Beyond Perfect Letter of Explanation (LOE) Sample for Canada Student, Work OR PR Visa

Preparing the best letter of explanation for Canada visa is hard. Isn’t it? Well, your search for best LOE for Canada visa (cic) ends on this article.

Be it a letter of explanation for visitor visa, student visa, work visa or even permanent residency for Canada, this article is the exact thing you were looking for to get your visa approved.

Also, since Letter of Explanation is the kind of document which can get your approval-worthy case rejected and rejection-worthy case approved depending on what you write or don’t write in it, it’s my humble suggestion to read every single word on this article which took me like a month to put on internet.

Challenge of LOE

When you are planning for studying in Canada and gathering all the documents that you need to apply for study permit or work permit, almost everything is readily available there and you just need to arrange it at one place. I am talking about your mark-sheets, fee receipts, degree certificates, financial documents, passport, digital photos and everything. However, while doing the visa process and online application for Canada, you arrive at this particular thing called “Letter of Explanation”.

Real challenge is this letter not being ready and available in your hefty file of documents. You need to sit in front of desk for hours and hours and come up with best visa LOE for your application.

You see everything is almost readily available except one thing, the Letter of Explanation for your Canadian visa application.

This is when you think, wow, what the heck is that! Never heard of it.

You open new tab on Google and search for terms like, “letter of explanation samples”, “letter of explanation for cic” or “Canada study visa letter of explanation” etc.

My friend, let me tell you one thing. You are not alone. I did the same, my friends did the same and almost everybody does the same thing.

If you are still reading this article, you must be thinking why am I telling all these?

Well. In the search of perfect letter of explanation for Canada study permit application, I found none.

I read many of them and all of ’em seemed like some 8th grade essay types which aren’t convincing enough for as powerful thing as Canadian visa application.

I mean sure, if I am doing some kind of primary school application back in my home country, I would surely reference those basic letter of explanation samples written probably in 2005.

(Fun Fact: the level of perfection I (try to) aim in writing, I think I would still not reference them for primary school applications. ūüėČ)

However, at the time, I was talking about the letter of explanation for studying Masters in Canada, which was a real big deal!

The visa officer needs to feel the letter of explanation is written by a potential Masters degree candidate. If they feel like, I am showing them something copy pasted from internet, it’s a red flag for them to give me rejection.

With that said, if you are already going to spend days and nights on getting your whole Canadian visa application together, you might as well spend 10-15 minutes to read this post.

Because, hey, I drafted this post with a kind of motivation in my mind, which was thought out something along the lines, “I wish a post like this existed for letter of explanation sample when I was doing my Canada student visa application.”

I’ve spent days and nights working on my Letter of Explanation drafting every single line by brainstorming different ideas which are not only convincing to visa officer, but also unique and elegant to read.

In this post, I will not only share the perfect letter of explanation sample, but I will also tell you how can you make yourself to write something similar for your study permit application.

While, this post is mainly centered towards student visa application, I believe all kinds of applicants be it PR applicants, dependent visa applicants, work permit applicants or even citizenship applicants can reference this post and gain some knowledge for sure. You see, the content inside it might defer but the format and way of explanation should be same for all kinds of applications.

I would further insist, you don’t skim through this article just like any other post on internet, but read every single line to get the better picture. I promise if you digest this post fully, you won’t have to roam around on internet for the same thing again. I am not bragging and I don’t need to as it has been a long while since I completed my study and now working in Canada, but I think it’s a ruby gem you are looking for in terms of letter of explanation or statement of purpose. This post is purely purposed to genuinely help people across the globe. It’s not for me, it’s for you.

Now, I think that’s enough of introduction for this post. Let’s get started with actual content that you came here for.

What is Letter of Explanation?

Let me give you a straightforward definition in the context of Canadian visa application. You see Canadian Immigration Embassy wants you to standby your motives and don’t misuse the system they structured. Meaning if they think you are trying to migrate here permanently by means of student visa, it’s concerning for them. To be more clear, if you are coming here as student, they want you to return back to your home country once you are done studying.

Of course, your motives and plans may change after coming here and knowing the Canada as a country better. They don’t have problems with that. Thousands of people come here as students and start working later on which generally and usually gets followed by becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada. They know this thing for sure by their historical data.

