Day 09/30

Day 9 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Without an alarm! ūüôā

I opened my eyes sharp at 4:25 a.m. without ringing of an alarm. I think my mind¬†is naturally getting accustomed¬†with this change.¬†And that is all we want, don’t we?

This habit is proving itself to be an enormously beneficial change in my life. I mean before I started with this challenge, I was having merely half days with me, that too filled with full of laziness. Now, there’s nothing like that anymore. Granted, during¬†nights I was not just wasting my time but as compared to this, that routine¬†was needed to be changed.

Coming to this day, it was wonderful. I am getting the stuff done in a way I wanted to. What more can I ask for? I am seeing lot of progress just because of this change. I know that today I am writing a lot about this change because today I truly felt incredibly productive as compared to past 8 days of this challenge.

After around 4:00 p.m, I was all free. Hence, I started with the task I promised yesterday. Garbage Cleaning! On a side note, I really don’t transfer or store¬†garbage and let it be there in my computer but some stuff which was awesome when I transferred has no value or meaning as¬†it was having at the time when I stored and now became useless. For example, Google I/O 2014, iPhone 5s Launching Event, TechCrunch Disrupt Start-Up Battlefield etc. I have deleted numbers¬†of movies, songs, videos, games and countless other things as well.

Take a look. Both are blue now! ūüėÄ



Yesterday, there was only 5.88 GB of space available, which now is 66.2 GB! 

Now, that’s some deletion!

Besides, my computer was infected with New Folder Virus. An annoying virus which makes .exe file inside the folders with the same name of the folder. It is simple virus which technically does almost no harm to your computer. It’s just elementary¬†virus which you can remove even by delete function but its size is 1.1 mb.

I checked property of my drive and found that there were around 13000 folders. Which means there should be around 13000 New Folder virus files. Right? Which means 13 GB space was eaten up only by this virus???

13 GB of space occupied only by viruses on a Computer Science Graduate’s PC?

That’s Shame!!

Manually deleting all the files would have been laborious and next to impossible. So, without wasting a second, I searched about it on Google but found no satisfactory results. Everybody was mentioning some shitty tools which would do nothing but bring more junk to your drives. I did not opt for that.

Instead, I tried one JUGAAD (Yes!! The word Jugaad has its Wikipedia Page!!).

Here’s what my JUGAAD was:

I typed “*.exe” in the search box of my drive, which showed¬†all the .exe files. Then, I sorted it with “Date Modified” because I guessed that virus would have got created on same day and guess what? My guess was right. ūüėÄ

I then selected all the folder.exe files which were having the size of 1.1 mb and deleted all of them. There were around only 6000 of it instead of 13000.

That was it.

This was also something I wanted to do since college-time. To clean up my PC! But, as I was world-class procrastinator back then, this was not something I would do. Now, finally¬†it’s done.


See you tomorrow.

Till then Chill ūüėé

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Day 08/30


Day 8 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

On track again. ūüôā

The day was super cool.

Kicking myself out wasn’t difficult today. It was easy. But, not too easy, though.

No naps. Nothing.

The day involved preparing invoices for the past work and doing some ongoing work. I tell you preparing invoices is most exciting part but it took more time than what it should have taken ideally. My folders in drive are too messy at this time and that caused it.

In addition to that, there’s lot of useless stuff eating storage space for no reason. Take a look. Both are red.


Garbage and useless stuff¬†needs to get removed. I am going to do it tomorrow. I know it’s not that important but it’s¬†annoying and affects memory performance as well.

I am writing this at 11:55 and could have almost missed it. It was not because of work or something like that. I took care of it very well and was done with it around evening itself.

I was happy with the fact that finally today I will call it a night bit earlier. But, as fate would have it, a good friend of mine called me as he was in town. As it is period of holidays, many of our other common friends from school-time were also there.

I would say it was kinda not-so-planned re-union. We had ultimate fun recalling old memories from school-time. It’s always ultimate fun. So, remember the thing I told you in Day #4¬†post (fourth last paragraph)? In case, we were friends at any point of time and you end up reading this post, just hit me up!

