[PROBLEM SOLVED] – Intended work in Canada Section Express Entry Profile – DON’T DO THIS!

Lot of people mess up this section called “Intended work in Canada express entry” section and end up risking their whole express entry profile. There’s no doubt the section title is bit misleading and confusing.

When I was creating my express entry profile, everything went buttery smooth until I arrived to this section called “Intended work in Canada”.

They are particularly confusing you with intended work in Canada job offer thing and in this article we will solve that for your express entry profile.

It includes one simple question:

Does FIRSTNAME LASTNAME have a job offer in Canada?

The offer must:

  • be for full-time and for at least one year
  • meet different requirements depending on type of job (i.e. some need apprenticeships and certification) and
  • be non-seasonal for Federal Skilled Workers.

The problem is there’s not even a help button unlike other questions explaining the section better.

That’s fine.

I went to Google and searched for the same thing with no luck in finding proper answer.

However, if you landed on this article with the same problem, you will get the proper answer for this confusing Intended work in Canada express entry section.

The thing is, if you know something about LMIA, it would be easier for you to digest this post. If not, I will explain it to you what in the world is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Yes. That section Intended work in Canada express entry section is for LMIA people.

If you are applying for Canadian Express Entry (CEC) class after one or more year of experience, you are supposed to select “No” in that section.

The reason is, if you select yes, the Canadian visa officer will assume you are applying under LMIA category.

What is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

It’s a category of applying for Permanent Residency in Canada for which you need a valid job offer stating they will be employing you for at least one year. If you haven’t worked in Canada and manage to get such type of offer from some employer, you can apply for PR under LMIA category before completing one year requirement. However, this is more complex and confusing process.

With that said, if you think you managed to get points and enough score without LMIA or you haven’t even heard what is LMIA, don’t worry about that section and just select No in Intended work in Canada section and move on for next section in your express entry profile creation.

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  1. This post literally saved my application, thank you so much!

    • You are welcome Imtiaz. Yes. That “Intended Work in Canada section” is bit confusing. Wish you good luck for your PR application.

  2. My brother did this mistake in his express entry profile, however he got the ITA. Can he make correction for this while submitting E-APR. (Applying after ITA)??

  3. thank you so much to clear my doubts

  4. charanpreet oberoi

    Thanks a ton. I was confused myself until i saw your article. Kudos.

  5. But if we say “YES” and there’s a question after taht asking if u have LMIA.. we can say NO there.. would that work? My friend applied through CEC and did exactly same, he got his PR smoothly.

    • It might have worked for your friend’s PR, but it can cause trouble for some other applicants. Looks like that part got ignored for your friend. Otherwise “intended work in Canada section” is a section that matters.

  6. I have a job right now in Canada in closed work permit with LMIA done before I arrived at Canada 14 months ago. I still work for the same company and I am creating an express entry profile now in Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Am i eligible to put yes on this section with my current employer LMIA number?

  7. Its not for only LMIA people only, its for people who either are under LMIA or under closed work permit or have a job offer with an employer continous for one year in either NOC A, B or 0
    If they select “no” in this question, they dont have a basis to apply for PR

  8. Thank you so much!! Your article has helped immensely.

  9. James Louis Marie De Monfort Ishimwe Shema

    What I want to know is, do I put yes on the part that asks if I have a valid Job offer if in my case I had already started working and been at it for a whole year?

  10. Thanks alot for your valuable post!!

  11. Hello,

    I got an ITA 3 months back and already submitted my docs but I came to know recently that my lawyer answered ‘yes’ to the question where it says do you have a valid job offer in intended work in Canada section .. I was/am working on an open work permit. I saw my points and they did not include any points for arranged employment. I want to change it to ‘no’ as I came to know that the offer of employment does only applies to LMIA based employees. My question is should I update my form with a NO option, since I didn’t got any points for arranged employment. And how can I change that as I’ve already submitted my docs.

    Kindly need your guidance on it.

    Thank you

  12. Hi, I put yes for Intended job and under that put no for LMIA question. I got ITA now. What can I do in this situation?

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