However, even after knowing that, they don’t like the fact that you are using student stream because it’s easy way for you to become a PR. You know what I mean! Wink!

They would love it if you directly apply for PR instead of student visa if your end goal is to become a PR eventually.

I am not an expert in this field, actually no one is (damn! those consultants calling them experts! I hate ’em for ruining people’s lives charging ridiculous money!). Off-topic over! Sorry about that dear reader!

However, I know this by doing historical data analysis of people who got their visa rejected. With a reason stating, “you won’t leave Canada at the end of your stay”.

I hope not but it might be true that you are on this article after getting rejected with the same reason. Who knows!

I love it when data speaks.

That’s the most common reason to get rejection on Canada student visa. And, one reason behind that can be an immature and pretty basic letter of explanation with no proper explanation actually written in it or whatsoever.

Keeping all this historical data into consideration, I made myself determinant on NOT writing very simple letter of explanation copying from different places on internet for my own student visa application.

I told myself, I am gonna start writing on blank word file and I will make sure every single line I put in that letter of explanation document comes from my own mind and not somebody else’s.

And, I did it.

Hold your horses. I am gonna share the uncut version with you real soon in this very post.

How to Write Perfect Letter of Explanation for Canada Visa?

I don’t want to give lengthy explanation on this one as I am going to share my full letter of explanation sample in a while. That will give you better idea instead of mainstream explanation.

However, if not anything, your letter of explanation should address these questions in depth with proper professional sounding language.

List of Questions that a Genuine Letter of Explanation document should address:

  • Where are you from?
  • What course or program you are coming for? At which college or university? What is the duration of the course?
  • Why did you select that particular college or university?
  • Why did you choose Canada for your abroad studies?
  • Why not the same course in your home country?
  • What is your travel history?
  • What is your work experience or internship experience history?
  • How your chosen course is relevant to your past education and work experience? (This is bit complex part and you need to prove some relevancy even if there isn’t. If your past education and work experience is different than your chosen field and course work, you need to give them a justification of some sort to not reject your visa application based on irrelevant course selection reasons. Shoot us an email on if you need our professional help in this regard.)
  • How was your standings in your under-graduation and all the past education?
  • If you had backlogs or failures in some subjects, do you have explanation?
  • What is the relevancy of chosen course with your past education and work experience? Prove it.
  • What is your financial ability?
  • What are your reasons to go back to your home country once you are done doing studying or working?
  • And, many others which gets sprinkled in the Letter of Explanation here and there based on your own unique profile.

It’s not a lot. Is it?

Now, you must be thinking if you are supposed to address only this set of questions, let me just go ahead and start drafting the Letter of Explanation right away. It’s a piece of cake.

Wait a moment.

Before you start hurrying towards your own Letter, you need to make sure:

  • the letter of explanation (LOE) that you write is not wordy
  • the LOE is not boring
  • the flow in your LOE is nice and coherent
  • has a decent amount of professional vocabulary
  • the answers to above mentioned questions are not just one-word or one-sentence types. You need to write them deliberately in your Letter of Explanation for visa file.
  • And, the last and most important one, your Letter of Explanation is not at all copy pasted from internet.
  • It SHOULD and it MUST be one-hundred-percent plagiarism free.

If you have read this far without skimming anything, that means you are serious about your LOE. Now, you know what should and shouldn’t be there in your Letter of Explanation.

I won’t test your patience anymore. Let me just go ahead and share the beautiful sample Letter of Explanation for visa file with you.

Warning: Before I share the actual sample Letter of Explanation, let me remind you one more time. Don’t let all your hard work, preparation, efforts and time go into waste by simply copying and pasting this whole LOE sample and just changing the variables.

Keep in mind, you are not doing it for your college assignment. It’s a matter of getting your visa approved or rejected.

If you find it super difficult to prepare a convincing, powerful and low-risk Letter of Explanation for visa file, feel free to take our professional help by getting in touch with my very own study abroad visa consultancy through email ( We charge nominal fees just for our time and efforts.

