Documenting My Startup Journey – Day 00

Hello, Ya’all!

I know it’s been a long while since my last post. That’s because life was turning in full circles and it was becoming hard to take time, throw some words and write a post.

Anyway, let’s skip that boring part.

I was lingering around this idea for a while and thought to make some sort of system which is solely focused on helping my targeted demographic (can’t reveal at this moment) when they need it the most.

It’s basically going to be a one-stop solution for what seems like a multi-level tedious process currently in certain field. Feel free to throw your guesses in my inbox to receive, “yes”, “no” or “you are close” response. 🙂

I will be revealing enough information once MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is ready. Means, product is somewhat ready for end-users to start using.

The other reason behind starting this startup is being exposed to all the latest technologies and put them into real-life-problem-solving-mode to get hands-on experience. I am a developer and this is something I should keep practicing. The idea behind starting something useful to make the world a better place provides a lot more fun.

The idea behind starting this startup documenting journey was to keep myself accountable to push code into master branch (private git repository) whenever I can. If not anything else, then it’s going to be an amazing learning experience for me.

From time-to-time, I will be publishing posts explaining what happened, how’s the process going, what I learned and much more. As I am working part-time on this startup, things might take a while for an update. However, if you feel impatient at some point, feel free to bug me in my inbox as it might boost me to put in some work and provide you with an update.

At this moment, I have listed current pain points of end-users and list of essential features. Also, I am working on system architecture and setting up the development workflow for productivity.

Stay tuned. 👍