Feeling Awesome After Visiting Gandhinagar in Gujarat, India

Note Before You Start This: I just logged into my Evernote (a cloud based digital diary you can say) and found many of my old writings which I used to write before I started this site. I write stuff when I am getting bored, feeling frustrated, looking for answers to difficult questions about life, feeling happy, tensed, depressed, low etc. Writing helps me in reducing anxiety all the time. I think those short stories, experiences, and everything totally deserves to be on this site. That being the reason, I will publish all of them from time to time in the form of different posts. I hope you will like it. 

I don’t know, today I feel amazing. I wish every day should be like this. I really really feel awesome and I have no idea why it is so.

I left Gandhinagar after 5 days of chilling. Was lucky enough to meet two of my best buddies from school time. Had a great time with both of them. Recalling old experiences and memories was ultimate fun.
In my initial two days, I wasn’t feeling that good because the hangover of the stuff which happened back at Surat was still there and it was all over my mind. Not letting me be ‘thoughtless’ even for a while.
But, then the wisest decision I made. Cutting myself off from WhatsApp. Well, I did not literally uninstall WhatsApp but instead of that, I went with more amazing way. Not turning the Wifi on on my mobile which also cut me off from other useless sticky, shitty things in mobile. I totally loved it and still loving it. Of course, I won’t let it be like this forever. But, it helped me a lot. I feel recovered.
And, I am glad enough that I did it. I recovered myself. I feel awesome now and I wish that I will be like this when I reach home. I missed home very much but on the other hand, I loved Vidyanagar, Oops sorry! Gandhinagar very much. I don’t know all the time my tongue slips and I end up speaking Vidyanagar instead of Gandhinagar. It totally reminded me Vidyanagar. Totally.!! I think they both are same, just latitude and longitude on the map are different. Otherwise the people, the way of living, everything is same.
All and all, that time was worth it and my this visit to Gandhinagar would be unforgettable experience throughout the life and something which I would like to experience again…….if time permits!!
Location: In bus, going back to Surat from Gandhinagar
Time: 1:35 pm to 2:12 pm, September 19, 2016
After: Feeling recovered and awesome for no particular reason
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  1. It’s really awesome bro.
    You are the kind of person who gives much time to themselves……. very enthusiastic 😄

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