I & my team have helped students with multiple rejections cases as well as first time applicants getting their visa approved by drafting “one-hundred-percent unique” and diligently strong convincing LOE.

Every LOE we make is convincing and helps tremendously to the applicant in getting visa approval.

We follow systematic manner in writing a perfect and strong Letter of Explanation (LOE).

If you decide to use our service, we will send over a Questionnaire form which has all the details we need from you for structuring a coherent and convincing visa LOE. For example, the standings in your past education, work experience details (if you have any), your chosen program at chosen institute in Canada, your admission intake, English language proficiency test (IELTS or TOEFL score) etc. This form takes somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes.

Once you fill up the Questionnaire form, we start the process of writing a LOE perfectly flowing around your profile and ready to be used for your visa application as it arrives in your email attachment. We have helped hundreds of people multi-folding their visa approval rate and also helped large number of people to convert their “rejected” visa file into “approved” one. All with the help of one document only, Visa LOE.



Letter of Explanation Sample for Visa File

Name:  Unnit Metaliya
Address: 9051, Cameoriana Boulevard
Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia – 2254

Visa Officer,
High Commission of Canada

Subject: Statement of Purpose for the Application of Student Visa


Institute Name: University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Course Name: Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security

Respected Sir/Madam,

I see Information Technology field as the greatest of all to make the world a better place by bits and pieces. It makes me happy when I see the innovations gearing up and making human life extremely productive. My ambition is to make a difference in this world by improving the IT security as I firmly believe what Robert F. Kennedy once said, ‚ÄúThe purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.‚ÄĚ I want to impact lives, by improving their personal digital security and their quality of life, as well as having the chance to teach them preventive measures.

I would like to begin this document by mentioning that I am extremely passionate in my chosen field, Information Technology & Network Security. I strive every day to rise up and find creative ways to educate myself by reading articles, exploring research papers, work on side projects and do everything I possibly can to become better tomorrow than what I was yesterday.

Ever since I can imagine, this interest got revamped in passion and I made myself determinant about making a career in the same field. This passion and love for IT Security kept growing and growing the more I explored about it during my Bachelors in Computer Science education.

After and during my Computer Science graduation which is highly relevant to IT Security, I immensely started reading IT research papers, programming blogs and computer science concepts in general which sparked a life-long interest in me to accomplish Information Technology Systems and Security as my primary career.

As I am sincerely serious about this career goal, I am leaving no stone untouched and putting 100% efforts to convince and explain you about my dreams and aspirations. I realized this course is super important for me to mark my spot in Indian information security industry.

And, I would like to be honest for the fact that my purpose behind getting this study permit is to only and only study in Canada and come back to India peacefully. To be truthful, it’s my burning desire and long-term career goal to get Canadian degree in Information Technology Systems and Security before I officially start with my full-time career after coming back to India.

I have no doubt that Canadian education would undoubtedly support me to work with best Indian industries.

Why Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security at University of Toronto?

For past few years, I was exploring the basics of local and international information security world during my past education and also doing lots of side projects on my own, it became my dream and life-long aspiration to pursue information security as my full-time career.

I am confident my course Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security would heavily help me in becoming expert in Indian information security industry.

Relevancy of the Course

This course is highly relevant to three things, my past education, my work experience and most importantly, my life ambitions and dreams. As I considered my alternatives for further studies in information security related programs, the Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security at University of Toronto seemed best choice for various reasons. I finalized this course after much more deliberations and expert advice from my professors, seniors and brainstorming for multiple days and nights.

Not only the offered subjects are strongly relevant to what I studied in past and aim to become expert at in future, but also the structure of the program and courses involved are particularly appealing to me. Given the globally popular demand of today’s Information Technology Systems and Security industry, it is essential for me to envision in a universal domain far from my home country, and doing as such in one of the reputed institutes in Canada will absolutely give me an innovative advantage in my career pursuits.

Having had the privilege to learn practical aspects of information security during my education, doing side projects and also a decent amount of work experience, I am confident of adding to the paradigm diversity of the Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security industry by joining the University of Toronto for my further studies. This program will surely provide me with the right skillset, personality, and practice to become best in my professional career after coming back to India. Studying and learning from the experienced and skilled faculties along with the prominent facilities being provided will surely back me in my academic pursuit and setup bright future in information security industry after coming back to India.