Now, I think I should go. It might be bit arduous to make it at 5:00, but I got some techniques! ūüėČ

I am pretty darn sure that I will make it.

‘Night & Chilled Dreams!

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Day 07/30

Day 7 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

I seriously don’t wanna post this. I seriously don’t.

Still, let’s do it.

I will be honest as F for my this post.

Ok. So we came around 3 a.m yesterday and I went to sleep at around 3:45 a.m. Hence, it was practically impossible to make it at 5:00 a.m.

However, I made my mind that no matter what but I will just jump outside the bed at 5 a.m & drowsiness will be taken care of later in daytime by taking a nap if I need one. At the end, sleeping just for two hours and waking up isn’t something which I have never done before. There were many times when I faced this situation. (Remember exams?)

But, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t open my eyes till 6:30 a.m. (Ok Unnit! Now you started bringing¬†excuses!).


Trust me 6:30 really is a big deal for me. If something like this would have happened before I started this challenge, I would have woken up around 10-11 a.m. for sure.

This was nothing but a small bad hindrance in my good self-given challenge. I would not like to see this happen for the rest of my challenge.

When it comes to the tasks and work, I learned and read many things during the day. Worked at noon after taking one moderate sized nap and went again at night for Navratri to have some fun. Came back earlier so that I can go to sleep earlier. Wrote this post and almost ready to call it a night.

Let’s call it then. ūüėČ

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Day 06/30


Day 6 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge

Ok. We were good today….. almost.

I don’t have much time today for writing this post as one of my cousin is dragging me for Navratri festival. I got around only couple of minutes.

So yesterday I went to bed around 11:30. But, I think I might have slept around 1:00 am. I was tired and exhausted still I could not make it to sleep. I was pondering upon pointless thoughts unnecessarily. I¬†tried delta music for sleeping and sleeping hypnosis but nothing worked. I have problems…

Unfortunately, I don’t belong to that category of people who would sleep in a jiffy once they lie on bed. My dad is of that type. Many of my friends too. I envy you people!!

But, I woke up completely and dragged myself out of bed at 4:30. So willingly or unwillingly I had to take one huge nap around noon.

Well, I have to go now so I will wrap it up in short.

Performance-wise I would say that the day was below average. However, I completed the work which I wanted to complete and still the day isn’t over yet.

We are going out for Gujarati people’s most favorite festival, which is Navratri and it is nothing but ultimate fun. You can consider it as Tomorrowland of Gujarati people ūüėČ

That was it.

Take care.

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Day 05/30

Day 5 of Unnit Metaliya's Challenge


I am here again. ūüėČ

Well, today it was bit difficult again as I went to sleep little late yesterday because of some urgent work. But, eventually, I made it and¬†kicked myself out from the bed before the time I have promised you—the whole universe.

Keeping ‘Most Important Thing First’ in my mind, I directly started working on project. Until¬†noon, I have done enough¬†to make me feel satisfied throughout the day. I actually couldn’t figure out how time flowed and when it became 1:00 p.m. Yes, I was deeply involved in work to that extent. I¬†hope I can get more like this in future.

In morning itself, I was having this thought that today I will have to take a nap. Otherwise, it won’t work out. Interestingly though, now when I decide to go and take rest then I don’t feel same as¬†what I was feeling in my those discipline-less days. During that time, I would just take rest even if there’s no urgent¬†need to take it. That’s laziness. Now, I think that happens when one forces¬†his body to do something which it isn’t supposed to do. Naturally, at night, it is supposed to take rest. But, no! I was doing the other way around. I had problems…

Evening-to-Night period was quite similar to Morning-to-Noon.

I’m at just 5th day of my challenge and I am already seeing benefits of my this newly developed good habit. My mind stays calm and I get none-to-less negative thoughts as compared to earlier. All I feel is positivity and motivation to work hard and achieve more. Morning pumps it up in myself.

That’s it for now.

See you again.


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