The Addicted Gamers

So, there was this library I used to visit every once in a while.

For around a month, I used to go there daily. I wasn’t going to the quite floor. Instead, I preferred open discussion kind of place.

It was good for a while, but, once I started getting more accustomed to place, I started noticing my surrounding environment.

For particular time of the day, it would become full of gamers.

They’d come. Setup their laptop. Be so excited about the free time window they got between their lectures. Plug in their headphones and start playing.

Some would get so frustrated if they lose or something undesirable happens in their games. They’d feel like they lost part of their life.

I went there again after around four months.

I found the same gamers with same setup, same excitement, same games and same addiction.

Things didn’t change.

To be honest, for a while, I also used to play lot of games back in my undergraduate days. Then, I got bored and now games don’t interest me that much. I wish to develop/code some basic mobile games, but I don’t think I, myself, would play them.

Back to what I feel about these gamers.

I feel sad.

I feel they are as addicted to their games as a smoker would be to cigarettes and drinkers to alcohol.

I didn’t know why people get so lost inside their gaming world when I used to be that guy back in college. But, I know that now and I wish I knew it back then.

It has got something to do with built in music in their games.


The game development companies invest good amount of money in sound design part of the game.

They make it a hypnotizing music. A music which would take you in deep level of concentration and possibly make you feel unaware about your surrounding.

Do nothing but just play that god damn game for whole day long, just because of this music.

You don’t know it consciously, but your sub-conscious does.

That’s why you don’t like it when someone interrupts you while you are gaming.

I came to know about this thing because I use concentration music as my rescue when I need it most. I am a fan of concentration music. I mentioned it in one of my vlog (MY CONCENTRATION HACK) as well.

If you go on YouTube or SoundCloud, and search for concentration music, you’d find music compilation of same music used in world’s popular video games like Project IGI, Battlefield, Call of Duty etc.

Sometimes knowing the cause of addiction helps in getting rid off that addiction.

So, if you are an addicted gamer, this is the reason why you are addicted.

If you are not, share it with your friend who is addicted.

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  1. thank you for this article

  2. Blessvin Christer

    Comparing gaming to smoking and alcohol is proof of how little you know on the topic. It’s disgraceful, really.

    • Hello Blessivin,

      I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog.

      If you read it carefully, I didn’t compare gaming to smoking and alcohol. Of course, all these three things have different effects and are not comparable.

      I just gave an analogy about how “addictive” the gaming can be. I was comparing the “level” of addiction for these entities. Not the entities themselves.

      Other than that, my goal from this article was to explain the science behind “gaming addiction”. Why you get addicted to games? That was my motive from this article. And, answer to that question was use of hypnotizing music while developing these games.

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