Two things I am highly interested to mention in these Letter of Explanation for visa file are, relevancy of my past education and work experience.

Speaking about the past education relevancy, I studied Bachelors in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology and graduated with 83% without any backlogs or failures. In my Bachelors in Computer Science education, I have taken numbers of courses related to Network Security, Information Technology, Computer Programming, Web Development, Database Administration and many more which would tremendously help me with all the course work in my chosen course Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security at University of Toronto.

Speaking about the work experience relevancy, after my Bachelors in Computer Science education, I have worked in variety of IT related roles like Web Developer and DevOps Engineer at very well-known companies in India like Microsoft and Flipkart. I have managed to learn huge amount of fundamentals in terms of Information Systems Security by performing a list of duties on my daily job at these companies. I am sure my tenure at these companies would significantly help me to do amazingly well in my course at University of Toronto.

My Current Qualifications and Alignment with the Chosen Program

The Masters in Information Technology Systems and Security at University of Toronto has all the abilities to provide me with much more all-embracing, perfect comprehension of all major concepts being used in Indian information security industry. As per my preference, the whole program teaches many interesting subjects and courses including the Introduction to Project Teams and Technical Communications for Software Development, Programming Fundamentals, Introduction to Networks, Networking Protocols and Concepts, Fundamentals of Virtualization, Introduction to Information Security, Advanced Networking Concepts and many others. All these subjects are extremely important in the Information Technology Systems and Security duties that I will be engaged on daily basis in my future career. I know for the fact that I used to live and breathe information security related concepts during studying and doing side projects in the same field.

My profile is having all the pre-requisites and I have successfully secured my admission there. I have secured amazing grades during my 10th and 12th grade education as you can see from the marksheets I have attached in my visa application. In addition to that, I have done super good in my Bachelors in Computer Science and graduated with 83% without any backlogs. Also, I’ve secured overall in 8.5 bands in IELTS with no less than 7.0 bands in any module which successfully meets the criteria University of Toronto provided for the admission.

Future Goals

After completion of this program, I am determinant to come back to my home country with outstanding skillset and join any reputed organization functioning in Information Security industry, which continues to thrive in India, as an expert in IT Security field. In past decade, the world has shown tremendous growth in this sector and there is and will be very huge demand of Information Security Specialists in near future. So, I would like to come back as a high skilled techno-functional information security Expert and join some reputed organization to make a bright and prosperous career.

Hence, after completing my course I am confident that I will easily get suitable job in leading reputed organizations in India. At the end, my only goal is to be a successful and dynamic professional in near future which can make me stand out amongst all people involved in Indian information security industry.

Why I will surely come back to India?

I have more than many good reasons to come back to India and not live in Canada permanently.

The main reason is my family. I am so dearly close to all my family members, relatives and friends. It’s a sacrifice I am doing to live away from them for 2 Years to study Masters degree in Canada. After my studies, I would again like to join them in India and be close to them.

The only reason for me to come to Canada is the way how Canadian education system is structured. I have seen many people coming to Canada for studies and come back to India with outstanding skills which led them to get better jobs and higher positions in reputed Indian organizations.

Due to all these reasons, I will have to come back to India as soon as I finish my studies in Canada.

Financial Ability

To back my academic as well as living expenses, I have great financial support from my family. I have paid 41,000 CAD for my tuition fees. In addition to that, I have paid 10,200 CAD as a part of my Student GIC Program to cover my academic as well as living expenses. Also, I have bank loan sanction letter worth around 25,000 CAD in loan secured particularly for my study in Canada career goal. Additionally, I will be putting my family property documents and bank statements to show the availability of finance just in case I need it.

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope that you will find all my documents in proper order. I kindly request you to give attention my visa application as soon as possible and permit me to study Information Technology Systems and Security at University of Toronto so I can accomplish all my dreams and ambitions after coming back to India.

Thank you very much for your time.


Unnit Metaliya


Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this LOE)

These are the messages I get on my social media from people after finishing going through my shared statement of purpose. Please check if your question is listed here. If not, feel free to reach out. I’d love to help.

Can I help you in writing your LOE?

