Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio – Full Review & Travelling Guide

Known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, the Cedar Point is the most famous amusement park in whole North America. If you are looking for some thrilling adventure in this summer, Cedar Point is highly recommended to visit with your group of friends.

I & my friends were totally excited to arrange two proper days to go and have the energized fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio.

We all were living in Windsor (Ontario, Canada) – the border city to USA. The drive to Cedar Point is totally worth it.

Although, we have got Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto, which is owned and operated by the same owner for Cedar Point, we wanted to travel to USA for Cedar Point to carry the American Swag. 😉

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When is the perfect time to visit Cedar Point?

The perfect time to go there is when there are no chances of rain as the rain will make numbers of rides to be closed. We checked the weather forecast beforehand and decided upon the end of August to travel and visit the Cedar Point.

Which tickets should you prefer?

After lots of brainstorm, we decided upon Two Day – Any Day tickets with a end goal to try out both Cedar Point Amusement Park and Cedar Point Shores (i.e Water Park).

If you checkout the prices, there’s not much difference for Daily Admission Tickets and Two Day – Any Day tickets. For just $25 difference, you’ll get a chance to enjoy one full day and have fun at both, water park and amusement park. And, there are some rides which you will definitely try for two or three times, so one day is not sufficient as per my point of view.

What are some good places to stay near Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio?

There are numerous small hotels, 5-star hotels, motels and lodges available near Cedar Point Amusement Park. Depending on your budget, you can book anything which is convenient for you. You are going to be there for only one night, and at the end of your first day, you are going to be so tired that you are gonna fall asleep right when you fall on bed. So, don’t think much and book anything cheaper.

For us, we went for one motel which allowed 6 people to stay in one room and it costed us around 100 USD for one night. This was the cheapest we could find.

Are there any coupons for Cedar Point Season Passes?

I am not sure about the coupons, but, one of my friend’s friend was living and working in USA and his company was providing 10% employee discount for the Cedar Point Amusement Park. We made good use of his extra benefits and made him purchase the tickets on behalf of us. The discount made us the amount we used for gas to travel there and come back. Great saving on Cedar Point Season Passes!

How is the Parking at Cedar Point Amusement Park?

Be mindful that there’s no free parking at Cedar Point. You need to pay extra for the parking. There are variety of parking options available depending upon how close you wanna park the vehicle from the gate. I would recommend you to go with the cheapest option as there’s not much to walk. It’s all marketing strategy to drag the visitors for the premium parking option. I repeat, go with the cheapest option. You are not supposed to walk much from wherever they make you to park your vehicle!

The other thing which might help you is, if you purchase the parking pass from their website, you will receive $5 off on regular price. You can literally purchase the parking pass online in-front of them at the gate and save $5. For two days, that will account to $10.

 How should you plan the two days at Cedar Point?

As per my suggestion, the first day should be at Cedar Point Amusement Park. The only reason is, you feel more tired after trying the rides at Water Park. The water rides consumes more energy than the thriller roller coaster rides and you certainly don’t wanna be totally tired on your second day, right?

For us, we went something like this:

The whole first day: Cedar Point Amusement Park

The first-half of the second day: Cedar Point Shores

The second-half of the second day: Back to Cedar Point Amusement Park

The straightforward reason is, the Cedar Point Shores is not that big and it’s mainly for kids. If you are there with family, you can reciprocate our plan. That means, only half day at Cedar Point Amusement Park and the other one and half day at Cedar Point Shores (the Water Park).

Around at the end of the second day, when the sun was about to set, we went to the cedar point beach to have some beach-fun, which is accessible from the amusement park. The beach is recommended to get some good photographs having either beach in the background or the park itself.

Let me walk you through the full itinerary of our visit to Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Day 1: Cedar Point Amusement Park – Thrilling Roller Coaster Rides

I & my friends were all set to leave for the most amazing two days of our lives at Cedar Point, Ohio.

Let’s pose and click first before we leave.

