Genuine Temporary Entrant Sample for Australia Student Visa

The best Genuine Temporary Entrant sample is the one meeting all the criteria provided by the Department of Home Affairs Australia. The GTE statement is the must required sop document you are supposed to submit along with your Australia visa application.

In this GTE immigration sample, I will explain everything how my friends got their Australian visa approved by writing a strong Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement.

Unlike other websites on internet which just keeps giving you bullet points on how to write a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement, I am here to provide you with full and proper GTE statement sample written from scratch and brainstorming for multiple days and nights.

I searched for examples of GTE statement all over the place. I totally remember the frustration of not finding a good genuine temporary entrant sample when I wanted to draft one for my cousin. However, having been providing professional SOP writing service for over years now and helping hundreds of people from around the globe, I know what works and what doesn’t in your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement. I know that secret sauce you are looking for. You will find everything in this Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample Australia.

Hold tight till I share the fully written Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter with you. Before that, I need to explain few important points which will be hugely beneficial in your student visa application.

What is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant is a set of requirements given by Department of Home Affairs Australia. It is there to establish trust on you with a motive that you don’t use your Australian student visa for any other purpose than studies. Many people get the student visa for Australia and they end up doing illegal work during their stay and don’t go back to their respective home countries at the end of their studies. Now, you might be thinking, who wants to go back after studies? I want to settle there in Australia. Nobody goes back. Everybody stays and things like that.

You are right. Nobody wants to go back after studying in Australia. But, unfortunately, the Department of Home Affairs Australia doesn’t think the same way. They want you to stand by your original purpose of visiting Australia and stick to that.

Even if you don’t want to return back to your home country, at least for the sake of your Australia student visa, you are supposed to convince them otherwise. And, the reason for that is, you could have applied under some other category if your full motive is to stay in Australia permanently. However, while applying for student visa Australia, you are obliged to stay to the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement.

How to write a perfect Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter?

It’s hard but not impossible. You circle around the main thing of sticking to all the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements. You target on convincing the visa officer on your motivation being to only study in Australia and come back to your home country. You give them strong reasons about why you are worth it for their education system, how you will obey all the laws, rules and regulations. You convince the visa officer on why you chose Australia and not any other country. You prove strong ties to your home country and provide them with proper reasons why you would be coming back.

However, it all lies back to one question. Do I just put all these in simple paragraphs? How do I do that? That makes me write another section.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample Format

You will find lot of people arguing against, there’s no proper format needed genuine temporary entrant letter. I don’t agree with that. I mean com’on. You are writing a letter to visa officer who will be making that Australia visa refusal or approval decision. You are supposed to give him some respect. Apart from you, he has got other hundreds of applications to review on daily basis. Keeping that in mind, you, my friend, would better be writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter in high-quality structured format.

It would be highly recommended if you make the visa SOP statement crystal clear with all the GTE requirements clearly being met.

Start with your personal information involving your full name as per passport, your address, email ID you are going to use for visa application. Then address the visa officer proceeding with the subject title. After that, I would recommend to mention the course name, duration and institute name. After all these, you may begin the process of writing a strong, powerful Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter.

I think that’s enough of important information. Now, let me directly share the full Genuine Statement Letter Sample with you.

Warning: Do not completely copy paste this GTE statement letter and change the variable information as per your profile. Australia is very strict country when it comes to plagiarism. You will be taking a big risk just in case you end up doing that. No matter what you think it takes seconds to them to determine that you are showing them copy pasted Genuine Statement Letter. If you get the temptation to copy paste fully or even some paragraphs, hold on for a second and remember the word “Genuine” from GTE. There’s a reason why Department of Home Affairs Australia is calling it a Genuine Temporary Entrant. 

If you still find it bit hard to prepare a GTE Statement Letter for your Australia student visa application, you can take my professional writing help. For a small charge, I help students on fairly regularly basis drafting a very strong, convincing and one-hundred-percent unique GTE statement letter perfectly tailored to their profile and background. From the testimonials I get once they get their visa approved, I firmly believe that I make their investment worthwhile.

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With that said, you can read the full Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Sample here.

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