Yes. I can.

I am very transparent about my charges, so you don’t need to pay any hidden fees like those in-office consultants.

Update: In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that a lot of students are experiencing financial trouble. Keeping that in mind, we are putting a huge discount on all sorts of orders. Making them “almost” free as compared to pre-COVID prices. Quality of the work would still be the same.

Normal Delivery: 10-12 days

  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $89$29¬†
  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $99$39

Express Delivery: 4 days

  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $99 $35
  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $109$45

Deluxe Express Delivery: Overnight (1 Day)

  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying for first time) – $159$40
  • LOE Writing for Student Visa (applying again after refusal) – $169$50

You can reach out to us by email –


To save time, you can place your order directly on our website.

How does the process work?

It’s simple four step process.

  1. You contact us through email. Please mention if you are applying for the first time or after rejection. Also, if you want normal or express processing time.
  2. We will reply with the invoice for the payment. You can use debit or credit card make the payment.
  3. Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa LOE. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.
  4. And, that’s it. You receive the completed LOE in your next email.

ūüöÄContact >> Payment >> Basic Form >> Completed LOEūüöÄ

Testimonials from my past clients/students:

So, that was the perfect letter of explanation sample for Canadian visa application. You can reference it for Australia, Ireland, UK and USA visa application too.

As you can see, how the information flows in this Letter of Explanation (LOE) sample and the way it convince the visa officer to approve the application.

I hope you have liked this LOE sample and it was helpful for your student visa, visitor visa or work permit application.

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  1. Ajayi-Vincent Ayoiyanuoluwa

    Thanks for uploading this sample of LOE, it’s so detailed.

  2. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Hi Unnit,
    Your LOE was comprehensive and well-prepared. I have only one question that I hope you reply quickly. Your LOE was for issuing the study permit for the first time so it is rational to provide all those information. However, I need to extend my study permit in Canada, do I need to involve all the information you said? I mean, the first time I applied for a study permit I explained all those questions, but now what? Do I need to repeat them again?
    Thanks ahead for your reply


  4. I have seen that your SOP projects are containing 1700 words!
    After that I searched in google, they mentioned like SOP for canada study visa can be 3,000-5,000 words because we have to convience the office through that only. I am seeking for writer to write detailed SOP because my draft story itself containing 2,800 words all the parts are highly relevant to my visa because I did masters in India again I am applying for PG Diploma. So I need to convience the officer through my life part how I need to study this course? Is it okay to write as this much? Will you help to make my draft to fine SOP? There is any word restriction in SOP?

    • There is no defined word limit. Nowhere on CIC website it is mentioned about the length of the SOP. It really differs from case to case. Some people would have 2 pages explanation while some would need 3 pages.

      I am talking about word document with font size 11. The SOP we write for our client is generally 3 pages length and covers all the aspects.

      We believe there cannot exist a one page SOP or anything more than 4 pages would be too long.

  5. Hello

    Thank you so much for sharing your sample with us. Its very detailed and convincing. Please I would like to know, can you write for someone who is not from India. I am from Ghana, currently residing in Italy. I would like to contract you to help me in writing my LoE.

  6. WOW this is a life saver! Thank you so much for this! It really helped me writing my own LOE!

  7. Hi I had applied for Canadian student visa in the month of November 2021 and on 22nd February 22 I received my refusal. I want to re-apply and hence need your help in building the SOP. Kindly reach out to me @9337460256

    • That’s unfortunate to hear Smaranika. We can surely help you out and we would love to. You should have received an email from us (please check your spam too) with all the details mentioned.

      • Hi , i have asked team abroadhero to write SOP for me and it‚Äôs been four days I haven‚Äôt got my SOP yet. Even though i mailed you regarding that how long it will take but no reply from your side. It is very urgent and important for me get my SOP today. Please help me if you can . Thanks

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  11. Hi. Thank you for this. Are you in Nigeria? can I pay you in naira, please?

  12. I find your SOP very informative and detailed and I am interested in getting mine done as I was refused a study permit this year September for the January semester. I didn’t know of the letter of explanation. It’s after that I was made aware of it. Also my profession wasn’t aligned with the course I applied for in Canada.

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