. Normal human has got around 70-80 years (yeah thanks to junk we eat and exercise we don’t do! šŸ™„ )Ā with himself/herself and it doesn’t take long forĀ 1 year to pass by.

So, take a look back to the past year and think about what significant you have done in past year and make a look forward to this new year and think about what significant you are going to do in this year. And I wish you all the very best for that.

Around evening, I was getting so bored as I had nothing to do. Well, I have pending projects but I made myself take a break on this day. So to kill that boredom, I picked one book –Ā Paper Money by Ken FollettĀ from my collection and read half of it in one go. The book’s plot has took interesting turn and hopefully I will complete it in couple of days.

Here’s a glimpse of my collection by the way..

Book Collection of Unnit Metaliya

After that, I received best troll-come-call of the year from one of my friend’s aunt for wishing Happy New Year. Aunt is such an amazing person and her place is our by-default hangout place. We haven’t talked on phone ever so she might have thought to troll me by continuously asking about someĀ Rekhaben and pretending that she had cold fight with her lately and wants the matter to get sorted out. I lost 5.3 kg of my weight explaining her that there’s no Rekhaben on this sideĀ and you have dialedĀ wrong number.

Now, here I sensed that, there’s someone who knows me on the other side of the phone and just trying to troll me. TheĀ conversation lasted bit longer and then after getting few hints, I figured it out that it’s my friend’s aunt and it then got followed by laughter from both the side. Troll Successful! šŸ˜†

Life Lesson: Never be ignorant or arrogant freak with unknown numbers! There can be anyone respectable on the other side who just wants to pull your leg sometimes. Be Aware!

And around late evening before calling it a night, as usual, I spent some quality time with family and had some talks and laughs.

Overall, the day was amazing!

Tomorrow’s the grand finale!

See You There! šŸ˜Ž

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