Cedar Point Amusement Park - Day 1

It was two and a half hour drive from our place to Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio. After considering the immigration check at border, we were counting for nearly 3 to 4 hours.

We left early in the morning so that we can make most out of our first day at Cedar Point Amusement Park. The park opens at around 10 AM and we wanted to be on time to try out each and every rides.

We reached our hotel around 9 AM and checked in for the day. The staff was good enough to check us in before the mentioned time without charging any additional fees.

We were not in mood to check out our room and right after checking in, we went to the amusement park with our luggage.

Here we are at Cedar Point Amusement Park on our first day.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

We got the stamps on our hand and we were all set to try out the most thrilling rides on the planet. With excitement overflowing from our mind, we started with the Raptor.

After that, we have got the map of the Cedar Point Amusement Park from the information center and started checking for the most thrilling rides by the star ratings.

The more the stars, the more thrilling would be the ride.

We wanted to check off all the rides with having 5 stars first before we go for other rides.

One by one, we tried all the rides and made list of few rides to try second time. We tried some rides for even three or four times.

The Cedar Point Amusement Park is planned in such a way to provide the ultimate level of thrilling experience to its visitors.

Let me present you with the rankings of the Cedar Point Amusement Park Rides:

Ranks for the Cedar Point Rides:

  1. Valravan
  2. Top Thrill Dragstor
  3. Millennium Force
  4. Raptor
  5. Maverick
  6. Wicked Twister
  7. Magnum XL-200
  8. Gatekeeper

The Cedar Point Amusement park has some rides with having world records.

After trying all the rides at Cedar Point Amusement Park, we were ready to call it a day and head back to our hotel.

Here are some sneak peaks from our hotel.

Hotels near Cedar Point Ohio

There was swimming pool with hot water which allowed us to feel refreshed after having an amazing time at Cedar Point Amusement Park and feeling tired.

Hotels to stay for a night near Cedar Point Ohio

After spending around an hour and half at swimming pool, we were all set to call it a night.

Day 2: Cedar Point Shores Waterpark and back to Cedar Point Amusement Park again

We all woke up around 10 AM, the time when the Cedar Point Shores open.

We were supposed to checkout from our hotel as it was going to be late by the time we finish our day at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

We put on our swim-wear and again, we were all set to rock at Cedar Point Shores.

Cedar Point Shores Waterpark

While the Cedar Point Waterpark is not that big, there are some rides to not miss-out and try for more than once.

We started off with the Waves. It was fun to experience the waves and get accustomed with the water for the rest of the day.

We spent considerable amount of time with waves by shooting some underwater videos and photos. It allowed me to get one nice underwater cover photo for my Facebook profile. (Check it out: Unnit Metaliya – Facebook)

Around 2 PM, we were hungry like anything and we tried Subway as there were not many vegetarian options available with other restaurants.

After that, we all tried Ice-Cream to feel bit relaxed and were all set to go back to Cedar Point Amusement Park again to ride on our favorite rides from yesterday.

We rushed for Valravn first and then to Top Thrill Dragstor only to find out that it was closed for day due to weather. That was the only regret we carried with us from our visit to Cedar Point.

We tried couple other rides second or third time and few others which we missed on yesterday.

Around evening, still not being satisfied with the rides, we left the park for the accessible Cedar Point beach with heavy heart.

None of the Cedar Point rides disappointed us and we all had the most amazing two days of our lives there.

Some useful tips to keep in mind before you visit the fabulous Cedar Point Amusement Park:

  • Go in even number of friends as you’ll have to share the sit with one person in most of the rides
  • Don’t forget the sun-screen lotion
  • Get the extra pair of sun-glasses.
  • Don’t wear the glasses while being on ride
  • Visit the amusement park on first day and the shores on second
  • If you are going on weekdays, there’s no need to get VIP tickets as it won’t take much to have your turn
  • Start off with the most thrilling rides first as those are always rushed with people

I hope you found this post about the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio helpful.

Have fun!

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